Monday, February 25, 2008

GE Map: Capybara Plantation

After having some PVP match with my deputy faction leader Xei Family along with Southernsky Family and Reclusion Family, we decided to have a venture on areas unique such as the Capybara Plantation. The Capybara Plantation is located south of Albertal were monster's level ranges from 104-108.So how do we get there? We tread to Tetra Hill, then Topola Durga, moves to Deprimida Valley, passes to Albertal, and there the Capybara Plantation.

(The welcoming committee of the area, capybaras~ so cute)

(Rushing inside the vicinity along with the first Baron of sGE server)

The mobs there were so cute especially the capybaras and the violent ones who are inside their cages throwing stones at us. The map is likely to be huge judging in its interior. Then that's not all, it seems my first visit there is not complete without meeting the resident boss in the area.

(I think he mean business in this area, and that is to kick us out)

(Strategy against the bat was plotted already)

(Oh yeah backstabbing the bat and he doesn't mind us)

I like you to meet Golden Bat! This resident boss is undead in property with very decent attack rating and defense rating. And what makes this bat swinger popular is because of its unique fighting style, and that is called the illusion. Golden Bat moves slowly but don't mess with it because if you thought that he is far now you will see him move quickly at your front kicking you with massive punishment.


(His last minutes of existence, taking simultaneous damage from us)

We managed to take him down using five families for almost 20 minutes and everyone enjoyed it. After walking here and there an unlikely surprise to me happened.

(Reported as botter huh? Better think twice beforing doing it)

I am reported as a botter while walking and I know who you are. Why are people so easily enticed with characters that has luminous ring in their bellies. Is it because they want to prove that there is no clean faction leader? Oh I think you are barking on a wrong tree because I am not a botter.

My Capybara Plantation tour was very nice and I enjoyed it so much. And again stay tune for more tours in the future.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Best Premiums in Cheaper Costs

Thursday's server maintenance came to an end but there are surprises in store for all Granado Espada players! Los Toldos is now open for the explorers of the new found world. And that is not all; the land of the dead is now open along with the Baron RNPC Kurt Lyndon and Edward Jameson.Another good thing about today's maintenance is that IAHGames released some most used cash items in a cheaper price. And to sum it all check this out!


Hope you enjoy the new items in the Granado Espada Cash Shop. Happy leveling pioneers!

Details about the item release can be found here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vivaldi (PK Server): My Exploration

Today was a worthwhile experience for me because even if I play at Vivaldi Server to have a glimpse of their community it seems that there are players who recognized me. And I was happy for some of those experiences. And I bid thanks to players who send PM on-line. But one player caught my attention because he broads teasing me why am I staying in Vivaldi. Thanks for the welcome Daemonic because I really appreciate it.


(At my system chat window a broad from Daemonic Family of Vivaldi)

After being tanked by one of the members of DefendeRz Faction, I move to Porto Bello the Deck and tried one of the features of this server which is baron mode. Baron mode enables you to forced attack by simply right clicking on a target family. But this can be done if your current family level is at 5 as implemented at Granado Espada SEA along with the target that is also at family level 5 and above. Once forced attack is initiated you can slay them but take note baron points will build at your family profile and a pulsing red skull appears at your family's heads. At this point every family that you will meet on the way except families below family level 5 is now PK enable. Now how can you disable baron mode? One of the faction members of DefendeRz Faction who I killed unintentionally told me that the only way I can shed off the points is by killing mobs preferably low level monsters for faster shedding. And it really works and the pulsing red skull disappears.

(Sorry for the players I poked especially my faction mate)

And for now these are the few experiences I can share to you about my stay at Vivaldi Server so good luck and happy grinding.

Monday, February 18, 2008

GE Bloggers: For the 2nd Time

The second bloggers meeting was really nice and now we grow in attendance. This time our meeting was at Trinoma Mall at North Avenue were the POGS event was held.

The meeting was great because all of the attendees manage to share their opinions about the game and how to strengthen the community. And we also discuss about optimizations on their blog especially to those who are about to start one.

geblogmeet (2)
(My brother Artaxerxes, Sigrid, and moi)

geblogmeet (3)
(Left to right: DeSanggria, Lucido, Illuvien, Deniva, Moi, Behringer, Artaxerxes, Sigrid, Mitchin, Blacksword, Mena, and Reclusion. Taken by Ninemoons)

We have a great time together sharing our insights about Granado Espada. I hope that there will be another bloggers meeting soon and I can't wait to see more new faces.

