Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Granado Espada: My review after 90 days free access

My first members

Granado Espada was much awaited when introduced last November of 2006, the close beta test version lasted for three long months and was stopped for survey purposes. This lone review is based on my personal experience and observation for the whole six months of playing the open beta test. I would like to stress that these factors motivate me to make my own review.

1. Most of the players are still playing the game because a 90 day free access was granted to those who made level 20 and above.

2. Most players stop playing the game during the 3rd and 4th month due to reasons of p2p or pay to play and other game issues.

3. Most players think that Granado Espada is more of grinding but never realize the killing spree ratio.

4. Most of the players don't realize that the community of Granado Espada is one of the most active even on-line and off-line.


Granado Espada brings out the new concept of a new MMORPG. Because most players are used to handle one character in one sitting well Granado Espada is different because you can control three characters at the same time.
Now here is the misconception, most reviews and some players say that it kills the social interaction of players because you can insert a scout in your team. So why worry for a healer and mingle around. Probably I agree with that.
But some players don't realize that the interaction begins when at higher levels quests are more difficult as it gets. And don't tell me that you cannot interact if you are in amidst of a faction wars.

Fiksdotter Family

Because Granado Espada enables you to control characters it means more monster to slay. Indeed it is true that this game is somehow a hack and slash game as critics describes it.
But think again. Having three characters is still the same having one character under your control.

One of the features of Granado Espada is the majestic scenery, altered costumes, and soundtracks. These are the things that spice up the game.
Now there people find it weird and annoying? Well they are pointing at the soundtracks and some costumes making a male as a metro-sexual of some sort.
On my personal opinion as a player, the weirder it gets and rhymes with each elements the game will rule and meet its concept. Unfortunately most players did not see the creativity of the concept.

Anti bot!

Along the first three months of the open beta test, major issues arise like the league of botters which always storm every MMORPG. As the result of these botters, they greatly destroyed the young economy of Granado Espada.
Now the sad part about this event is when players quit because of the botting issue. And unfortunately players got frustrated due to slow response of IAHgames.
At the brighter side, I've witnessed the dramatic war of Granado Espada community against the vicious botters. After four months to the present, visibility of botters is almost diminished. And alas the Otite Wars marks its history and this is how I label the issue.

In addition to the major issues, the pay to play system stings the mind of the players. Rant and whines all over thread spread like a disease making the thread started more redundant.
Now this is what they have missed, in comparison with the Sword of the New World in other country, they're suffering much more of these botters (refer to paragraph above). The SotNW version of Granado Espada has a free to play business plan. But unfortunately game reviews turned down the game forcing the IMC to implement free to play to their servers. But as always, there is always a price of getting an apple for free. Currently here in the Philippines I've met a lot of players quitted Granado Espada due to pay to play issue.
If they will only realize the pay to play business plan of Granado Espada is cheaper. Imagine you pay for the game for a lower cost and g-points along to buy premium items. Unlike other local Philippine MMORPG, it's free to play but the premium items forces you to want an item that cost higher than you expect. Sorry guys but we have a combat manual that can boost our experience acquisition.

Page 01

The community is more interactive in Granado Espada. This is the community that has popular community managers who are easy to get along. Another thing about the community is the challenge is not only involve in-game but also offline. There are series contests in store for players that motivate a player to be artistic in many ways. But IAHgames is not there to watch thus they hand a reward in return for being creative.


In a total of six months of gaming, excluding close beta test to open beta, I am satisfied for all the game experience. I was a previous player of a distinguished local MMORPG, but I was easily frustrated because I pay but there were no action from the management. So it took me almost a year and six months to regain confidence on MMORPG. I am a type of person who work hard and play hard and Granado Espada did not disappoint me. Imagine my kind of lifestyle, for the span of 6 months I manage to reach level 80 for only playing three times a week and sometimes I skip a week then plays again. But in my previous MMORPG, with this kind of gaming habit, I will be left behind. I cannot blame other people who have different perspective about MMORPG but if the only reason is the pay to play business format well think twice. Sometimes we don't realize that free to play games are more costly than pay to play games.
You might think that I might quit this game because 90 days has ended. But fortunately my confidence on playing MMORPG is back. And I'm ready to explore the new found world that Granado Espada introduced to me. Not to mention I've already purchased 5800 g-point worth game value card and bought my expert combat manual.
I think most players are not ready for a change of game concept and beside why deserve the best if you don't experience the worst.



