Friday, January 11, 2008

Seagate Week: Looks like we made it!

It was around 00:20 when an official announcement of the Seagate "Scene and Heard" week winner has been declared. Reclusion and his brother Behringer was talking with me over the phone when they saw the announcement that was posted in the Granado Espada main site.


I rush towards my desktop computer and there I saw it with my own eyes, we vouched the 1st place. And this means each of us earned a 120GB external hard drive with metallic cover and Granado Espada skin on it.


The runner-up spot was from Zaleski team which gives another promising concept for this week's entry.


And it doesn't stop there, one of the entries from our friend Ninemoons was picked as the Dark Horse of the week. Amazing because Ninemoons and her other teammates Reclusion and Behringer got Bracelet of Three Kings along with G-Points on it.

To all the negative critics, comments, and along with the positive ones we are thankful for all of this. We promise you guys that one of these week's competition you will see another promising entry from us and to all the participants of Fantazzztic Film Awards, congratulations for a great job in this week's competition.

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