Thanks again for lending your precious time and for the Chocnuts off course.

See you again fellow bloggers.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Intel Week: Hardships payed off

After watching the film Jumpers, I head back home and still anxious about the result of FFA's Intel "Scene and Heard" Week. Though I was deeply frustrated, the sinking feeling about this week's competition suffices.


At around 00:15 of February 16, 2008 the news at the official website of Granado Espada SEA came out and I was really happy about the result for our team. Congratulations to all the cast and crew of "Le Blanc" clip!


The Dark Horse award this time goes to Rivendale/ Sigrid/ deEspania Team. Their week's entry is entitled "Granado Espada Superstars" and won themselves Bracelet of the Three Kings a level 100 and a good ample of G-Points for each of their members.

The last week is ahead for us all. Any plans of submitting a new entry? You can post your entry here and try to bag the 1st price of USD 1,200!

Congratulations to other 23 entries who compete for this week's competition.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Post "Win A Date With A GM" Event

The event for Date with a GM was really nice because the new found world seem to stop for a moment to have a peek on their favored GM's.
The Votes from players start to pour in as GM's shows up at different City. Then players give their chocolates to the GM as a sign of support and favor to that GM.

GM Lorenza
(GM Lorenza at Port of Coimbra with her followers)

GM Aimee
(GM Aimee at Site Reboldoeux channel 2)

GM Ecminet
(GM Ecinet at City of Auch who looks so elegant in black)

GM Eulalie
(GM Eulalie with it's Sir Lyndon, Irawan, and Viki RNPC)

GM Selva
(GM Selva the empress of the Dark Side of the Force)

After 45 minutes of giving out chocolates to GMs, GM Selva announces that all able players specifically level 90 and above move to Thueringenwald because she has a surprise.

Los Toldos Mob
(The undead mob of Tierra De Los Muertos. Photo by Reclusion)

The able players pose their strike then GM Selva unleashes a mob of Tierra De Los Muertos mob and fortunately the players can manage it. And it only means one thing, the players of Granado Espada SEA is ready for new map.

It was really wonderful and all. The GMs were interacting with the players even though there are many of them asking question. But still the GMs managed everything very well. Then again see you around!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some updates on events for February

More events come pouring down the SEA Server of Granado Espada. And it seems that most of the players enjoyed it. Not to mention the running event for "Win A Date with a GM" which supporters dramatically increased as time goes by. Oh by the way I support GM Selva for this said event.

So if missed "Project Hostile Takeover" event here is the clip from the official Granado Espada SEA news bulletin.


Aside from celebrating the Chinese New Year at Granado Espada SEA, Reclusion Family of Carracci server made a music video clip presenting Feng Ling the new RNPC in the new found world.


And lastly, today I created my family at Vivaldi server and then I sell all of my 5 pieces enhancement booster and tranquilizers to have my own vis for survival. Then I created 2 stock wizards male and female. I also bought M'Boma for my third wizard in this team for Vivaldi server. And thank you to DefendeRz Faction for accepting me as one of their members.

So again ‘til next post Granado Espada community.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Intel "Scene and Heard" Week: Le Blanc (White)

Two brothers were forced to leave their country because of fate. Andrew has a colorful perspective in life was left by his brother Andres to be with the frontier. On the other hand, Lastinka a dear friend to the brothers encouraged Andrew to be strong and continue his dreams and fantasies. But Franco La Passion is hard to deal with. Will the new found world of Granado Espada deserves a colorful future?

A power cast takes you to the next level of machinima. This is our entry to the Intel Week "Scene and Heard" in the official forums of Granado Espada. The amateur machinima clip has a run-time of 33 minutes with the craziest punch lines that you will ask for more. For discussion and supporting about the movie clip visit here. To view this movie clip in imeem site, please watch it here!

For Youtube:

Part 1/4


Part 2/4


Part 3/4


Part 4/4




Director: Darrick (Reclusion Family) Written By: Josiah (Fiksdotter Family)
Technicals: Ryan (iCeZ Family)
Marvin (Mena Family), Ace (Artaxerxes Family), Anne (DeSanggria Family)

- Credits -
Destiny Faction, Outcasts Faction, Takhisis Faction, Chan Family, OZ Family,
McBurny Family, killersz Family, Xei Family, VargasII Family, DirtyPair Family, Behringer Family, Lupe Family, and Kaizou Family