Friday, December 26, 2008

Naughty and Nice 2008: Final Day

Today there are many winners and it was nice to see familiar names across the notice. Well if you missed the notices this is the list of winners for the final day.

Alfender, Zaanhart, Revolucion, Visquante, fizz, Jezardi, VaqueroZ, Segnir, Souken, Ziendemonium, Drakezion, Nivnal, Superiority, Claimore, Philistia, Atkasha, Casafuego, Thallmann, Icarus, Milycius, DeSanggria, PepperILU, DraclouZ, Nieve, Arconis, Niji, Sephies

Congratulations to all the winners of this Christmas event. On claiming the items, Santa mentioned that MBB codes will be send through emails, the in-game items through Leonardo Expresso, and 70k G-Points will be put on your accounts by monday. Too bad I am not included again to the cut but its ok, if am still around til next year. Again merry christmas pioneers and I'll keep you posted.

*above results are from Rembrandt Server*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Naughty and Nice 2008: Day 1 of 2

Today Santa visits the new found world and the pioneers cheered when he came. Around 16:23 Santa bids his hello to the pioneers and started to give cheers to them by announcing the winners of the said event. Their wishes can be found at the official forums in form of poem, song, and even images. And here are the winners of the first day visit of Santa.

OversizedMeat, Aluria, TheInts, Mullenkamp, Jaggerjaque, Slurp, MizunoSan, dedzki, ArtisticSouls, deParusa, Geovani, Elieson, ofHearts, kropekt, Xei, SoulLinker, Beuolves, Novalight, BotKilla, Milkcarton, AngelColony, exebolt, ZeroKiriyuu, Senor

The following names where announced through GM notice and some names are identified through forum username and entries with family name. The common problem during the event was Santa called them through their forum name so it takes time for Santa to confirm identities of the winning entries. But in the end, the event runs smoothly and it was nice to see Santa talking with the pioneers. Tomorrow I'll post again the 2nd day winners of the Naughty and Nice event. I'll keep you posted again pioneers!

*above results are from Rembrandt Server*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishes and Greetings!

I can't believe it's Christmas again and hey reality check am still playing the game. Talking about in-game, most of our faction members from Singapore have their Christmas party and most of us here in the Philippines we've decided to have a post-Christmas party here at my LAN shop on the 28th. Well I hope our plan of a post-Christmas party will work.

(My entry to Naughty and Nice in-game event)

In terms of wishes, I do have my own and I made a simple Christmas card with some images in-game of my characters and real life GE gatherings as my entry for naughty and nice. So whats with the idea? Well simple, many of the pioneers of the new found world focus in-game and was never proud to show the community that they exist through real life gatherings. My wishes White Cristatus, 70k G-Points, and Item of the month ~ I hope they will be granted this year.

I hope everyone in the new found world will have a merry Christmas with their families and do enjoy this special day. Til' again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Murky week!

Its been a week I haven't posted because I was held up of buying gifts and even thinking my wishes out for the naughty and nice event. Well thanks to DeSanggria for revealing one of the mysterious back costume now I'm enticed to have one.
(This is the White Cristatus, the Grindstone is still a mystery to me)

This week was dull for me because of the usual things to do inside our faction, you know keeping up the phase and sometimes am not enjoying it anymore. Am not telling that I don't like the faction I am included but I hope there are more quests in this game. I guess I've finished much and still looking for more.

I have the urge to power-level most of my characters in my barracks but again by the beard of Sir Lyndon! Combat manuals are so rare (FYI, 15 days and 30 days individual manuals cannot be sold separately so you are forced to buy packages with some not-so-useful stuff with it) and I mean rare! And currently, conversion of E-Points and G-Point ain't stable for now so am completely no move at all.

Oh by the way Giovanni the new PK server is out later this afternoon, too bad we cannot transfer our accounts there. But there are perks included when you made some accomplishments, so check it out here for more information.

So again, I'll keep you posted pioneers of the new found world!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Colony War? Duh think again!

Am not posting just to report yesterday's colony wars but instead am here to rant about this slime tactic. And besides am seething with annoyance with this dirty use of spinelles on the so called colony wars!

(Hell to the yeah at Bona Vista River, eight legged freaks)

This is the first 15 mins before the war at Bona Vista river and Pradera Ceniza, the opposing faction already stormed the respective colonies with numerous spinelles. Actually, the alliance where my faction stood aim for spin-less colony wars but what would you expect the opposing alliance is use to find ways of dirty tactic. I don't know, if this opposing alliance is really used to be the bad guys in Rembrandt and there is no new to that. So in the end we let them eat their own spinelle tactic, but unfortunately the opposing alliance bagged many colonies because we are caught unaware.

I don't care of what they might say because this entry of mine is a rant! I really do hope IAH or IMC might consider 1:1 summon of spinelles or might consider removing it completely to avoid abuse.

I'll keep you posted pioneers and as I say if ever spinelles are still available in weeks to come, you might change your mind not to go colony wars.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

GE Christmas tidbits

December is one of the much awaited month to most pioneers of the new found world. And this month there are things to be noted and I hope you participate on it.


