Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007! Heya 2008!

Considerably, 30th of December is the last Colony Wars for this year 2007. And I was happy we were able to participate in. though we are not fortunate enough to occupy any colony because there is only three of us online. Our alliances found it strange declaring against 5 factions; Hellsing Faction, AkatsukiTM Faction, CarpeDiem Faction, HuntOrHunted Faction, and HrinFanClub Faction. Most especially thanks to HuntOrHunted Faction for entertaining our declaration and it was really fun chasing with them around.


(In our rage we kick the NPC guard. Show him some love bug)

Before the end of the year, there are special memories that our faction shared. We've been a witnessed to some bug, like the poison yard. Too bad for the NPC guard we kick him to rage. And we have experienced colony wars even though we are no match to distinguished factions. It was also our joy having the first white baron RNPC in Carracci server and was in our faction's disposal. And lastly, the players we've met along the way who was always there with us.

(My member Xei Family presenting Eduardo with it's Grim Ripper)

This year many events happened to the community. We share the laughter and rants thus most of us support Granado Espada all the way. In behalf of Takhisis Faction, Philippine GE Bloggers, and Granado Espada SEA community we like to say "have a wonderful new year!" hope to see you guys around.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Year Ender: Rave or tons of Rants


1. Back in the Nimrod Bridge event there are misconceptions that made most of the player irritated.
2. And again the Naughty and Nice brings more imbalances to the game releasing 100 unique or other notable weapons that would further slow the growth of other players in terms of competitiveness and fair game play. The Naughty and Nice news is again misleading to such participants; creativity persae and such beaten by simple post of "Dear Santa my three wishes are [insert wishes]"
3. The players don't understand the hardships of Vespanola Time Correspondents. Making the reports fled to this sworn duty just because of they love the game thus receiving senseless flame.

I was disappointed with the facts that came to my knowledge. In the case of Carracci server, how would a player feel when he witnessed himself during the Nimrod Bridge Siege high level players can slay Vergo then all of a sudden level 100 weapons just fell on its feet. But the organizers posted that everyone can join.

The Naughty and Nice event was particularly a nice idea though imbalance was perfectly made (refer above FAQ). And another thing that makes most of the players react is due to misleading information again as they quoted "creativity" which was not followed.

Some of the distinguished bloggers is about to lay-off Vespanola Times due to personal reasons. They stress that whining from malicious players doesn't stop them from reporting but through personal reasons why they are forced to quit.

In these series of events, IAH tried their best to involve the Granado Espada community thus they must perceive the consequences of unorganized execution of plans. Don't they recognize the possibility of game imbalances because of giving away items that suppose to be hard-earn. Or maybe they should think of other alternate options to make the events fair to all level brackets. And even they should be thinking the difference of creativity to those players who has no effort at all then receiving more than a well-deserve player must have.
IAH we should be driving players in, not driving them out.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Takhisis Faction: In a simple way

The pioneering members of Takhisis Faction is here to greet you in a small special way.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Welcome to ver 2.4.18 Bahia Island

Yesterday I thought that I won't able to see the new developments but thanks for the downloadable updater. I don't have to patch via server. Before proceeding to Bahia Island I slay first the Tyrannosaurus Rex on Ustiur Zona Tres to complete my quest for Grandice. After that I went to the island of Bahia.


(VargasII my deputy and me at outer Bahia)

Bahia Island is way too different from other key cities in Granado Espada because the feel was more of you are on vacation. There are numerous changes like; RNPC avatars on player applet were change, some skills were added like Catherine's, text enhancements and some identifiers were change, and so on. There are lots of changes and it's not enough in one sitting to identify all of it.

(Woot~ try it for yourself. But my Claude looks suck on air. Ahihi.)

(Watching Wispshot family of ClubHootHoot Faction)

There are also mini-games in the island. And my personal favorite is the trained mini Diablo who can toss you in the air. Other mini-games like Capybara and Watermelon are also nice especially the arena were you can encounter monsters.


