Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No Granado Espada for almost 3 days.


Granado Espada players are off for a break in three days because of the server maintenance and that is weird to other players having almost three-day for maintenance. But the reason of having this maintenance is to give way of updating the new patch version 2.4.0 a combination of "Witches of Bahamar" and "Bahia Island".

I really planned last week that I'm going to play six days this week because my relatives from Denmark and Saudi Arabia will be home for Christmas. Well I stayed in the campus somehow thinking of my characters figuring out what am I going to do with them before the year ends. And now that is what I called path to boredom because I have nothing else to do rather than day dream.

But in the brighter side I've become more curious about the new update, well I can't wait to see Bahia Island and if my character has thicker skin maybe I'll try to venture the Bahamar swamps of its available for access.


For now I don't have any other things in mind because I've already finished two chapters of my thesis, my gifts are wrapped for my godchildren, schedules are set, and friends who has gift for me is being watched. Well to my fellow players in Granado Espada, do wait and we'll see what's ahead after almost three days of update.


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