Now you can have this two Christmas items from Leonardo Expresso himself; the Santa hat and Rudolph hat that can be wear by stock characters. Thanks from team GE for sharing this wonderful Christmas hats!

The next one was the forum event called "Show your Love" wherein you can send your wishes through a form of poem, song, blog entry, video, or anyway you like it special. And not only that, the top winner will have a chance to extend the warmth of Christmas through World Vision by choosing a child to be adopted by GE team and support the child by sponsorship. For more information about this, you can visit here.

Well pioneers hope you will enjoy the month of December, so again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Article Source: Granado Espada Official Website

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update: Faction Wars Final Week


After an exhausting month of playing Colony Wars and being overrun by numerous spinelles, the final week has come to an end and determine the colony holders for the final week. And here are the final result.

Bach - Colony Holders
X Faction (8)
Anything Faction (8)
Sophistique Faction (2)
House of the Cross Faction (1)
Bizrock Faction (1)
RaidTubbies Faction (1)
Frozen Faction (1)
Baron Faction (1)

Bach - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Anything Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - X Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - X Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Anything Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Anything Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - X Faction

Rembrandt - Colony Holders
Templars Faction (4)
All Star Faction (3)
Destiny Faction (3)
Osiris Faction (3)
Eminence Faction (3)
Le Conquistador Faction (3)
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction (2)
Empyreus Faction (1)
Resonance Faction (1)

Rembrandt - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Templars Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Osiris Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Destiny Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Osiris Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Eminence Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - Destiny Faction

War of the Faction: Dec. 8th Prizes
Lago Celeste Colony - Grand Valkyrie Crusher x100
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Fire Insignia x100, Ice Insignia x100, Lightning Insignia x100, Dark Insignia x100
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Key of Bellem x1,000
Via Fluvial Colony - White Gold Bar x2,000
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Red Ore x100, Blue Ore x300, Green Ore x300, and Yellow Ore x300
Tetra Hill Colony - Snail Skin x400

(Memoirs of the miserable idea of Colony Wars)

Well all in all the war of the factions is a total mess, the essence of defending and attacking colonies are insignificant in this event. It's more of I break the colony, then I will spam a horde of spinelles and lets see if you can withstand the lag and abrupt disconnection. This is considered abuse and I hope again they will reconsider removing this spinelle on those bellem boxes sold at the item NPCs. Eitherway, congratulations to all colony holders and I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Manny Pacquiao and Jean Pierre Gascon

(Oscar de la Hoya with Manny Pacquiao)

After Manny Pacquiao's victory against Oscar de la Hoya, I felt glad because he emerge champion after this dream fight. Well my imagination flies when even in Granado Espada, a distinguished RNPC Jean Pierre Gascon reminds me of his relevant stance as a professional boxer. You might say I imagining too hard but as you can see most of the martial artists in Granado Espada are almost relevant to the fighting styles of a real sport. Now tell me pioneers of the new found world, does any on-line game that can match the complexity of this game? For now try to find out if any.

(Jean Pierre Gascon on his Book of Earth Stance)

I simply post this to hail the victory of the Philippine's Champ, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! And again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: Yahoo Sports Gallery

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spoiler: version 3.0


As the story continues the pioneers of the new found world will be stumbled upon the Aztec inspired region called Errac. Well Errac was named in kGE so there are chances that sGE will change it's name. For the mean time there are confirmation already spread through many forums, websites, and blogs about how to acquire equipment made of constellation signs.

1. Sign of Aries - Chimera
2. Sign of Taurus - Treasure Golem
3. Sign of Gemini - Dr. Fran Morthein
4. Sign of Cancer - Necromancer's Heart (?)
5. Sign of Leo - Elmorc
6. Sign of Virgo - Muerto's Chief
7. Sign of Libra - Dream Blade
8. Sign of Scorpio - Swamp Fish Angler
9. Sign of Sagittarius - (?)
10. Sign of Capricorn - Merman Eater
11. Sign of Aquarius - Gerero
12. Sign of Pisces - Dilos Latemn


New RNPC are expected in this expansion, well we are talking about Selva and Nar who are anticipated in the new civilization. There are more teasers that I will share to you guys. For now all we have are visible evidences of latest updates but changes may vary due to localization. I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image and Article source: SOTNW official forums

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Real Life Event: GE PH outing

Yesterday I was sluggish but it turns out to be good and I admit it was a surprise for me. The outing yesterday was suppose to be a Bloggers meeting but RCM Hrin suggests that to put it in the official web site and declare it as a GE PH community outing. And in the other hand CM Aethrin supported us by sending out goodies for the pioneers who will attend.

(Gathering inside Red Box, where brainstorming took place)

We've talked about a lot of things like organizing GE Cosplayers, concerns about in-game, suggestion to strengthen the community, the much awaited version 3.0, and many more. Each conversation was meaningful because this is the first time that from two worlds, Bach and Rembrandt, these guys shares everything under the sun specially the laughs behind their respective servers.

(The pioneers from Bach server)

(The pioneers from Rembrandt server)

(The girl gamers of the new found world)

(Obviously the boys of the new found world hahaha!)

