Monday, February 25, 2008

GE Map: Capybara Plantation

After having some PVP match with my deputy faction leader Xei Family along with Southernsky Family and Reclusion Family, we decided to have a venture on areas unique such as the Capybara Plantation. The Capybara Plantation is located south of Albertal were monster's level ranges from 104-108.So how do we get there? We tread to Tetra Hill, then Topola Durga, moves to Deprimida Valley, passes to Albertal, and there the Capybara Plantation.

(The welcoming committee of the area, capybaras~ so cute)

(Rushing inside the vicinity along with the first Baron of sGE server)

The mobs there were so cute especially the capybaras and the violent ones who are inside their cages throwing stones at us. The map is likely to be huge judging in its interior. Then that's not all, it seems my first visit there is not complete without meeting the resident boss in the area.

(I think he mean business in this area, and that is to kick us out)

(Strategy against the bat was plotted already)

(Oh yeah backstabbing the bat and he doesn't mind us)

I like you to meet Golden Bat! This resident boss is undead in property with very decent attack rating and defense rating. And what makes this bat swinger popular is because of its unique fighting style, and that is called the illusion. Golden Bat moves slowly but don't mess with it because if you thought that he is far now you will see him move quickly at your front kicking you with massive punishment.


(His last minutes of existence, taking simultaneous damage from us)

We managed to take him down using five families for almost 20 minutes and everyone enjoyed it. After walking here and there an unlikely surprise to me happened.

(Reported as botter huh? Better think twice beforing doing it)

I am reported as a botter while walking and I know who you are. Why are people so easily enticed with characters that has luminous ring in their bellies. Is it because they want to prove that there is no clean faction leader? Oh I think you are barking on a wrong tree because I am not a botter.

My Capybara Plantation tour was very nice and I enjoyed it so much. And again stay tune for more tours in the future.

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