At the end of my gaming hours yesterday I felt so happy about what've seen. I hope there is a chance for me to venture Bahamar swamps but unfortunately is a bit far to veteran. Enjoy the new patch guys.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Granado Espada for almost 3 days.


Granado Espada players are off for a break in three days because of the server maintenance and that is weird to other players having almost three-day for maintenance. But the reason of having this maintenance is to give way of updating the new patch version 2.4.0 a combination of "Witches of Bahamar" and "Bahia Island".

I really planned last week that I'm going to play six days this week because my relatives from Denmark and Saudi Arabia will be home for Christmas. Well I stayed in the campus somehow thinking of my characters figuring out what am I going to do with them before the year ends. And now that is what I called path to boredom because I have nothing else to do rather than day dream.

But in the brighter side I've become more curious about the new update, well I can't wait to see Bahia Island and if my character has thicker skin maybe I'll try to venture the Bahamar swamps of its available for access.


For now I don't have any other things in mind because I've already finished two chapters of my thesis, my gifts are wrapped for my godchildren, schedules are set, and friends who has gift for me is being watched. Well to my fellow players in Granado Espada, do wait and we'll see what's ahead after almost three days of update.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Nimrod Bridge Invasion: The Holocaust

There are different reactions about this event; some say they enjoyed it, some are so pissed to describe their anger, and some say the richer gets richer. Before anything else let us check the official website about the announcement, shall we?

"[In-Game Event] Nimrod Bridge Invasion!

In-Game Event - Nimrod Bridge Invasion!

Date: 15 December 2007, Saturday

Cervantes 1600 SGT - 1700 SGT (GMT +8)
Carraci 1700 SGT - 1800 SGT (GMT +8)
Carravaggio 1800 SGT - 1900 SGT (GMT +8)
Pachelbel 1900 SGT - 2000 SGT (GMT +8)
Vivaldi 2000 SGT - 2100 SGT (GMT +8)

Server(s): Cervantes, Carraci, Carravaggio, Pachelbel, Vivaldi

Channel(s): 1 (But who knows? Monsters might be able to change channels. Ho Hum.)

Duration: 45 Minutes ~ 1 hour

Zone(s) Involved: Coimbra Nimrod Bridge

Background: Port of Coimbra is under attack by monsters of unknown origins. Jose the Cannon Trooper leads the New Pioneers to defend the Port of Coimbra. The battle takes place at the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge. Do not let the monsters cross the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge to reach Port of Coimbra!

Objectives: Monsters will appear at one end of the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge??" (Coordinates: I6). Do not allow monsters to reach the other end of the bridge (Coordinates: I2), if not the towns will get invaded!

In-Game Event: FAQ

Q: Can everyone take part in this event?
Yes, everyone can take part in this event. We welcome all new pioneers to contribute their effort in the battle! There will be monsters of various levels to cater to the various level ranges.

Q: Do we need to register for the event?
No, the event is a special in-game request issued by RNPC, Jose Cortasar.

Q: Do we need a Squad to take part in this event?
No, you do not need to be in a squad. However, it will be useful squad up in the battle against the invaders for those nifty buffs and easy communication.

Q: How many zones are related to this event?
The invasion initially takes place in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, Channel 1. However, we hear rumors that these monsters have special powers to change channels. If they do, a server wide announcement will be given to warn players that monsters are going to invade other channels soon.

Q: What are the available rewards?
Rewards?! This is a state of emergency! The towns could be potentially invaded! We need to band together to protect the continent of Granado Espada! THE TIME IS NOW!

There are no specific rewards for the event, since the fight is voluntary. New pioneers of Granado Espada, its time for you to contribute! Although it has been rumored that the invading monsters carries good drops...

Q: How do I win the event?
It would not be an individual's effort to defend the town, so the victory and failure depends on the whole server's contribution!