(The dinner that ends our great day)

We ended the day with a dinner and some walk around the mall. Everything was great and I can't ask for anything more. Well we are expecting more gatherings like this and I hope it will continue.

In behalf of the Philippine Community we would like to thank; RCM Hrin, CM Aethrin, IAH games, and E-Games by showing support and importance to this community. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: Ninemoons

Monday, December 1, 2008

Update: Faction Wars 3rd week


The colony wars yesterday was abit predictable in terms of defense and usual tactics. But it was great to check on the results because there are movements in terms of colony occupation. And here are the results.

Bach - Colony Holders
Anything Faction (7)
X Faction (12)
Baron Faction (2)
House of the Cross Faction (1)
Aggressor Faction (1)

Bach - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Anything Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - X Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - X Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Anything Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Anything Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - X Faction

Rembrandt - Colony Holders
All Star Faction (7)
Eminence Faction (5)
Osiris Faction (3)
Le Conquistador Faction (2)
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction (2)
Destiny Faction (1)
Empyreus Faction (1)
Templars Faction (1)
Resonance Faction (1)

Rembrandt - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Eminence Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Osiris Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Le Conquistador Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - All Star Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Destiny Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - All Star Faction

War of the Faction: Nov. 30th Prizes
Lago Celeste Colony - Symbol of Garim x100
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Golden Apple x20,000 and Cabbage x20,000
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Hell Valley Key x3,000
Via Fluvial Colony - Strange Mineral x10,000
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - White Gold Bar x2,000
Tetra Hill Colony - Silver Hammer x100

As you can see some of the factions in Bach managed to secure some colonies for them and at least fighting the big factions in two hours are worth their glory. In terms of Rembrandt, the colony wars was normal in terms of no specific target colony. And again the colony wars in my opinion for the past weeks is not nice at all. The colony wars is now like, we occupy the colony, face the wrath of the mini boss spinelle which wear off the essence of colony wars. I hope the people concern about programming should be aware that this spinelles are not of any help anymore. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

GM Event: Nov 29th

Yesterday's event was somehow expected due to same set up though am expecting development inside the GM's Lair. RCM Hrin and GM Heaven appeared at the City of Auch channel 1 around 15:30 with a notice to give hint that they will be having an event today.

(RCM Hrin with GM Heaven gathering the pioneers through notice)

(The gathering of pioneers at City of Auch channel 1)

After 10-15 mins, they summon the event gate, but before hand the pioneers were told that if there are known bugs, feedback are entertained for the improvement of the said event zone.

(Red error boxes, void room, and the talking sheep)

The red error boxes are still there along with the huge void room but as usual the method of killing bosses like Lava leaf, Novia, etc. are still the same. Then after killing some event boss, wisps will appear so the pioneers will get loot from it.

(The event ticket, your key for rewards after events)

(The legendary huge treasure box that can give prizes after events)

At the end of the event GM Heaven informed the pioneers that in their miscellaneous tab there is an event ticket wherein you could exchange for rewards. And by having one you are permitted to click huge treasure chest and get your reward. Base on what I got along with others, three pieces of level 100 enhancement chip was given to each ticket surrendered to the huge treasure chest. Unfortunately there are some pioneers who abuse it. How? My friend told me you just reconnect back to Auch then enter the Event Zone portal. So if you could do it many times, you can be rewarded more than the reward of three level 100 chips.

Personally GM Heaven was nice this time because he bothers to say good-bye before he left the event. Thanks also to RCM Hrin by showing up at the event. But I hope next time, GM's should chat ban those irresponsible and arrogant pioneers who insults and use profanity inside the event.

I know the pioneers are looking forward of seeing improve events in the future. So pioneers again I'll keep you posted.

Buzz PH Community

To all Filipino pioneers of the new found world, there will be an upcoming gathering on December 1st of this year. I would like to share this information to those Filipino pioneers who read my blog somehow you might get hypnotized and visit us at the event.

For more information about the said event, you can refer to this official news article or you may send whispers to Blacksword and Artaxerxes in-game. And if you can't find them in-game or through the forum site, you can buzz them on their respective messenger ID; (Blacksword) and (Artaxerxes).

Enjoy the gathering pioneers!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How was everything?

(Takhisis Faction 1 year anniversary as a social faction)

Looking back at May 6, 2008 article entry from my previous faction blog site I began to miss the good old days. The days that we are plainly happy that if we got a colony, its a big accomplishment to us as a faction. But now, i saw my fellow Filipino pioneers who are players and friends in real life fell like dried leaves. By the beard of Lyndon! They are quitting progressively in numbers!

Now these are the things I've realized:
1. As a Filipino player of Granado Espada, it's really hard to compete economic-wise. Why? G-Points at Singapore were sold cheaper and Filipino players must spend twice the price on everything. In short Singapore players have full access on everything. So its really considered are Singapore server and not quoted as Southeast Asia server anymore. So personally I accept that fact.

2. The AR/DR system gives great gap on everything. In short, again spend more so you will augment your equipments along with your characters to keep up.

