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My Kurt and 92 elite quest

In this article, I will share my experience about the Los Toldos Baron Quest along with creation of 92 Elite Equipment. So we shall start on the Baron Quest and at the last part we'll proceed on the 92 Elite Equipment Quest. So pay attention.

We have to prepare some important things before you activate the quest. First you must have a package of Del Los Muertos that can be bought through G-Points worth 22,000 GP. This package is composed of 90 Mystery Powder, 1 Otite Perfume (1 day), and 1 Wheel of Destiny (1 day).

(Tierra De Los Muertos Map)

[This quest is applicable to non-PK servers, any changes may vary due to server difference.]

(Mamon your access to Los Toldos)

(Inside Los Toldos hideout of Barons)

1. Equip your wheel of destiny to one of you characters. Then activate your otite perfume. Enter to Los Toldos through Mamon of Deserted Quay.


(Kurt inside the wrecked ship in Los Toldos)

2. Move to Kurt and talk to him using the character equipped with wheel of destiny.



(Your access to Tierra - The Gloomy Old Man)


(Welcome to land of the dead. So as the soundtrack here)

3. Kurt will have a good reaction on your character having the wheel of destiny. So your first quest is to enter Tierra De Los Muertos. He will let you kill certain number of undead inside Tierra De Los Muertos.*


(Don't worry it is part of quest. Rumors say it is random)

4. After accomplishing the first quest, Kurt will demonstrate his power. You will be defeated so don't worry. After being defeated, talk to him again and a quest will be triggered.


(Mysterious Eduardo at his hideout somewhere in the outskirts)


5. Kurt will ask you to find Eduardo and give a letter to him. Eduardo is located at E3 of Tierra De Los Muertos. There is a pillar of tombstone there, simply click it to reveal the secret hideout of Eduardo. After accomplishing this move back to Kurt.*



(Nice eyes don't you think? Amazing he grasps a great sword as one hand)

6. Kurt will now ask you to hunt down a Mueletos Chief. It is located at G9 of De Los Muertos. After defeating the Chief move back to Kurt.*



(The ruined town in the center of Tierra De Los Muertos)

7. Then Kurt now will ask you to investigate at De Los Muertos located at G7. Look for the cask, broken box, and woodpile. Now return to Kurt and report about the investigation.*



(Oh yeah Montoro on the house, giving you a warm welcome)

8. Kurt will further ask your assistance by moving at B6 De Los Muertos. He will hand over 5 invisible potions. When reaching B6 activate the potion to your team's leader. A scene will activate. Then you will face Montoro himself.*
9. When you defeated Montoro move back to Kurt and he ask you to stop Montoro completely. He will again hand over another 5 invisible potion. Return to B6 repeat the procedure at number 8. You will face the stronger Montoro. It was said you can die here and precede the quest.*
10. Kurt will now ask you to hunt for 10 pure otite. You can activate this pure otite hunt by getting it to white beard man. After accomplishing this submit this to Kurt. This time will now ask you to deliver a letter to Eduardo and Eduardo will ask you to give his reply to Kurt.*


11. Kurt will now ask you to visit G7 of De Los Muertos, located in the middle of map, just simply step on the ruined colony of the area. Then an E-Drama will be executed, revealing the betrayal.*


12. This is the point you are waiting for. You will choose whose side are you on "Kurt's suggestion" and "Eduardo's suggestion". Just simply visit the RNPC you want to get the card after finishing the instance at number 11.


(In this case I side with Kurt. So I killed Eduardo for this quest)

13. After choosing side, visit the RNPC who you don't side with and kill it. But there are rumors that even though you don't defeat one of them, you can still acquire their card.


14. When you finished step number 13, just hand over the 70 mystery powder and now you can welcome him to your family. Congratulations!

Now let us move to crafting 92 elites inside Los Toldos. I will share my experience on how to get one. So we will focus on getting elite level 92 equipment.

We have to prepare 30 mysterious powders for moving back and forth Los Toldos and Tierra De Los Muertos, ingredients like pure ores, the spirit that can be acquired through special unique either mysterious steel piece, three pieces of level 92 enhancement chip, and pure otite that in progress you will acquire along your hunt quest.


1. Talk to gloomy old man.
2. Select getting pure otite.
3. Then select for a quest option for pure otite.
4. Now move inside Tierra De Los Muertos.
5. After killing 100 undead soldiers move back to Los Toldos.
6. Submit the otite pieces to gloomy old man.
7. He will hand over 1 - 2 pure otite.
8. Repeat the process until you reach the pure otite requirement.

1. You can do otite pure quest every time you get in Tierra De Los Muertos. This is applicable after Kurt asks you to hunt for 10 pure otite pieces.
2. Full squad is highly recommended for faster farming.
3. I strongly suggest that you bring exactly or more than 30 mystery powder for this quest. If there are chances you got disconnected.
4. Save in front of Mamon just in case you got disconnected.


(Gathered Materials)


(Equipment now crafted)

1. Each baron 92 elite recipe costs one million vis and cannot be traded until being crafted.
2. At the anvil, drag-drop the unique item to refine it as spirit. But make sure to pick it up after dragging it at the anvil.
3. Some undead mob has skills so don't underestimate them especially when you are not that well equipped.
4. The character card quest will take at least 2 and a half hours if you will exclude pure otite hunt.
5. If in full squad during pure otite hunt, it is possible to accomplish 100 undead counts in every 3-5 minutes.
6. At least prepare 120 or more mystery powder to accomplish 92 elite equipment quest along with character card quest.
7. Level 92 elite equipments has natural glow so enjoy.

Hope this guide will somehow help other players especially who owns family in a non-PK server. This quest kills me for more than 12 hours but it really pays off. So dedicate a time for this quest if you really want to finish this. Remember now, your g-points is at stake well you don't like wasting premium items don't you? Thanks again and enjoy!

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