Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blogspotted for the 2nd Time!

I was off to vacation and really surprised when one of my faction member sent me a message at my mobile phone saying that - I was blogspotted!


Thank you to all the players who sent messages at my mobile phone saying "Congratulations" along with the players who greeted me at the forums and in-game! I will write more for you guys out there and thank you for supporting!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Appreciation 2

At last, for the long time being a faction leader, our faction occupied a colony during the last minute at Tetra Hill. I know that the next Colony Wars session we may not hold it but at least it is a fulfillment in our part. Thanks to the loyal members of Takhisis Faction who never quit though we felt the pressure of not being "not strong". Congratulations fellow followers of Takhisis!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bahama Map: My first step

After this week's maintenance, I only have one thing on my mind and that is exploring the region of Bahama. And there is no one who can stop me from exploring it except for the monsters so powerful they can own my family.


(Welcome to Bahama Camp where your exploration start)

So how do we get there? For the pioneers who are not well familiar on traveling around I will help you out on how to get there. You should start at Port of Coimbra then make sure you have a ticket that permits you to go at Ustiur Base Camp. Once you get to Ustiur Base Camp, there are series of zones; Zona Uno - Zona Quatro. So as a family to reach Bahama, you should finish the quests incorporated in accessing different zones. Because the last zone which is Zona Quatro lies the entrance to Bahama Camp. Bahama Camp's entrance at Zona Quatro is at coordinates D5. Once you get there, voila enjoy sightseeing through the swamps.


After I had a pose at the Bahama Camp, now I move to the marshland were the residents are quite different in there appearance but fortunately my family can handle them. There are areas on the marsh which are random because there are coordinates that teleports you to another location of the marsh. I've also tried the pioneering memorial in the area, and after killing 150 crabs in this region, it gave me a level 9 pioneering seal and an experience card which gives hundred decimal in your experience without a manual.


(I don't want to imagine how it feels to be soaked in this marsh)


(A weird man with chest on its head and a crab without pincer)

The I tried some other areas in the map like the first level cave of Bahama but the creatures there aren't that easy to kill because most of them possess the AR (Attack Rating)/DR (Defense Rating) of 57 which is really hard to handle. So IAH was really serious about the families who want to explore the other regions must at least reach the Expert Status.


(The cave's hall was really nice to look at but the mobs in there~ I don't think so)

My visit in the Bahama Region was nice after all. Though there are information saying that quests are involve to get new series of weapon and armor. Hope you guys work on your characters to Expert status to enjoy the map itself and the equipments that are in store for you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Granado Espada 3.0 3rd Civilization

It is almost a year and we've been a witnessed on how the world of Granado Espada evolves. And it seems that enough time was spent to this MMORPG and the pioneers are ready to embrace the next level of challenge and exploration.

It was month ago when I've read an article from one of our blog-spotted family, Arcleaumont, who gives us a glimpse of sought to be map for version 3.0 "3rd Civilization". Many ideas was raised by the resident of Granado Espada like; Is there a level beyond master? How the colony war works if the map was expanded? Are there any new features for this expansion? And so on.

Well you guys deserve a teaser for version 3.0 "3rd Civilization". I just want to inform you that the expansion title might change depending on the regional developers.


The next video clip is from the legend himself, Hakkyu Kim, giving some information and documentation about the new expansion along with other developers of the game. This video clip has no english subtitle though you may mind only of what you will see.


For now the developments of this new expansion is on progress and we are not sure if the developers has more in their sleeves to surprise the pioneers once they launch the expansion officially. So for now seat back and relax while waiting for this anticipated expansion.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dinner with RCM Hrin Lah!