3. I am happier with a faction that has good people inside rather than being put into the pedastal as a faction but the consequences were worst. And besides inside a big faction is just killing the curiousity of having seeing and getting better equipments but in the end all of these will be good as digital dust.

There will be sudden turn in my personal gaming, I rather to choose to have my gaming life back. I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Image Source, Related Articles: Takhisis Faction Blog site

Monday, November 24, 2008

Name the 3rd Server

After scanning through the suggestive names from our fellow pioneers, I found out that most of them just drop names for them to be luckily pick. And I see the mere fact that aligning a suggestive server name can be applaud if it reflects on its real name as defined by history and the contest is getting "you just post without researching".

When you say baroque, it is not a word that only define a time frame but it gives highlight about the past that gives shape to beauty; architecture, classicism, painting, etc. that contributes history. Am not giving lecture here pioneers but suggesting a good name for a third server and is PK should have a nicer name.

All I can hope is a sincere poster will win this particular contest of naming the 3rd server coming this December. Eventually if the winner comes from a poster who just list down names, I might strongly say that poster does not care to research and I pity those who gives information about their suggestive server name entry.

To all the pioneers good luck on this contest, hope the well deserve win.

Related Article: Name the New World

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update: Faction Wars 2nd week


The colony wars today was pretty unusual because there are no movements of ousting occupied faction in respective colonies from last week. But for the update here are the results of today's War of the Factions 2nd week session.

Bach - Colony Holders
Anything Faction (13)
X Faction (9)
Baron Faction (1)

Bach - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Anything Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - X Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - X Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Anything Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Anything Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - X Faction

Rembrandt - Colony Holders
Osiris Faction (6)
All Stars Faction (4)
Le Conquistador Faction (3)
Destiny Faction (3)
Empyreus Faction (3)
Templars Faction (2)
Eminence Faction (1)
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction (1)

Rembrandt - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Templars Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Osiris Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Le Conquistador Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Eminence Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Destiny Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - Osiris Faction

War of the Faction: Nov. 23rd Prizes
Lago Celeste Colony - Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia x10,000, Green Leaf of Rafflesia x10,000, Red Leaf of Rafflesia x10,000
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Key of Vergo the Cursed x200
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Old Chess Piece x600
Via Fluvial Colony - Piece of Amethyst x20,000
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - White Gold Bar x2,000
Tetra Hill Colony - Orb of Fire x3,300

The colonies were tightly defended and some where lost due to some surprise attacks from faction who just show up. Well evidently, the admins must shuffle the prized colonies so that there will be sudden changes in the trend of tactics. And I hope they disable the increasing number of spinelles due to further abuse during the colony wars. Then again I'll keep you updated pioneers!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winners: Route a la Domination

Here are the official winners of yesterday's Philippine Route a la Domination. The PVP (player vs player) event was held at City of Auch channel 1 supervised by CM Aethrin himself. The fight was intense in this tournament and everything was great because of the sportsmanship our fellow filipino showed.

Bach (PK Server) Winners
Team: Anything
Family: Swish and Chandi
Character Line-up: Wizard, Rio Vicente, Scout/Wizard, Elementalist, Fighter
Team Motto: Anything!!

Rembrandt (Non-PK Server) Winners
Team: Destiny
Family: ExOutLaw & Ashtaraoth
Character Line-up: Fighter, Scout, Elementalist/Fighter, Scout, Elementalist
Team Motto: Wla lng..

The winners of this PvP tournament will recieve 1 Item of the Month and 10x10 ABS as stated in the official news article of Granado Espada.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Update: Faction Wars


Its kinda late to post this article due to connection problem here in my area. Though I want you pioneers to be updated on the results of previous Faction Wars in both servers Bach and Rembrandt.

Bach - Colony Holders
Anything Faction (13)
X Faction (7)
House of the Cross Faction (1)
Aggressor Faction (1)
Defenderz Faction (1)

Bach - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Anything Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - X Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - X Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Anything Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Anything Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - X Faction

Rembrandt - Colony Holders
Osiris Faction (7)
Le Conquistador Faction (4)
Destiny Faction (3)
All Stars Faction (3)
Eminence Faction (3)
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction (1)
Empyreus Faction (1)
Templars Faction (1)

Rembrandt - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Templars Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Osiris Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Le Conquistador Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Eminence Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Destiny Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - Osiris Faction

War of the Faction: Nov. 16th Prizes
Lago Celeste Colony - Trinity Mission Level 4 x 5, Interchange Mission Level 4 x 5, Spotlight Mission Level 4 x 5, Highway Mission Level 4 x 5
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Liquefied Gas x 10, Magical Amethyst x 10
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - White Gold Bar x 20
Via Fluvial Colony - Orb of Lightning x 3
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Elemental Jewel x 3
Tetra Hill Colony - Key of Capybara x 36

So pioneers don't just sit there, rally up your factions and earn the right to get all bounty in each hot colony. Remember you don't have to slay your enemies, just break the colony!

References: SEA GE War of the Factions (1 of 4), Official SEA GE forums War Results, and Colony Item table.