Q: So... just out of curiosity, what will happen, if we are unable to defend the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, not that we want that to happen of course! (at least not all of us...)
The towns get invaded by monsters for an indefinite period of time! You might want to start saving your starting point in Cite De Reboldoeux in case the towns get invaded, not that we want that to happen of course! (at least not all of us...)

Q: Wow! This is a really interesting event! How did this idea come about?
This brilliantly creative suggestion was given here on the Granado Espada forums by one of the beloved members of the Granado Espada community - Di Stowe Family from Pachelbel server. We'll be giving him 10,000 Gpoints as a token of appreciation!

Discuss this here. "

This is quoted from the official GE news bulletin.

1. The administrator indeed warned the players about saving your start point at Site De Reboldoeux if anything turns up a little bit crazy.
"Q: So... just out of curiosity, what will happen, if we are unable to defend the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, not that we want that to happen of course! (at least not all of us...)
The towns get invaded by monsters for an indefinite period of time! You might want to start saving your starting point in Cite De Reboldoeux in case the towns get invaded, not that we want that to happen of course! (at least not all of us...)
2. There some players who were not reading the news at the Granado Espada official site even at the load applet of Granado Espada.
3. Lastly, the players over reacted when they just realized during the event, the monsters that will attack the Nimrod Bridge is way beyond to compel. And the frustrating part is some players just feast on eyes to item drops that was so elite they couldn't even have a piece of it.


It was 17:15 when the official notice was sent out all over Carracci server. The players from different level bracket stormed Nimrod Bridge at channel 1 just outside the Port of Coimbra. Then at roughly 17:25 the first wave of monsters began to run towards the bridge. Unfortunately most non-veteran players was so surprised because they did not expect such an attack because the administrators quoted that "Yes, everyone can take part in this event. We welcome all new pioneers to contribute their effort in the battle! There will be monsters of various levels to cater to the various level ranges." From here the frustration rises for non-veteran players forcing them to move out and go back grinding again.


(Vergo pawns the head of everybody for 1 Billion vis!)

After the exhausting defence in all channels further notice was sent out around 17:45 that the General of Coimbra died putting up the cities under state of invasion. The notice stressed that the pioneers must move to Site Reboldoeux for safety.


(GM Elril, after the fall of Coimbra.)


(Diablo and Novia some of the noteable destroyers in this event.)

Inevitably high level monsters and boss monsters starts to prowl over the key cities of Coimbra, Auch, and Ustiur Base Camp. The players who just logged browsing through markets, merchants, item shops, and so on were shocked when monsters knocked them down with one hit.


(I think its Christmas after all the rampage.)

In the end of the event, the tempest that was witnessed on other terrorised cities was shed with joy when pioneers moved at Site De Reboldoeux. There are spawn of rabbits and Christmas trees stood out at the front of Pioneering office that glows eminently capturing the attention of pioneers.

The event was somehow a mess in my opinion because the GMs just summon tons of high levelled monsters misleading their information of "everyone can join" and of course causing lag to server. About the drops that were envied, I am nothing against it because in every hardship there is a price. On the other hand they should remove over spawn of monsters at key cities because we have to admit some players don't tend to read announcements that well. But if I am not mistaken they already removed some of it. Because the last time I logged in there are only level 50 Chimeras around. Hope next time the entire event would be equal to all if they really want the whole community to enjoy future events.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

"w00t" is technically a word!

Players all over the world has jargons of their own making it a common ground for anyone to have a smile at it once you read or heard online. Do you know lately that a jargon from massive-multiplayer online gamers become the word of the year? Yes it's true, base on the media release on yahoo, the word "Woot/w00t" has been recognized by Merriam Webster dictionary as "an ideal choice because it blends whimsy and new technology" as said by John Morse from Merriam Webster.
The Merriam Webster defined the word "w00t" as; a hybrid of letters and numbers used by gamers as an exclamation of happiness or triumph.

