Monday, February 18, 2008

GE Bloggers: For the 2nd Time

The second bloggers meeting was really nice and now we grow in attendance. This time our meeting was at Trinoma Mall at North Avenue were the POGS event was held.

The meeting was great because all of the attendees manage to share their opinions about the game and how to strengthen the community. And we also discuss about optimizations on their blog especially to those who are about to start one.

geblogmeet (2)
(My brother Artaxerxes, Sigrid, and moi)

geblogmeet (3)
(Left to right: DeSanggria, Lucido, Illuvien, Deniva, Moi, Behringer, Artaxerxes, Sigrid, Mitchin, Blacksword, Mena, and Reclusion. Taken by Ninemoons)

We have a great time together sharing our insights about Granado Espada. I hope that there will be another bloggers meeting soon and I can't wait to see more new faces.

Thanks again for lending your precious time and for the Chocnuts off course.

See you again fellow bloggers.

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