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Angie, Feng Ling, and Karjalainen: AFK RNPC

There are some notable RNPC in the new patch 2.4.0 and most of the players are now overwhelmed they afford to start choosing their first character to get once the patch is unleashed.

Now for the first stop we'll proceed to Karjalainen a.k.a Miss "K" that was further introduced by CM Veya at her blog the master of rapier and ice.


Total Stat Points: 32
Str: 6
Agi: 7
Con: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 7
Cha: 3
Starting Level: 56
Location: City of Auch
Armor: ??
Personal Skill: Nil
Rapier - Epee Garde, Sabre Garde
Rapier + Bracelet of Ice - Epee Glacier, Sabre Glacier

How to get her:
Level requirement - Still questionable (should be around level 56)
*Note: You need to have Andre in your team*
1) Talk to Karjalainen using Andre as your team leader. You will engage in a battle with her.
2) Return to Karjalainen to receive your Karjalainen NPC Card

Next stop Angie McKenzie one of the most promising RNPC again for this coming version. Why? Well talk to her stances buddy! She is somewhat the combination of Jack and Diego who was been a pain to the defenders of their respective colonies occupied by the factions. Her she is and how you will get her!


Angie McKenzie
Total Stat Points: 30
Str: 4
Agi: 6
Con: 5
Dex: 6
Int: 5
Cha: 4
Starting Level: 20
Location: Queen's Gate
Armor: ?
Personal Skill: ?
No Weapon - Install Trap, Construction, Structure Build

How to get her:
Level requirement - 1
*Note: There may be changes to her quest in sGE. And it's not confirmed if she'll be available for recruitment yet. So don't keep your hopes up too high yet*
1) First, you need to purchase 175 Return Scrolls for Reboldoeux, Coimbra & Auch (175 EACH).
2) Talk to Angie at Queen's Gate (F9). She will ask you to collect 30 Ashes from Skeletons (level 19) at King's Garden.
3) Go back to Angie. She'll ask you to do 2 missions. 1st mission is to protect Angie from mobs (around level 3) while she constructs 3 turrets. 2nd mission is to help her destroy rocks/stones.
4) Next, Angie will ask you to collect 50 Red Wings from those red plants (level 21) at King's Garden.
5) Then, travel to Auch and speak to Gascon. You'll watch a scene between Gascon & Angie (you don't need to fight).
6) Return to Angie to receive your Angie NPC Card

And lastly who told you that the Street Fighter is not here to brawl the streets of Granado Espada. The Bahia Island introduces their RNPC named Feng Ling commonly known on its original name as Soso. Are you ready to meet her? So this is how you get her.

Feng Ling
Total Stat points:
Str: 6
Agi: 8
Con: 5
Dex: 5
Int: 3
Cha: 3
Starting Level: 1
Location: Bahia Island
Armor: ??
Personal Skill: ??
Chapter of Ice

How to get her:
First you need go to tropical island:
1. In Coimbra go to NPC that teleport you in Ustiur
2. Talk with her and choose the third option.
3. Then choose the second option.
4. Then a prompt will present you to buy tickets, choose Bahia island ticket. Duh it's obvious!
5. After buying the ticket talk again to the ticket NPC and choose to travel to Bahia.
6. Once you are Bahia island go find for Feng Ling at coordinates I10 of Bahia map.
7. Talk to Feng Ling and engage to a battle with her.
8. After defeating Feng Ling, talk to her again and give 50 mystic powder and she'll give you in return her card.



