Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lolita Justice was brought!

After 10 frustrating months of hunting down 2 pieces of unknown ore for my Claire quest, finally she joined my family.


So how did I finished this quest? Because the current patch influences the drop rate of a certain item by current character level I took advantage of it and used two characters who are currently at level 68 and 69. But of course I brought an expert scout as my support to other lowbie characters who is doing the quest for me. Well base on my speculation, it is more easier to do the quest with the condition of using same level cap characters. And at least Claire is with me now. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Scammer's Stench

After more than a week of not playing the game, a news came to my knowledge and it was really unpleasant in such a way my name was involved in scamming.

It was explained by my faction mates that a fake Fikdotter family roams around and scams other members of the Takhisis Faction and to top that the impostor asks for their user names and password. Personally I was in raged and helpless with such uncivilized behavior of individuals doing this scamming.

(In the family name, the "i" word was replace with small letter "L")

What you see is true, this screenshot was taken by my brother during the days I was away. Two of my members was attempted to be scammed but was failed. Unfortunately my faction member and friend in real life Santoss fall to this trick to the extent of asking his username and password. Santoss explained to me that this Fiksdotter impostor convinces him that he needs his account for AFK purposes etc. Then for what I couldn't understand is why he easily gave out his username and password to this fake Fiksdotter. Well I couldn't blame my friend because he knew me personally but the biggest mistake he did was he never checked the family profile.

To all the players of Granado Espada be cautious about trading and giving out personal information about your account. Please check the family profile, double check items before trading, and don't easily accept item transfers because these will all lead to your in-game nightmare.

Well in regards to these issues I will share some forum links that will help you. For Scam and Hack Detection Guide by Kusabireika click this LINK. And for Scammers Exposed by Miyu on instances how such scamming behavior has been done just click this LINK. For now that is how can I inform the community so til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!