Friday, November 14, 2008

GM Event: Pet Day

Pet on the block!
Novia summoned and ready to rumble

Today I made it through the Pet Day event, the GM was found at Jezebel Glen. Then after a while the GM summon us to event room. There we fought Novia, Vergo, (2x) Lava Leaf, and (2x) Griffon. Every time they die, wisps will appear and there you get loots. Unfortunately, the most decent loot was an Elite 84 Robe with 3DR option. And the sad part was the GM left without saying even a simple good bye. Anyway the idea for this kind of event was nice and further improvement will be expected by the pioneers of the new found world. So again, I'll keep you posted.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Adelina's Booty new loots!


Yup you are looking at one of the Elite 92 armors of the new found world. And you have the chance to grab their recipes and craft it. The new update was stated at the official Granado Espada forums and the news was announced at the Granado Espada site. So this are the official loot table for the improved Adelina's Booty Search.

Rare Items
Growth Stone
Moon Stone
Sun Stone
Liquefied Gas
Old Chess Piece
Snail Skin
Seeds of Rafflesia
Siren's Scale
Archangel's Heart
Recipe - Elite Bone Frame Armor
Recipe - Elite Rescue Suit
Recipe - Elite Metallic Suit
Recipe - Elite Dragon Coat
Recipe - Elite Pendera Jacket
Recipe - Elite La Ventisca

Common Items
Ring Box
Yellow Ore
Red Ore
Blue Ore
Green Ore
Amethyst Piece

Well I do hope that the crap elite 52 armors, weapons, watermelon skins, etc will be removed on the list because it is pure annoyance while doing searches. And in addition this a good move for IAH/IMC because it can further decrease hording players within servers and giving progressive solution to the inflating market of Granado Espada SEA. Enjoy searching pioneers!

Original Source: Granado Espada News Article

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Woot~ Buy G-Points using E-Points

Check out the list below for the corresponding G-Point equivalent per EP card denomination:

20 EP = 230 GP + 1 ABS

50 EP = 750 GP + 3 ABS

100 EP = 1800 GP + 5 ABS

200 EP = 3600 GP + 8 ABS

300 EP = 5800 GP + 10 ABS

1000 EP = 23800 GP + 35 ABS

Sounds good right? Well I hope it'll be sooner because G-Points here in the Philippines are really hard to find. You may consider it rare! But I hope that we have the 70k GP card because its really good to have one. Most of our Filipino pioneers buy 70k GP through their friends from Singapore using money transfer. So I guess the availability of 70k GP in our domain will ease the pain of our fellow Filipino pioneers. I'll keep you posted pioneer!

Original Source: Granado Espada News Article

Monday, November 3, 2008

Claire Quest: Prepare for Lolita Justice!


This is the information gathered and confirmed about Claire's Quest and am already half-way to finish it.

How to trigger the Quest:
Meet the NPC Claire at the City of Auch with Claude Baudez as your leader in squad. Do take note that there is no specific level of what Claude Baudez you bring.

Quest Proper:
* After talking with Claire for the quest trigger, remove Claude Baudez in your team.
* Claire will give you a letter to be send for Claude, look for him at Cite Reboldoeux.
* Claude will give back a letter addressed to Claire, look for her again.
* The quest will describe Claude's test for Claire, so you will now move to Jose Cortazar at the Port of Coimbra.
* When you found Jose Cortazar, he will ask for some avocado sandwich which are sold at Lisa also at the Port of Coimbra.
* After you hand over the avocado sandwich, Jose will ask for 50,000 vis and 50 family reputation.
* Jose will now send you to an instance mission of eliminating 3 Escudo Pecher.
*After accomplishing this mission, you will now buy an Elemental Jewel that costs 10,000,000 vis that can be bought at item dealers in different towns.
* When you hand over to Claire the jewel and the quest item from Jose Cortazar, you are about to meet; Reboldoeux Investigating Team (H7 Cite Reboldoeux), Coimbra Emilia (J7 Port of Coimbra), and Enhancement Merchant Rio (H6 City of Auch). They will respectively give you; large age watch, headband, and rucksack quest items.
* Meet Claire again, and this time the quest will ask for a hunt.
* The quest will require 2 Unknown ores that can be found at Bona Vista River. You must kill some or more Elite Storm Cockatrice to get the quest drop Unknown ores.
* After acquiring 2 Unkown ores, move to Claude Baudez and this time he let Claire to join with you.
* Congratulations you have Claire on your family.

On my personal note, the quest was easy on lurking around the cities looking for NPC's. But the major problem was hunting the Elite Storm Cockatrice. Be reminded that if you could put your family to "Keep Mode" at Bona Vista River, use Musketeer type for fast kill and go to sleep if the Unknown ore is not lucky to slip on your quest counter. The quest above are now modified for sGE and previous changes was made from original kGE quests. Enjoy and more patience to you pioneers!

Reference: Epicsoft Forum

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Peace at Poison Yard?


Yesterday night was the most peaceful Poison Yard super fight I went into. Imagine I just pass by them and they are busy farming Sunstone for Feso. Remember that sunstone (special stone to sell for feso) can be found through super fights and premium territories.