Let us review first on Karjalainen, base on her stats undoubtedly she will punish the opponent with her decent attack speed with some ample of elemental damage from the property of ice. I don't know, imagine slashing with rapier then if by chance the effect of ice would slow you down by frozen state. That really hurts.
Next we'll check on Angie, indeed she is really cute and all with her orange pastel hair. She's really cute but behind this charming looks, Angie could chunk down most of the colony wars making it easier for attacker with this RNPC to switch stances during the colony wars.
And who can ever forget another red fighting machine that spits ice out of her hands. Feng Ling made an impression with her stats with high attack speed of 8, making it chopping opponent without any effort at all. If you have family members like her I doubt they need more resistance against ice. We don't know if her punches can make your family suffer from frost bite.
To sum up, the new female RNPC really rocks the world of Granado Espada so what are you waiting? Think about your first picks and start showing who is the real boss.



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fantazzztic Film Awards 2007: Zeee revelation.

The Fantazzztic Film Awards is one of the off-line events for Granado Espada community wherein contestants can create a remake through recording online scenes. This involves story outlines or even making a music video out of it using artistry. For the meantime rules are set that the jurors will only watch 10 minutes of the screen time and it's prohibited to use profanity in scripts because the competition promotes creativity and advertisement persae. There may be lots of prizes in store but the price at stake for the champion is $1,200 cold cash/check as per sponsored by IAHgames.

And because I am also included in this tourney, I teamed up with Reclusion and IceZ for Carracci. Unfortunately I can't give you out the details of our story thus this screen shots are from behind the scenes.






By this week the teaser might be finished along with my full written script to Reclusion because he is now responsible of the cinematography and directing. All-in-all we are ready to test the course. It's for fun and again for the love of the game.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Chrysalis: Second part of Faction 51 Quest

Darn that internet service, it stopped me from putting entries for my blog. So because my entries were piled up, am going to post all of it I assure you.

It was Friday last week when we pursued faction quest 51, the second part. If you remember we've finished the first part of this quest and now its completion.

quest51 (2)

It was around 18:00 when we gathered at channel 1 of Auch City near the PvP officer. But while waiting for the other participants, we have a small game at the PvP officer to waste some time and warm up. At exactly 19:23 some of the Outcasts Faction members made it on schedule leaded by Obviar their faction leader. And a lone participant Reclusion family from Destiny Faction completes the raiding team.

quest51 (3)

19:30 the raid team made to Mhorgus coordinates J7 and then I opened the portal for the faction 51 quest. We lasted around for 15 minutes and we have to restart the mission because our strategy went wrong. There was an unequal distribution of teams for left and right portal at coordinates C3.

quest51 (4)

We move again outside of Mhorgus J7 again to regroup and distribute our team to A and B. Then everything runs smoothly then we managed to reach the last portal that leads to Chrysalis's room. Unfortunately four veterans from Outcasts Faction were left behind due to failure of entering the last portal. In short the raid team was comprised of mid levels, some 90+, and few veterans.

quest51 (6)
(I hate it when Chrysalis look at us like that!)

quest51 (8)
(At last our nightmare is gone for!)

The quest in our case was quite difficult because there were few veterans inside the Chrysalis room. But the amazing thing about it is when the time was almost over Chrysalis found his downfall at 10:17, quest time, and he faded like fog. We rejoiced after this and I was so thankful that Outcasts Faction was with us during this quest.

quest51 (9)

After the quest my faction members and Outcasts' members bid goodbye to each other. Then we made some pictorials outside the walls of Site Reboldoeux.


As for me another responsibility was added into my cookie jar and I think the end of my comic career for Granado Espada because of this shiny ring in my family's belly. But you'll never know I could find ways to improvise.

Special thanks to the following:

Outcast Faction:
Obviar Family
Southernsky Family
Gustavo Family
Gatch Family
christus Family
holmez Family
jakeissa Family
Oliveoyl Family

Destiny Faction:
Reclusion Family

Takhisis Faction:
VargasII Family
DirtyPair Family
XxLiveWirexX Family

gelogos (1)
"Friends were gained and its enough to rejoice"

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Quality time with Takhisis

It was really true that a combination of the premium items' expert combat manual and forgotten territory pass makes your leveling a cool breeze. But the consequence is quite tough like in my case this would be my first three veteran so the vis is really tight for me because I have to catch up with my equipment. Fast leveling but way behind equips.



