Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fizzled Narcapade

In such great esteem I pull my family together and continue the recruitment quest for Nar. And its quite hard due to AR/DR differences of my weapon against the monsters involved in the quest. I've collected 50 pcs Rhodolite pieces and submitted it to the Zeia Captain beside Queen Hamaan. And am stuck now at Killing 10 Kobold Elder because you must enter Occulta and by doing so you will need 5pcs Te or 5pcs Ti in order to enter. Remember that Te rune will permit you to enter Occulta only during the night or twilight and Ti rune is used during morning or meridian.

(Nar and my family under instanced scenario)

And pioneers there is a part in the quest that you must protect Nar against spawning Zeia monsters. Imagine all of them in 62 AR/DR! But I use the strategy of luring away from Nar using a fighter then nuke with Elementalist in Fire Domination stance then my Claude sweeping them using Mighty Cruz stance. For now am on the verge of proceeding Occulta but I'm looking for a squad mate in order to finish the quest with ease.

Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seeing things around GE

It was a rough week and for me a good sight on sprites walking around Granado Espada will definitely change your mood. For example, during our camp in Porto Bello Catherina Saloon, one of my faction mates have a taste of getting his new pet. Yeah its Rudolph the red nose rain deer. This pet heals 1,500 HP on your family during active battle and even at the city.

(My two musketeers, in the middle Soho of the Wind and Rudolph Pet)

And for a personal consolation, I got Soho of the Wind. For pioneers out there, Soho of the Wind can be acquired through Adelina's Booty Search every time you top-up your account. And lastly congratulations to the winners of the Scene and Heard "Blood Donation Drive" which all results can be found here.

Til again, I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of the Hearts

February, a month were people who have a relationship consider this month a very special day for them. Well it goes with dating primarily and its obvious due to tradition. But then again it does not mean playing Granado Espada alone kills your relationship because they say its only another digital dimension. Sorry guys but in Granado Espada there are lovers inside the new found world. So this is my entry for FAA in a form of poster.


Well in the finale week of FAA I will try to produce a 30 second ad for Linksys category. So better watch how will I execute on this one. Til again I keep you posted pioneers!