So players it doesn't mean that we speak a non-sense word anymore because we did made our own language or an expression just by sitting and chatting around the virtual community. And now we pawned the linguistic world w00t!



Monday, December 3, 2007

Granado Espada at Hataw Hanep Hero


Hataw Hanep Hero or H3 as advertising team calls it celebrated this youth event at SMX convention center beside SM Mall of Asia. The event was really huge and I don't know where to stay thus my dedication of staying is for Granado Espada. Most of the booths were display of different IP-interactive and E-Games related games such as; Granado Espada, RAN, Dance Battle Audition, Supreme Destiny, and O2 Jam.
The booth offers free gaming with their respective games and most are pick a price and tournaments that are game related.



(a)Ms Ivee Feria on seminar (b)participants movie making (c)Anne and CM Veya

That's not it; Granado Espada has free gaming session, free game trial, and most of all movie making seminar to those aspiring directors for the coming Fantazzztic Film Awards.


(Outcasts Faction, Reclusion of Destiny, Fiksdotter and Haagendaz of Takhisis)


Eventually I've met the Outcasts Faction of Carracci along with their faction leader Obviar and our team mate in Fantazzztic Film Awards, IceZ. I've had a lot of fun roaming around and not to mention I got snapshots with Cosplayers who caught my attention. After all its up to you guys to name these characters.






The night was really great, I don't even feel any urge to eat because everywhere I go is eye-candy can't get enough to walk around. Special thanks to Darrick of Reclusion and to his friend for loitering around with me during the event. And thanks for all the people who visited the Granado Espada booth. Cheers to all!


For more crazier pictures visit Reclusion's blog. Related articles; Southernsky's blog and Mena's blog.


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Granado Espada Free to Play: Casts Havoc?


The 30th of November was the one of awakening moment for the Granado Espada community. It was roughly 22:00 when an official announcement was been made by the iahgames prior to suspicion that arises from players who top-up their accounts. It appears that when you top-up your account, you don't have any choices if you are choosing pure g-points for game card activation or g-points with game time. The questions had been answered when this notice arrived at the official Granado Espada SEA site and the post goes like this.

Conversion to Free-to-Play Game Service
IAHGames is pleased to announce that Granado Espada would become a "Free-to-play" online game service. This is in line with Granado Espada's global direction.

The actual day of F2P will be announced shortly.

Loyalty Reward Package Giveaway
In a move to reward GE gamers for their support of IAHGames' first online game, a special "Loyalty Reward Package" will be given away for free.

If you have topped-up at least one GVC from 30th August 2007 to F2P Day or have previously been rewarded with the 90 days free game play time, you will be eligible to receive the "Loyalty Reward Package" containing:
• 5 x Enhancement Tranquilizers
• 5 x Enhancement Boosters
• 5 x Soul Crystals
• 5 x Hrin's Potions
• 1 x Combat Manual Expert (30 days)
• 1 x Tactics Manual (15 days)
• 1 x Forgotten Territory Pass
The giveaway will be put in effect on F2P Day during the scheduled maintenance.

Game Time Conversion Program
All gamers who have remaining game time in their account will have the game value converted to G-points.
• IAHGames will convert 1 day of game time to 30 G-points.
• A round-up policy will be applied, i.e. If you have 10.3 days left, we will round it up to 11 days.
• The conversion will be performed on the F2P day during the scheduled maintenance.
New Granado Espada Content and Activities for 2008
We have a lot of stuff prepared for the whole of 2008. Looking at the list, it'll be a fun-filled 2008 for Granado Espada. New Activities
• GE Comic Artist Competition - GE Gamers will try their hands at creating their own comic strips using GE characters.
• Veteran Club - A select club only for the experts of GE. Members will enjoy monthly benefits.
• Valentines' Day Event - Are you in the mood for love?
• The Summer Bikini Babes - Granado Espada's very own Bikini Babe Pageant
New Game Content
Upcoming V2.5 Features

