Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Genesis

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After running some few test on the close beta. My decision on
registering for Granado Espada open beta was easy for me
even though I have bad experiences on other MMORPG.

Then I played my account for 12 hours and for two straight days.
I was really excited but I have to loosen myself because am

After two days I have made it to level 30+ and here they are
my family and named it Fiksdotter.

(The original Fiksdotter family for open beta; Yoshiyahu, Chian, and Lucilde.)

For now I don't have any special plans. Maybe when they are
strong enough, it can be easily decided.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Acquaintance

It was just today, I was playing DOTA when the owner
of the computer cafe was talking to someone and it
hands over some new game installer and a poster.

After several minutes the owner approached me and he
asks me if I am fond of playing on-line games. Then
I cheerfully replied "Yes!". Then he told me to get
my mobile phone and save the user name and password.
But I abruptly ask that "Am I suppose to create my
own user name and password?"
Then he explains that the user name and password is
for a limited account in the newly introduce on-line
game named Granado Espada and basically its a closed
beta version.
Then I pulled off my mobile phone in my pocket and
save the user name and password.

Username: geph11502
Password: f38cb0

The time I logged into the game, it was really new for
me because the music score were too orchestrated with
classical instrument. Then I was impressed with the
barracks system and awhile prompt appear asking for the
family name. Then I typed in Majuin for a family name.
Then I start creating my character. The funny thing is
I only create a scout thinking that I'm going to
support people around. But when I was finished with
the first few quests in the ship, at Site Reboldoeux,
I saw three characters walking along each other. Now
I figured out that I have to create another two to
complete my family.

(CBT Majuin Family; Badeux, Centra, and Typhoon)


All that happen for 8 hours of game-play is exploration
of the environment, talking to NPC, training characters,
and taking my first screen shot of my character.

This game is awesome!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Box Introduction



Welcome to Yoshiyahu's Box

All articles posted here in
my blog focus on my personal
experience about the game
including all related sources
like the GE official website,
GE official forums, and the
game itself.


I strongly stress that all of
the opinions here were ideas
of my mind and how I perceive


Thank you and enjoy!