So how can I get one? At super fights just kill normal mobs there and also include super fight raid boss. On the other hand, in premium territories, just look for a monster that carries a treasure chest which are usually dull in color but luminous. The other source of Feso inside premium territories are the announced mini boss so make sure you pawn them before other family does.

Well unfortunately pioneers, avoid no mercy factions who does not understand the tagged word "Farming" inside any super fights. I'll keep you posted pioneers and good luck on farming stones for feso!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A furball was born!


I was really happy because another a new member to my family was added awhile. And this is my first pet, a grabber! I named him Dolce with a family name that comes along with me. So it goes like "Dolce Fiksdotter". It was really cute when you see it walks around following, most especially grabbing loots while on training. Having one requires additional task to me, its either I feed it through G-Points or Feso through raids and training at premium territories. We'll see what he can do as time goes by, I hope he can throw stones at pioneers who steals training spot. Just kidding!

I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to version 2.9

After the server maintenance most of the pioneers are overwhelmed of what happened to Granado Espada. There are things noticeable in this game; from UI tool tip, new RNPC, new NPC, Feso system, and most especially the pet system.

Well there are some questions like where could the pet quest begin? What is Feso? Where is Calyce? There are answers that I can share to you.


For the pet quest go a Pet Expert located outside of Bahia. Talk to him twice to trigger quest. Next he will tell you to snatch an egg. Proceed to first zone of Island of Fire. Look for a stone, take note this is a clickeable stone, then you are brought to hidden mushroom cave. Once you snatch the egg go back to Pet Expert. He will bring you to an instance mission, remember eliminate the cute mother and don't let Pet Expert die. After this go back to Pet Expert, he will bring you to the green house and look for an unhatched egg. Then you are to visit the egg with a total of 3 Days visit, take note this is literal 24 hour increment. Then after that prepare to feed your own pet and in return it will serve you right.

Next is the Feso system. Okay there are questions where to get this currency. Base from RCM Hrin herself, there are loots from; Forgotten Territories, Ancient Territories, and Superfights that drops moonstone and sunstone that can be sold to Feso Market in exchange for Feso.

Okay where is Calyce Bernelli? She can be found inside Pegadilla in the Port of Coimbra. Just do some easy scenario quests and give off 50 mysterious powder. And congratulations! You successfully have her in your family. Oh by the way don't get confused on her story, again she is female not male!

One of the issues right now are some changes in consumables like the 30-day Combat Manual is gone from the list of Premium Items at Leticia. And the most controversial is the Microphone and Mega phones that is now converted as premium item, that can be bought for 150-200 G-Points.

My personal opinion about the microphone and megaphone turning them to premium, IAH is trying to eliminate vis sellers who are 24/7 spamming the broad. Yes there are ways that they could get their asses to promote vis selling but it will somehow ease the broad space. For others this is unfair because this is the only way they could sell their wares. But the point is, yes its kinda hassle to most of the pioneers though we must remember that broad has been a source of scamming, broad hate, and senseless broads. On the other hand, IAH should explain their opinion about this and most especially the 30-day Combat Manual that is now gone at the premium item shop.

So again pioneers I'll keep you posted!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Discover version 2.9


We will have some new features to discover in this upcoming version and I hope the pioneers will love the features. The version offers; the pet system, new missions, new RNPC costumes, ogre and werewolf series, Calyce Bernelli, Claire, and maybe the feso system. Well these features may be reveal soon the version 2.9 is available to all pioneers of the new found world.

So for download site in regards with version 2.9 please CLICK HERE.

Hope you enjoy the new version fellow pioneers. Again I'll keep you posted. Good luck to your exploration!

Sources: Granado Espada Official Site and RCM Hrin's Blog

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blood Fest for Rembrandt

1st CWRembrandt
(Holders of 1st CW in Rembrandt; All Stars -5, Osiris -4, Destiny -4, Le Conquistador-3,
Templars -2, Symbols -2, Outcasts -1, Resonance -1, and Eminence -1)

It seems the new pioneers of Rembrandt knew their target in this Colony War. And the results are pretty obvious as you look through the territories.

I agree on the idea that in this server merge, the pioneers along with their factions will unite to try and take down their former server tyrants. And I think most of the pioneers love the result of this first Colony Wars for Rembrandt. But the next question is, will this result be consistent or they will try another path to change things up? But do take note - a good alliance is better than good equips because numbers still count.

Well who knows, its for you to decide pioneers so good luck. Congratulations to the first Colony holders of Rembrandt Server.

Friday, October 17, 2008

When Worlds Collide 4

After the previous world migration, it seems the pesky technical problems won't say bye bye yet for another time.

Most pioneers had this "_2 - and so on" after their family name which means they failed to delete same family name from another server. Well unfortunately it also count at faction names. For now the solution for screwed family names is through GE Royal Service Change. As for faction names, they have to file a ticket at the official Granado Espada web site.

One of the problems encountered is the abuse of changing family names which was use for scamming other pioneers to their advantage. In addition, it is so confusing because some pioneers use the service twice which in my case I don't talk too much in my faction because I don't know whose who.

