Friday, March 14, 2008

FFA: Complete pawnage!

After many weeks of endurance against unwanted comments and in our side being silent against the aggressors now we are far and beyond them. And yes we earn the right to say ~ it is hard to be humble if you are far great than others.

The good thing is all of the winners are Filipinos. So I present you the winning teams of FFA 2007!

From official site - click source

Congratulations to the teams:

First Place - "Not Another Love Story II - Zee Musical" by Behringer/ Reclusion/ Ninemoons Team and they won $1200

Second Place - "Le Blanc (White)" by Reclusion/ Fiksdotter/ iCeZ Team and they $900

Third Place - "Perdonato" by Fetuccini/ Weisswriter/ Mortreux Team and they won $600

Thanks to the unparallel judges of IAH games for believing in our works. To the regional manager Hrin who unfailingly bids us congratulations every after week we made it to first place. To the faction where I lead and belong, Takhisis Faction thanks. To the republican ally who are my friends in real life and on-line, Outcasts Faction thanks. To my theatre organization members at campus who says congrats in the campus halls, thank you. To my mom and relatives who awkwardly supports me and my team even though they are not into MMORPG, I really thank them.

Alas! Am glad to be part of the movie clip Le Blanc because I am the script writer for its story. And thank you to Reclusion, Behringer, DeSanggria, Mena, Ninemoons, iCeZ, Artaxerxes, and the gang for letting me explore the field of doing voice-over which I realize that I could do it. Well thanks again guys see you around.

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