Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentines Event: Love Me

Granado Espada SEA is having this wonderful event along with the Chinese New Year. And it is called the "Love Me" Valentine event. All you have to do is submit your creative valentine entry here, and with a format like this, then you may have a chance to win two valentine shirts of your size choice and two Le Blanc armor for your characters. For more information about the event visit the official news bulletin.

This is my entry for the event:


So what are you waiting for? Join now and show the community some love. Advance Valentines Granado Espada Community!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post Outcasts Faction EB


Delays really killed me so much especially when the internet service is down followed by my thesis and hospital duties. Oh well, that is how we level grind our real lives. Without further ado this posts Outcasts Faction EB in celebration of Haagendaz's birthday.

outcastseb (4)
(Lots of Chat and eat until you throw up!)

I arrived at around 17:00 and alas am late! I have personal reasons why I'm late but the catch is when once you enter Haagendaz's lair there are lots of Outcasts member around. CM Veya was there in action along with the council of Outcasts laughing their hearts out when DMB slams them with random jokes. And not to mention DeSanggria arrived around half-past 18:00, the Outcasts members forced her to eat the whole coconut pie.

outcastseb (7)
(Filling up some small sheets for draw lots worth 20M vis!)

outcastseb (1)
(Caught ya at dark! Making multiple entries for the Draw lots huh!)

Aside from having a pile of coconut pie is on the house with lots of food to eat, we have a hell of a time and I was really impressed because of them were from distant places. Imagine some of them travel for almost 3 hours the least just to reach our area. And I hope to see them around and more power to Outcasts Faction of Carracci.

outcastseb (5)
(Say "Photon Splash!")

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fantazzztic Film Awards: Seagate "Scene and Heard" week

The Fantazzztic Film award is now at its second week. They called it Seagate "Scene and Heard" week and the prize at stake are three Granado Espada skinned external hard disk drive.

I don't want to hold you up. So these are the latest screenshots of our movie clip and don't expect I'm going to spoil you out about the story so check them out.




We hope that you guys will like our offering for this week's Seagate "Scene and Heard". We may not win in this week though all overwhelming support will make us more humble with joy.

And for more information about the competition, just visit the official website here.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Post Philippine On-line Game Summit (POGS)

The Philippine On-line Game Summit was held at Trinoma Mall located at North Edsa. Basically it was a huge display of different on-line game companies and at the same time introducing lots of their on-line game titles. Well Granado Espada won't be left behind.



Around 00:25 I've made it to Trinoma and guess what the Reclusion brothers was there waiting for me at the train station. Then we head on to the registration area and bought some GAME magazine to serve as our entrance.



We walked inside the activity center and looked for the Granado Espada booth. And there I saw familiar faces like Ninemoons, DeSanggria, and of course CM Veya with the IP E-Games gang. We registered for the PVP tournament and then we loiter around the venue. All I can say that it was really great having lots of on-line games around you.


I tried visiting my account and feed my Catherine the summoner for some experience. Fortunately she gained a level after half an hour.


That's not all; our Fantazzztic Film Awards entry was shown at the big screen in front of many players and visitors. We were proud because it shows other things you can do with Granado Espada aside from playing it as a game.


The crowd goes wild as the showdown of Cosplayers takes on stage. Not to mention some good Cosplayers specially the female contestants.



Around 16:15 the PVP tournament started, Mena and I were the first one called and oh yeah Adeptas Fraternas Team of Caravaggio pawned us. At least we have the opportunity to have a duel with them.


The P.O.G.S. was indeed successful and all. So the bloggers have a little tea party, some chats, and move back to our humble abode. Thank you to all Granado Espada players who supported the event along with other on-line gamers.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Faction Quest 52: Princess Gabriella

The Takhisis Faction members were summoned 18:00 at Cite Reboldoeux channel 1 in front of the PVP officer. At roughly 19:20 the quest for faction 52 were started with 13 families to take on the quest.

fq52 (1)

I talked to Princess Gabriella the NPC leader of the Royalist alliance to trigger the quest. But before hand there is a small quest to activate this one; first, you should talk to Princess Gabriella and a letter must be delivered to Simon Ayande. Then Simon Ayande will react on the letter by visiting him at Villa De Libertad at Auch City. Then head back to Princess Gabriella and she will ask you to help her out on defeating the Republican alliance.

fq52 (2)

The quest started and we found it rough at first because NPC deals heavy damage from the rifle type mob. As we progress the thirteen families were eliminated from a colony after another colony. We strongly suggest that if you are going to proceed on this quest make sure you have lots of fighter that could tank this massive mob. Because in our case, the Elementalists was the tank and the melee type was the one responsible taking down the colonies.

fq52 (4)


We move to the last colony at the center and a message from an NPC appears saying "We lost... But we'll never give up!" which means we are almost finished. Then after we destroyed the last colony, a small statue fell on the ground and I approached it. And a confirmation window popped out telling me that faction quest 52 is over.

fq52 (5)

We thank the following families who participated in this quest. Yet another Republican faction was born.

Obviar Family
Southernsky Family
christus Family
maharlika Family
Reclusion Family

Takhisis Faction:
Fiksdotter Family
VargasII Family
DirtyPair Family
LavesareZ Family
lizardofamily Family
Puritan Family
EspadasIII Family
Xei Family

Friday, January 11, 2008

Seagate Week: Looks like we made it!

It was around 00:20 when an official announcement of the Seagate "Scene and Heard" week winner has been declared. Reclusion and his brother Behringer was talking with me over the phone when they saw the announcement that was posted in the Granado Espada main site.


I rush towards my desktop computer and there I saw it with my own eyes, we vouched the 1st place. And this means each of us earned a 120GB external hard drive with metallic cover and Granado Espada skin on it.


The runner-up spot was from Zaleski team which gives another promising concept for this week's entry.


And it doesn't stop there, one of the entries from our friend Ninemoons was picked as the Dark Horse of the week. Amazing because Ninemoons and her other teammates Reclusion and Behringer got Bracelet of Three Kings along with G-Points on it.

To all the negative critics, comments, and along with the positive ones we are thankful for all of this. We promise you guys that one of these week's competition you will see another promising entry from us and to all the participants of Fantazzztic Film Awards, congratulations for a great job in this week's competition.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fantazzztic Film Awards: Our Seagate Week entry

The time has come and these are the first entry from our team including Ninemoons'. Hope you enjoy every track of the clip.For additional information, our entry was uploaded to Imeem. So it is impossible for our team to embed it directly to this blog. The second clip for Ninemoons' was uploaded at YouTube so you can directly watch it here on the blog.

Title: Lonely Hearts Club II
Reclusion/Fiksdotter/Behringer Team


To view Lonely Hearts Club II click here.

Title: Not Another Love Story?
Behringer/Ninemoons/Reclusion Team


If you want to critic on the following entries, log on to the official forum and post your critic. Just click here and thanks to all the viewers.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

GE Forum Event: Intel Machinimasia Community's Choice

The first month of 2008 in the Granado Espada community was really overwhelming. We have the Seagate "Seen and Heard" week and now there is poll for community's choice at the official forums.

Well this is my personal pick and it deserves your vote. Let's watch the clip shall we?


I told you it is worth your vote so just simply click here and cast your vote.