Instances like trade become hard also because there is no stable market price yet. Some tend to overprice others stick to their previous server price. Raid boss is stiff in terms of competition, well Vergo early today is like seconds to kill. Wow Vergo - you are the next remake of Diablo of Pradera Ceniza. Training spots were also difficult to find due to high volume of pioneers.

Well I guess things might get better in days to come. I hope we had another channel for us to train. But the next big thing is the much awaited Colony Wars this 19th.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Are you ready for Rembrandt!?

Well as mentioned at the official Granado Espada forums, the world migration will be finished on the 16th at around 18:00 (GMT +8). As you can see the official forums has updated most of the threads with the new server names' Bach and Rembrandt.


As for me, I did some renovation on my blog site so the old Carracci feeling will be gone at least by sight. So I hope you guys appreciate the new modification on my blog site. I want to recognize the efforts made by Casafuego of Templars Faction (from Pachelbel server) by creating this wonderful banner of my favorite line up in Granado Espada. Well pioneers you won't even end your amazement on his great works because he has a deviant site which you can visit here at

Well pioneers of former Carracci and Pachelbel, see you at Rembrandt. And Cheers to the pioneers of Bach server!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My few last memories with Carracci

The server I loved and lived on will be gone forever and before Carracci closes I managed to take a screen shot of the current Colony holders.


Congratulations to All-Stars, Le Conquistador, Destiny, and Eminence to embark the last Colony Wars with their faction names all over the map of Carracci. I hope these factions will show its strength on the first colony wars for Rembrandt server where we all going to migrate.

Well before the end of Carracci I did some things like participating in Gate of Lightning, killing Diablo by myself, and reached cute Viki to 100. Which somehow make my day though am so sick and ill.

(A date with Diablo before server merge)
(Desitiny Faction at Rio Albi, gate of lightning entrance)

There are more memories behind the server name Carracci and I know pioneer you were part of it. Good luck to all pioneers of Carracci, lets embrace Rembrandt and face new challenges as pioneers of the new found world.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It takes two to Tango

Every noon of 12:00 pm the Secret Temple, Poison Yard, and Battle Coliseum opens during this time and it means PK Raid is available for every pioneers of Granado Espada.

Well this PK Raid was quite unusual because when I've entered the Poison Yard I was alone but good thing Jenheart was there for a fair share of raid. Well for further info she was one of the featured girl gamer stated on this article.



I was so impressed because we managed to take down Chimera in 13 minutes and I am thankful there were no other pioneers inside the dreaded PK Raid.

I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Server Merge Postponed

It seems the pioneer's anticipated server merge was been moved to another schedule. It is stated at RCM Hrin's Blog that there are some reasons why they cancelled the October 7th World Migration and I guess the reason is quite alright. Aside from players who are not informed, there are factors in the forums like they had already activated their timed premiums (Lucifer Wings, Forgotten Territory passes, Ancient Territory passes, Combat Manuals, etc.) so as I understood this span of time is enough to inform most of the pioneers out there who don't know the news yet. So for those pioneers out their please refrain from activating long timed premiums especially that lasts for 7-30 days because you might be sorry in the end.

Til again pioneers, I keep you posted.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Granado Espada 3.0 Trailer

I think most of the pioneers are not that informed about the new trailer. After the version 2.6 GE trailer has been praised due to its brief transitions to make the version a sought after. This version 3.0 trailer is totally wicked and make you continue exploring the game. I am proud to say, Granado Espada is a "What you see what you get" game that you could not resist playing. So don't get caught with fancy posters of other MMORPG then playing it pixelated.

Enjoy the teaser update and I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Worlds Collide 3


Wow the last days are really approaching, twist and turn folly as the alliances tries to change. It seems the current situation of alliances are more of "Spender vs Principle". Who do you think deserves to be the most powerful in the new two servers? Well lets see who is going to be the "Subordinate and The Manipulator" a vicious cycle that can be determined by choices.

Because am quite happy today, I let Claude wear his Musashi Costume and I guess it was really nice to him. To all pioneers out there, choices what you made in-game determines the fun you might get on the months to come.

I keep you posted pioneers.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When Worlds Collide 2


Well it seems the panic expressed by the pioneers of different worlds turns out to be an advantage that can be used. There I heard most factions in sworn political alignments starts to talk about alliances and discusses potential primary target in the upcoming first Colony Wars for the new servers Bach (Merged PK Servers) and Rembrandt (Merged Non-PK Servers) on the 12th of October. Well now it seems the worlds that collide will be sink in a bitter oblivion of political stress and of course more challenge to the factions that exists. Now I wonder, where would lady luck smile at? It for you to decide the favor.

I keep you posted pioneers.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post Granado Espada Anniversary

Actually we came in late like around 15:00 at MOA SMX and I found it very odd because rarely I found GE posters around. But its fine with me because I see familiar faces to guide me through the vicinity. Anyway NineMoons was also having her small celebration at the event, thanks to Mena who bought a cake for her.

