Sunday, May 6, 2007

The Acquaintance

It was just today, I was playing DOTA when the owner
of the computer cafe was talking to someone and it
hands over some new game installer and a poster.

After several minutes the owner approached me and he
asks me if I am fond of playing on-line games. Then
I cheerfully replied "Yes!". Then he told me to get
my mobile phone and save the user name and password.
But I abruptly ask that "Am I suppose to create my
own user name and password?"
Then he explains that the user name and password is
for a limited account in the newly introduce on-line
game named Granado Espada and basically its a closed
beta version.
Then I pulled off my mobile phone in my pocket and
save the user name and password.

Username: geph11502
Password: f38cb0

The time I logged into the game, it was really new for
me because the music score were too orchestrated with
classical instrument. Then I was impressed with the
barracks system and awhile prompt appear asking for the
family name. Then I typed in Majuin for a family name.
Then I start creating my character. The funny thing is
I only create a scout thinking that I'm going to
support people around. But when I was finished with
the first few quests in the ship, at Site Reboldoeux,
I saw three characters walking along each other. Now
I figured out that I have to create another two to
complete my family.

(CBT Majuin Family; Badeux, Centra, and Typhoon)


All that happen for 8 hours of game-play is exploration
of the environment, talking to NPC, training characters,
and taking my first screen shot of my character.

This game is awesome!

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