After a day of rest from the domination event I am up to the next meet. And that is meeting up RCM Hrin with the IAH representatives. I and Behringer rode two transits from my area to Makati City. At around 17:00 I move to PowerBooks located at Ayala Greenbelt to meet Ninemoons, Stiles, Mena, Artaxerxes, and Reclusion. Then at around 18:25 RCM Hrin sent a message that she will catch up and so we should let her know where she could find us. At this point, Mena couldn't make it because he has a scheduled work at 19:00, so he left us and the rest move to Café bola. It was 19:00, and voila RCM Hrin and the IAH representatives appeared. And along with them, we saw other guests like CM Veya, Product Manager Ivee Feria, CM Jason of Audition, and other officials from E-Games.


(CM Veya ignoring me for a photo shoot)


(CM Jason Tomas of Audition for Coca-Cola AD)


(Random photo shot during dinner)


(IAH Representatives, time to fork some balls)


(Product Manager Ivee Feria doing some menu introductions)


(The effect of being stuffed after dinner~ make faces)


(RCM Hrin, Reclusion, CM Veya, Behringer, and Moi after dinner)


(RCM Hrin with me outside Cafe Bola)

We enjoyed every minute with them and it was a privilege in our part. I was really happy about how well things go because am quite nervous to converse with such great people in this industry. I bid the best to all of you guys from IAH and E-Games for giving us your time to be with us. Thanks again and hope to see the IAH representatives next year.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My First Ever Adelina Booty Search

Yesterday when I was creating my blog entry for the post E-Games domination, Reclusion informed me to top-up my GVC and try my luck because I haven't tried Adelina Booty Search. Then I topped up my GVC that only gives me 3 chances for the search. After that I pressed 3 random searches and this is the result.


Wow I was lucky! Not to mention this is my first Adelina Search! So Granado Espada players out there try your luck, maybe you can get better items much as I have through Adelina search.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Post E-Games Domination~Dominated!

The E-Games domination event was a complete success though there are slight problem during the opening because players pour down at SMX venue.



Around 11:00 the convention opens and as usual I have to move at the Granado Espada lair. And there I see familiar faces and specially some of my faction mates who I've met for the first time.

There are numerous activities that you can found inside convention, particularly from the booths of different games managed by E-Games; Cabal Online, Supreme Destiny, Dance Battle Audition, O2Jam, and RAN Online.


(War of the Faction Banners!)

This event won't be successful if the factions of different servers lead by Filipino players did not appear. Oh yes and we are talking about Filipino factions here! Factions like; CARNAGE Faction, Vradical Faction, Outcasts Faction, Templars Faction, Takhisis Faction, PH Care Faction, †Pinoy†AllStars† Faction, Aggrressor faction, RunAway Faction, Hellraiders Faction, Elite Faction, Revolution Faction, WarGodz Faction, and Adeptas Fraternas Faction. And am proud to say they're faction leaders are all Filipinos.


(DeSanngria as Idge, Whiteships as Feng Ling, Stormseeker as Bernelli)


(Feng Ling with Pepsi for advertisement)

Another thing that might spice up the ambiance is having Cosplayers around. And we are talking celebrities around here so let your eyes feast on them!


(Pasta Team's Mortreux, Weisswritter, and Fetuccini bagged $600))


(Le Blanc Team's Fiksdotter, iCeZ, and Reclusion bagged $900)


(Bloggers Team's Behringer, Ninemoons, Reclusion with the casts bagged $1200)

One of the highlights of the event was giving appreciation to the fellow Granado Espada players who contribute to the great community. Want more information about the other winners? Visit Ninemoon's entry for more picture and details of other community heroes!


(Upper row from left; Behringer, Fiksdotter, RCM Hrin, Whiteships, Mena, Ninemoons. Lower row from right; Stiles, DeSanggria, Artaxerxes, and Reclusion)

I was really happy about the outcome of the event so undeniably successful! We end the night by meeting the IAH representatives including RCM Hrin for dinner along with Faction leaders, Deputies, CM Veya, Product Manager - Ivee Feria, Sir Taj Deluria, and VP Games Operation - Gary Escobar sharing insights about the game, community concerns, and humors of course.

If you miss this event, you missed half of your life as a Granado Espada player.

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