NEW Maps

- New Map: Sedea Cram Fields
- 2 more new dungeons
- Bahia Island Royal Rumble Raid
- Raid for Royalist Party / Republican Party

NEW Characters & Items
- Monsters: 15 Types
- NPC: 2 Types
- Armors: 10 Types
- Weapons: 20 Types
- Recipes for necklaces
- Boss Monsters: 3 types
- ‘Family - MCC' Type Monsters

NEW Quests!
- Sedea Cram Quest
- Gloved Lady Quest
- Ability Improvement Quest for Ramiro, Tiburon
- Ability Improvement of Reboldoeux Soldier
- Vicente Rio Invitation Quest

NEW Premium RNPCs!
- Necromancer Type
- Bard Type

NEW Skills!
- 6 additional Veteran Level Stances

NEW Game System Functions!
- Reputation Ratings
- Transfer of faction leadership
- System display of family who dealt the last damage to the colony

NEW Item Mall Additions!
- Hats/Wigs: 7 types
- Coimbra Trooper Costume
- Diego Costume

After this announcement the official Granado Espada forums was stormed with rants from subscribers who already bought Limited Edition boxes and some of them already loaded almost 500 days on their account.
This moved was justified by the management through this follow-up post at the main Granado Espada site with this.

"This is not the first time we change our commercial model. After launching monthly subscription-based commercial model of Granado Espada in Korea, HanbitSoft decided to go free-to-play after careful observation of feedbacks from our gamers," said Alex Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft, "This decision turned out to be the right one eventually, which allowed as more gamers to explore Granado Espada. We are glad that IAHGames made the same decision and will reach the same success as our other GE game services."

Says Hakkyu Kim, CEO, IMC Games: "In a positive alignment with our global direction for Granado Espada, we have worked with our partner, IAHGames, in making Granado Espada a ‘free-to-play' game service. We believe that with this new model, many new gamers would then be able to share the rich content of the game while adding new colors to the vibrant GE community."

In some reasons I side to those players who thought that the game will proceed to pay-to-play model because even I was settled with this idea. Sadly, I've already bought 600php ($252.00) worth of e-pin from load central thus I have not loaded it yet on my account. But the most unfortunate part about this, the players are not satisfied with somewhat conversion of g-points to their current game time. Imagine, each day in subscription on your total game time in your account only costs 30 g-points? Base on my computation a player who loaded a $126.00 worth of game value card with 5400 g-points, 1 month subscription, has an equivalent of 180 g-points per day. Now I think this conversion is unfair to those players who already top-up their account specially those who top-up more than 30 days.
On the brighter side, iahgames is trying to put up a competition to other MMORPG because the league right now is more on free-to-play business model. With this move by iahgames the community will grow faster with promising game play as elaborated by iahgames. By these, this will make iahgames the advantage to prove that cheaters cannot exist in this game even though Granado Espada is in free-to-play business model.
In my personal opinion, I strongly disagree with this drastic move because somehow iahgames must inform the players before hand that there will be chances that the pay-to-play business model will be changed. Good for those people who was mindful of their actions not paying too much during the 90 days period.



GE Gentlemen: Kurt, Edward, and Gavin

igcapture (8)

Hello there Granado Espada community! This is my last entry for the 2.4.0 Bahia Patch RNPC. I now bring you the gentlemen of the new found world. Furthermore their stories are narrated at CM Veya's blog site.

Now here the quoted Grim Brothers, biologically they are not brothers but their skill made them. So this is how their quest goes so pay attention.