After 4 hours of playing I've decided to have fun with my members because every time we logged in all we have in mind is grinding. So I call their attention and do some mission ranging from interchange (level 1 & 2) and trinity level 3. It was really fun because we somehow practice our tactics how to finish things specially trinity 3. In our case most of the members were mid levels 55-70 so trinity 3 is still pretty tough. So we do some simple tactic for beginners like our faction. I tank because my family is a melee type and the nukers like Elementalist and Wizard goes at my back to prevent ample damages from Victors and Givars. And thanks to Southernsky for the motivation.

(Fiksdotter Family and Haagendaz Family bench rest.)


The two hours of quality time with my members was really fun for me. At least in the near future if we face the faction giants in our server this is going to be our weapon against them.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Here comes another big hit!

I would like to thank all the visitors who always read through my articles. I was happy that my blog reached 2,024 hits today and I was really thankful.

To all who continually support this blog site I will further improve my posts and make it more enjoyable.

Anyway there is a contest happening at DeSanggria's blog so if you want to earn the precious divine angel wings join and read through the articles about further information.

And happy birthday to Darrick aka Reclusion!


Thanks to all!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Viki: "I choose you!"

The pioneers of the new world were getting excited of what's in store for December of this year. And that includes new elites, regions to explore, soundtracks, premium items, costumes, and most of all RNPCs.

Lately in the forums and other fan blog sites, rumors starts to progress specially on new RNPCs which definitely a must have once the patch has been executed.

So I have decided to have a month long series of post about the anticipated latest version. I just want to inform you that any information that I'm going to post here still depends on IAHgames verdict on the 20th of December.

First stop we take a look on Viki. Among the three RNPC kids in Granado Espada I could say that Viki is more loveable. Not to mention Ramiro and Tiburon kicking you with their sidekick attacks during your duel with them and most of the players where somehow irritated.

Based on Granado Espada guide the quest were long and as I look through it well time is really needed to finish Viki's quest.


You can start this quest only on Wednesday. Then, Dr Torsche come to Viki's House to visit him and Ulrik.

Required Level: 72
Go to Viki's House (Tejado Verde, G3)
Talk to Dr Torsche
Talk to Viki
Talk twice to a girl in Reboldoeux, F7. She'll ask you to go talk Yeganeh and Lisa.
Talk to Yeganeh about Robot R 90

Wild Boars at Cathari Falls for 20 Wild boar's Molar
Octopus at Jezebel Glen for 20 Laminated Jezebelium
Warrior at Tetra Great Ruins for 5 Roboten Jewels

Bring all these items to Yeganeh, and he'll build Robot R 90

Talk to Lisa about Cacao

She'll ask you to bring 300 Cabosse, found on any Phobitan to the Old Lady Cabosse, Coimbra G10. She needs regular Cabosse, not quest items, so you can hunt these at any time or keep those you got when crossing Tetra.
The Old Lady Cabosse transforms 300 Cabosse into 50 Cacao Mass and 50 Cacao Butter
Bring Cacao Mass and Cacao Butter to Lisa. She'll take it and 5.000 vis and make Sonador Cacao
Bring Sonador Cacao and Robot R 90 to Viki. Reward, 3 Exp Card level 70 (64.000)
A mission will start. On a Picnic with Viki, Torsche and Ulrik, you get attacked by tons of Spiders.
After defeating Spiders, it appears that Cherlyn is behind all this (you already met her during Grace's Quest).
Cherlyn summon a Treasure Golem (level 60, 80.000 HP). You can fight it away from Cherlyn if you can't handle those 2 enemies.
At a certain moment, Viki will summon Ararat, which will help you defeat Cherlyn. Once the battle is over, go
talk to Ararat. You'll get a Heart of Steel.
After you finished the mission, talk back to Viki, he'll reward you with a level 64 Enchant Chip.

