Sunday, March 9, 2008

Off Game: The Get away!

Who told you that all we do is only grinding levels and doing quests in Granado Espada? Of course we have means of relaxing and releasing our self from the virtual world.The brothers Reclusion and Behringer stayed here in our humble abode for a couple of days. We really enjoyed each others company because rarely we do this.

(Moi, Behringer, and Reclusion chill'n)

(Even wonder there is no vehicles passing by? Spooky~)

So Artaxerxes and I decided to bring the brothers somewhere in our area to taste the countryside in our region's style. When we made it there, Reclusion and Behringer were really impressed about the scenery and not to mention they can't stand the cold breeze coming from the hills.

(Looking at the sunset~ driving back to our abode. What a day!)

That day was too awesome and we hope this will happen again. Thanks Reclusion and Behringer for visiting!

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