Kurt Lyndon and Edward Jameson
Initial Level 60

Str: 7
Agi: 7
Con: 6
Dex: 5
Int: 3
Cha: 5
Main Gauche Garde of Grim, Avance Garde of Grim (Yes it is already accessible for them at level 60), Heaven or Hell of Grim

*Translator's Note*
!Don't do this quest, if you can't beat this Stat
(Stat was taken from last quest boss Eduardo. Kurt should have same stat)
Level: 115
HP: 77400
Attack Rate: 59
Attack: 1958
Defense Rate: 59
Defense: 81
All Resistance: 0
Race Type: Human
Armor Type: Light
Element: Neutral
Size: Small
!Mine is based on Kurt NPC Card. There might be some differences if you go for Eduardo in end.
!You will need 70 Mystic Powder to get NPC Card (From Kurt's quest info)
!You need to have Wheel of Destiny and maintain baron stat or NPC will not respond to you.
!You can use Invisible Stalker instead of Invisible Potion
!You only have to be invisible as leader.
!Nameless one is Kurt
!One who lost memory is Eduardo
!Please use this map as guide

1. Become baron and relog

2. Equip Wheel of Destiny and talk to Kurt inside of ship wreck. Kurt will give you the quest and kill 10 undead warriors and gunners. They are black zombies and easy to kill. In order to enter The Dead Man's Ground. You need to click NPC with long beard in Los Toldos 3rd Option with Mystic Powder.

3. Finish the quest and get beaten by Kurt. Talk to Kurt again after you've been defeated by him.

4.He will give you a letter to Eduardo. He is located at E3 (look for pillar). You will be ambushed by monsters and Eduardo will aid in this mission. Talk to Eduardo and get a letter to Kurt then talk to Kurt after.

5. Kurt will ask you to kill area boss located at G9. Boss is larger than any monsters in this map. He looks like fighter with glowing sword + eye (and maybe shield).

6. After you've obtained boss's pocket. Talk to Kurt again and he will ask you to get notes from town that is located at G7. Find box, burnt fireplace, and barrel.

7. Go back to Kurt and he will give you 5 Invisible Potion and ask to investigate another town located at B6. Go to town entrance, and use invisible potion on leader. Then go inside and try to look for dark land spot (Almost in middle of town). You will enter quest mission room.

8. After you've killed the boss. Report to Kurt, and he will give you another 5 Invisible Potions, and go back to B6 town. Boss will be stronger, but you will have Eduardo and Kurt's support. You don't need to defeat the boss this time. (You can just die and go ahead with next step, or prove your strength by defeating boss and talk to Kurt)

9. Go back to Kurt after killing same boss for second time. Kurt will ask you to gather 10 Pure Otite. You will now have 4th option from white beard NPC. Click 2nd option after to activate the quest. You will need to kill 100 undead warriors and/or gunners and get 1 or 2 Pure Otite.

10. Get 10 Pure Otite (4th option -> 2nd option is quest activate. 4th option -> 3rd option gets you the reward), and talk to Kurt. He will give you another letter to Eduardo and Eduardo will give another letter to Kurt.

11. Kurt will ask you to visit the G7 town and go to middle of town and you will warp to see e-drama. (Eduardo betrays both)

12. You will have a choice of either going for "Eduardo's offer" or "Kurt's Offer" You will need to click 2nd options 2 times as to confirm the quest.

13. Visit other NPC and kill him.

14. Go back to the NPC that you made the offer with, and he will give you the NPC card after taking 70 Mystic Powder.

I take note that base on the updates there will be changes on the quest for Kurt and Edward. This also includes changes for how non-PK server could acquire this RNPC.


Next stop is the information about Gavin Jameson the brother of Edward Jameson. Currently the quest has not come to my knowledge. But furthermore, this entry about Gavin will be edited soon the quest information is acquired.

Gavin Jameson
Initial Level 60

Str: 6
Agi: 5
Con: 6
Dex: 7
Int: 3
Cha: 3

The new male RNPC are widely rapier users and it means more 1 turn hit kill during wars. Not to mention putting up semi-summon type RNPC that has rapiers on them. On the frustrating side, the quest is quite difficult because it's longer than expected with a base level requirement. Hope that these RNPC is worth questing.



Updated Version: My Kurt and 92 elite Quest