Talk to Ulrik, he will ask you to go for a hunt :
Hornets at Stone Pit for 100 Trasinix Jewels
Sickle Dragonfly at Ferrucio Junction for 100 Koenig Jewels
Little Comodo at Cathari Falls for 100 Sterten Chrome

Bring everything back to Ulrik. He'll ask you another hunt:
Lightning Zebra Eater at Tejado Verde for 100 Molythea Block
Little Plaque Rouge at Tetra Hill for 100 Fire Cube
Slash Agent at El Lago de Tres Hermanas for 100 Garft Block

Bring everything back to Ulrik.
He'll ask 1 Mamund and 1 Strong Heart.
For the Strong Heart go talk to Dr Torsche in his mansion (not the one in the Cabin, if it's still Wednesday).
Dr Torsche asks for 100 Otite Chips (regular item, not quest item) and 20 pieces of each Neverseen item (rare drops of some Torsche's Mansion's monsters, not quest items, so you can hunt at any time):

20 Neverseen Spring
20 Neverseen Tube (Drop by Haunted Armors)
20 Neverseen Gear (Drop by Haunted Candles and Haunted Desk / Furniture)
20 Neverseen Hinge (Drop by Haunted Desk / Furniture)
20 Neverseen Clock (Drop by Lloyd and Haunted Book)
(At SEA this noted as "Strange xxxxx")

Once you got everything, bring it back to Dr Torsche in his manor and receive 1 Strong Heart and 1 Summon
For the Mamund, go to Pradera de Ceniza (map level 60-62) and hunt for the mini-boss (one big dog level 65).
The Mamund will drop at low chance.
Bring Mamund and Strong Heart to Ulrik, who will take it, and the entire quest items you gathered for him this far.
Then talk to Viki and you'll be transported to a mission: after a short talk, just kill Cherlyn and her Hill Giant (very easy fight).
Talk to Ulrik, and after the discussion, Ulrik will ask you to take care of Viki: you now have Viki Card (and Amicus book) ! Congratulations!



I know this quest is quite frustrating but a Viki card wouldn't hurt at all for your tri-kid collection at your barracks. Not to mention Viki's audible that was introduced by RCM Hrin in her blog site. Lets hear it!


Does it sounds like a pokemon master summoning his pets? Unfortunately Viki has no Pikachu in his stance. And speaking of stances here are some stances that were seen in most blog site and Granado Espada official forums. At this point help yourself.

Viki starts at level 16.
STR 4 | AGI 5 | CON 4 | DEX 5 | INT 5 | CHA 5
Personal Skill : Healing
No weapon: First Aid - Fortitudo
Pendant (Misc. Weapon): Amicus - Testis

Fortitudo, Amicus and Testis aren't learned at start. Ulrik with Viki Card gives Amicus book, I don't know yet how to get Testis book, and maybe it's a Veteran Stance.

Stances Description
Amicus :
- Level 1 - Call Turrydog : Cost 50 SP, no cast time.
- Level 10 - Summon Hill Giant : Cost 300 SP and 1 Hill Giant Summon Stone (drop at Tejado Verde)
- Level 20 - Summon Ararat : Cost 600 SP and 20 Otite Chips.

Testis :
- Level 1 - Call Turrydog
- Level 10 - Summon Treasure Golem : Cost 300 SP and 1 Treasure Core (don't where to find this)
- Level 15 - Summon Tachyon : Cost 450 SP and 1 Mosting Core ? (not sure of the name and don't know where to find this)
- Level 20 - Summon Iron Ararat : Cost 600 SP and 30 Otite Chips


Based on all gathered information throughout blogsites and other Granado Espada source, the data is close to 90-100% accurate full quest guide. Now on the personal note, I found the quest really hard so there are chances that Viki's card will be one of the most expensive character cards in Granado Espada. I just want to stress that it requires an ample of item to summon and what've read at a summon will die if you summon another one. So the question arises if the pioneers realize that it is hard to maintain Viki and maybe the card may not be that high to sell. Another thing is Viki have First Aid and Fortido stances, so can Viki heal his summon? Now that is overpowered summoning skill!

Friday, November 2, 2007

GE Specials: Circlo

The most awaited horror/suspense theme fan movie created and directed by our very own Reclusion is here. Take your seat and amplify the volume because it will chill your spine. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Clip I


Clip II


Final Clip



Happy Halloween and thanks to Reclusion for this wonderful short film clip.

Avanti Granado Espada!




*if you are experiencing interruptions while viewing this movie you click here!*