Friday, April 24, 2009

Suggestion: Costume over items

I've been reading the official forums of SEA Granado Espada and there are some topics that really caught my attention and I think it makes sense. Granado Espada has vibrant back costumes lately though it has no special stats unlike the well used premium back wings Lucifer and Devil that gives you additional stats. Here are their suggestions from the official forums of SEA Granado Espada.

"Is it possible to have weapon costume?..." by Grid

"Would it be possible to have permanent costume slot..." by ringofchaos

For now I am with the idea of putting additional equipment slot for back costume. But if I think about the IAH's side, they might say not most of the players are not using the premium back item Lucifer and Devil wings so there is no point of putting another slot for costume over an item. Well if this suggestion work it'll be nice to see pioneers enjoying their back costumes along with their premium wings. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Original Source: GE Forum: Weapon Costume Topic and Slot for Permanent Back Costume Topic

Operation "N"


After some week of intriguing advertisement at the official web site of SEA Granado Espada, the quoted Operation "N" has been revealed and it seems that most of the pioneers loved it.


Operation "N" gives reward to those pioneers who made it to the tier of level 20 and 25 on their family level. The reward enclosed for level 20 family are; 1 Hrin Liquor, 10 Triumph Filler, 10 Mystic Ampule, 10 Soul Crystals, 50 Progressive Health-Fillers, 50 Progressive Soul-Fillers, 1 Ancient Shelter Pass, 1 Field Survival Manual Master(1 day), 1 Combat Manual Expert (1 day), 1 Tactics Manual Expert (1 day), 3 Noble's Court - Knight (permanent back costume), and you are granted a rank of Knight. Then if your family attained 25 family level you can get 3 Noble's Court - Righteous Knight (flag that increases DEF rating by 1 in 30 days) and granted a rank of Righteous Knight.

In my case my family level is at 25 with 3 additional family level due to faction. So first I claim the Knight rank rewards which is level 20 family reward. And lastly I claim the Righteous Knight rewards through the noble officers located in each key cities. So it means if you met the family level 20 and beyond you get the rewards for this Operation "N" event. And its confirmed for example if your family level is 17 then you have additional 3 levels from your faction that will give you a total of level 20 family level, you are entitled to get the family level 20 reward. So pioneers race your family level and earn the rewards as Knights. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Server maintenance, boring? I guess not!

Today is another server maintenance and I know most of the pioneers are so stoned every time such day occur. To lighten things up IAH Team has something for the pioneers that might get their attention while the servers are down.

(The image that will give you ABS if you spot the difference!)

Yup it is a spot a difference which they called in the official news as "[Website Event] GE Screenies Hunt". If you have the idea of playing the game I think you know how this one works. For those who are new about this, simply glance the original and from the changed image draw a red circle to identify the changes. Simple right? Hope the pioneers will get busy on this one and find the changes fast because the IAH team will only grant ABS searches to the first 100 pioneers who can make it to the tier. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers and enjoy!

In-depth news about the event: Granado Espada News

Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeing things around GE 4

Okay am sick today and not really feeling well after yesterday's activity. And I hope something would cheer me up after all this ill feeling. But today something sheer my sad dry afternoon because of this!

(My Zephyranthes Costume with Gilded Shaggy wig)

(My very own Frozen Marlin Javelin)

Yup are freaking right! ABS (Adelina Booty Search) just updated their loot table with new items to offer our pioneers. This time it is better with less crap items unlike before. So to tease you more, I just made a roam around the new found world and take pictures of new costumes and items that was acquired through ABS. Ready?

(Nostradamus' Golden School Look Wizard Costume with his Pigling)

(Golden School Look Fighter)

(Clivia Sprite Costume)

(Spirit Cleanthes Costume)

(Magguire's Golden Look Scout, SMITHandWESSON's Golden Look Elementalist and Musketeer)

(Kurokaze's Black Fallen Angel Wing on his Selva)

The ABS loot table was really amazing and I should say a thumbs up to IAH because they eliminated the crap loot that most of the pioneer despised a lot. I hope that the pioneers of the new found world will be hyped to this new change. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For in-depth info visit the Official SEA Granado Espada site!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About the Event Tab

Many pioneers of the new found world is still asking how to use the event tab. I do hope that this small info will help you use the new feature with ease.

Unlike before certain in-game event such as; Battle Coliseum, Poison Yard and Secret Temple, you have to move to your barracks and warp to the nearest City for easy access on such events. Or another way is having a warp near the officer of these events. But now it is far different and it made things a lot easier.


As you see, when an event triggers all you have to do is press Alt + A to open the quest window. [1] Then you will see an Event Tab. By clicking it, you will see available events that are currently active in the given time. By checking the list on the tab you will see the levels of each instances and the location of the event where you suppose to warp. So if you are anticipating such event and you are in a different map just check the bottom left of the tab and click move. [2]By clicking the move button, a warp will open that leads to the selected event mission. In this example its the Poison Yard.

