Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year, blog ends!

This is the time of the year when most of the families around the world gather to celebrate the new year. And for a year that ends a new path should be tread for us to take and sometimes do necessary steps for some things to change.

For many months I was blogging for the game and I really enjoyed doing it without getting anything in return. But it came to my senses that I should do something aside from doing blog posts for Granado Espada. I have my own life that I should work on and somehow the last few months before the year ends made me realize things. Its more like a wake up call after getting some new things along the few months. Honestly I cannot completely devote my time to write my new experiences in-game. And sometimes there was this feeling of losing my motivation of creating new blog posts because in-game it was like its the same routine. And the worst thing, most of my friends in-game which I missed so much~ they were all quitting. Well miserably I end up like playing alone and no one talks with me. The community I was used to was gone. Or if some of them exists, they already have their new clicks and I'm completely off the crowd. Indeed I could claim I'm alone in-game.

I will take this opportunity to greet anyone who still pays visit on this blog a Happy New Year. To those few friends of mine in-game thanks for making my day even though you guys don't frequently log in anymore. To the readers thank you so much for support and I really appreciate it. To those critics of mine thanks for giving attention to this lonely soul in-game. To all players who made contributions to my posts, (permission to take shots of their characters, pictures in real life during real life events, anonymous opinions, etc) I appreciate the support for making my posts more realistic and idea oriented blog rather than getting advance updates which looks like a copy paste blog~ Thank you so much! To members of IAH games thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet Hrin and the gang! I don't how would I extend my gratitude but again~ Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

I officially put my hands down and waves goodbye for blogging Granado Espada but I will still exist in-game. Til again~ farewell pioneers!