Saturday, February 16, 2008

Intel Week: Hardships payed off

After watching the film Jumpers, I head back home and still anxious about the result of FFA's Intel "Scene and Heard" Week. Though I was deeply frustrated, the sinking feeling about this week's competition suffices.


At around 00:15 of February 16, 2008 the news at the official website of Granado Espada SEA came out and I was really happy about the result for our team. Congratulations to all the cast and crew of "Le Blanc" clip!


The Dark Horse award this time goes to Rivendale/ Sigrid/ deEspania Team. Their week's entry is entitled "Granado Espada Superstars" and won themselves Bracelet of the Three Kings a level 100 and a good ample of G-Points for each of their members.

The last week is ahead for us all. Any plans of submitting a new entry? You can post your entry here and try to bag the 1st price of USD 1,200!

Congratulations to other 23 entries who compete for this week's competition.

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