So pioneers, its easier to participate events right? Next time every event will be visited with ease and less worry of running back to towns close to the event's portal. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Defence of the Zeia

new-dota-loadscreen dotzposter
(DOTA's wallpaper and DOTZ feature poster for this expansion)

The new patch of SEA Granado Espada has new features for this expansion. And one of the highlight in this patch are the in-game event most specially the popular ice breaker "DOTZ" also known as "Defence of the Zeia". You read it right, in relation to the popular strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment - Frozen Throne's "Defence of the Ancient". They have the same plot of game play and that is defending your base and taking down the enemy's.

I've played the event for the second time and somehow I already get used to it. DOTZ is pretty different because instead of buying equipments to improve your character, you get personal buff improvements and debuff against opponents. The game play was easy right? But think again.

(Let the game of DOTZ begin!)

In DOTA you might able to survive the 1st tower because it hits only one target. But in DOTZ, the tower throws chain lightning so its really hard for a start. Another is to earn gold in DOTZ and you have to pick it up. So if you are not that greedy enough, you know how to wait when to pick up because some players wait their opponent to loot then they kill. Nice strategy right? About the concept of killing other players for gold is different also. Because if a player got killed by another playing while holding gold coins in their inventory well it will drop on the floor. So the gold that drop is free to all so anyone could get it. To avoid it, better be killed by a pushing mob rather to be killed by a player to save your earned gold.

(Pushing at the last tower of opponent's)

(If you enter the base, announcement of breach is made)

(Rewards after defeating the opponents)

When your team successfully finished the whole game. You will be teleported somewhere in your base and group of treasure boxes will be summoned to earn prizes. Remember that treasure boxes are meant for each member and you cannot get more than what you can open. Well I hope that you guys try other events in this new expansion and most of all enjoy it. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, April 6, 2009

E-Games Domination 3: Short Time, Big Time!

In the dry afternoon of April 4, the small band of players from Takhisis Faction took the road to E-Games Domination III and we arrived with high expectation. And our expectations are met! Lets see why I said so.

(The line toward the event venue extending to another huge hall)

In our arrival at the venue, we are surprised because the players who attend the event was more massive than last year. The line of people that leads to the entrance was long so they need to separate it to three lines and occupy a lot of space to accommodate more incoming people. Then after an hour we finally made it inside and the lights inside the hall made our tired body loosen up a bit. Then we approached the Granado Espada booth, familiar faces with new players embraced my sight and the feeling was good.

(Walk in the Red Carpet?)

(The E-Games Domination Hall)

After a while I finally met the champion who secure his video for Pattaya and its non other than a fellow Filipino pioneer - exebolt! We manage to talk for some time, too bad I came late for the event so my time is too short for a talk.

(Me and exebolt at the event)

Then one of the cool things to do in this event is taking pictures around with the Cosplayers who gives spice to the ambiance of the event. We are crazy enough to loiter around and take photos and that made our stay worthwhile.

(Elementalist in La Ventisca costume)
(I hope Dr. Torsche won't look after his Helena)

(Cool right, well they are really cool!)

(Takhisis Faction with Chuckie on Granado Espada stage!)

(It is us again, with CM Aethrin at far right next to me)

After chasing around people and visiting various gaming booth, our stay was payed off when our faction was awarded through faction banner for second place. The first winner are from the faction of Pinoy All Stars of Rembrandt server. Thanks for the Cosplayer who cosplayed Chuckie the Granado Espada stage brightened up when he went up there and start entertaining us.

The Granado Espada activity was over and our small band decided to go outside and eat then off we go to our humble abode. But it was amazing to meet another old friend and mother to us during the first year of Granado Espada for the Philippine community.

(Our former CM Veya at the middle, thanks for the picture!)

It was our former Community Manager Veya! Currently she is working with another MMORPG handled by E-Games. I really miss those day that she manage to visit various area within the metro just to attend faction eye ball for Granado Espada. And I know she still do it in a more casual way by treating them as friends. To our former CM Veya thanks a lot!

I would like to take opportunity to thank the people behind this wonderful event. From the community managers, game masters, sponsors, cosplayers, and players who gave their time to make the event successful through participation. I hope next year more activities will be provided to numerous attendees and more players will be encouraged to join this great annual event of E-Games. To all the pioneers of the new found world, I congratulate you for showing your support to the Philippine community. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seeing things around GE 3

Have you ever tried walking around with an RNPC that has connection with another RNPC? Yesterday I came from work and I feel walking around at Cite Reboldeoux with my Kurt Lyndon a Baron RNPC. Then I remember the story way back when I took him as a part of Fiksdotter family. So I've decided to visit Sir Lyndon a visit to his majestic abode at Cite Reboldeoux using my Kurt.

Kurt: Oh yeah I miss my step father. I'll visit him.

Well unfortunately our visit is not that really pleasant and I therefore conclude among other MMORPG, RNPC's here at Granado Espada have their own personal grudges to each other. And this is what happend.

Sir Lyndon: You traitors! I will kill you!

[Notice] Can't talk when a Baron is in your team.

Amazing was it? Well now I'm on the surge of seeing more things around Granado Espada. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!