The event was nice and I have nothing more to say. Unfortunately, the local connection wasn't working that much so if I'm not mistaken the pvp tournament was cancelled due to this matter. It was really a good experience seeing old and new faces celebrating the said event.

Congratulations to the winners of the said event and specially to those who were recognized. Thanks to CM Aethrin and to team Granado Espada for making the event very nice. Hope there will be an involvement of Granado Espada on October well I think you know what I mean~ beer beer event!

See around pioneers!

Image source: NineMoons

Thursday, September 25, 2008

When Worlds Collide

Okay this is early than I expected, it is confirmed that there will be a server merge amongst Cervantes, Carracci, Caravaggio, Pachelbel, and Vivaldi. So the pioneers are at panic and attacking related threads in the official forums relentlessly. And now I guess its my turn to point some issues that may arise in this upcoming server merge on October 7, 2008. But I quote the exact announcement from the official Granado Espada website so that you could know what is the content.

"World Migration Family and Faction Transfer Guide
IAHGames is taking cautious interest in making sure the world migration only creates the intended positive benefits.

That said, the process of bringing two or more worlds together does present some potential complications, all of which are detailed below. Please read the document carefully to answer any questions you may have about how your characters will be affected by the migration.

Situation 1: Overlapping Families on the Same Account

If, using the same account, you have created a family on more than one server of the same type (PK or non-PK), only one of your families will be migrated into the new world of that type.

For example: If, using the same account, a player has created a family called ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Carracci, and another family also named ‘Familyone’ on the non-PK server of Pachelbel, only one of those families will exist in the new non-PK world of Rembrandt.

IAHGames internal systems will keep the family with the single highest level character, and the other family will be deleted.

Players holding families on different world types (example: 1 family on PK server, 1 family on non-PK server) will not see their characters affected.

Players are highly encouraged to delete their unused or unwanted families prior to the official migration on 7 October 2008, Tuesday to ease transition.

Situation 2: Overlapping Family Names on the Same Server Type

As family names must be unique to each account on each server, it is inevitable that some family names will overlap after the world migration is applied. In the case of an overlap (two different account holders sharing the same family name), the following will be imposed.

- The family with the single highest level character will retain their original family name.
- The family without the single highest level character will have their family name changed under the following format: ORIGINALNAME_ORIGINALSERVERNAME
o Example: A player has a lower level family named ‘Familyone’ from Carracci that overlaps after the migration. ‘Familyone’ will be automatically re-named ‘Familyone_carracci’ after the migration.
- Each account will be credited one free Family Name Change that can be used at the GE Royal Service on the Official Website.

Situation 3: Overlapping Faction Names
Faction names must also be unique on every server. If Faction names overlap after the migration, the overlap will be handled similarly to an overlapping family name.

- In the event of overlap, the highest level Faction will retain their original faction name.
- The other Faction affected by the overlap will have their Faction automatically renamed under the following format: ORIGINALNAME_ORIGINALSERVERNAME

To-Do List Before World Migration
With world migration just round the corner, here’s a to-do list for all pioneers to ensure a safe and stress-free migration!

10 Days Before World Migration…

1. Delete all unused families residing in the same account.
2. Mercenary and transfer characters to another account if you have more than one family on the same account and you wish to keep those characters
3. Transfer items to another account if you have more than one family on the same account and you wish to retain those items
4. Claim all items stored in Adelina’s Booty Chest on the Adelina Booty Search Website

1-3 Days Before World Migration…

1. Remove all items that are currently on sale and being stored by the Market Manager
2. Take care not to activate any premium items that are time-based. (Combat Manual, Lucifer’s Wing, Ancient Territory Pass etc.)
3. Claim all items being stored in Leonardo Expreso"

Original Source: Granado Espada News

Okay next is the part where RCM Hrin put further details in the official forum thread about the same issue. And here are the details.

"Frequently Asked Questions

1. With the world migration, will there be server lag issues since there are more players in the server now?

Currently, our servers have only been utilizing between 6%-31% of its total capabilities. Lag can be a result of many issues, such as low spec graphic card or CPU, local ISP (Internet Service Provider) re-routing issues etc.

Furthermore, the new servers that we will be migrating to are far more powerful with its new hardware and system upgrades. We conservatively estimate that the utilization of the new servers after the world migration will not be likely to exceed 30% of its total capabilities.

2. What will become of Colony Wars after the World Migration where other powerful factions reside together in the new world?

Colony Wars will only become more challenging. Rivalries and competitions, all of which are vital elements in making each faction better. No longer would a single faction dominate the entire map allowing for a better balance of power and privileges. Factions will also have to stay on their toes and keep up with the others. All these would only mean a heightened energy level and tension within the GE world, making it so much more exciting to play.

3. Will there be a shortage of monsters and raids due to the additional families?

IMC has programmed Granado Espada such that monster spawn rates are directly dependent on the number of families in each map. The system detects the number of families in the map and automatically adjusts the monster spawn rates accordingly. The more families in the map = higher spawn rate.

One of the reasons why we have chosen to do the world migration just before the launch of V2.9 expansion is because the *new expansion for V2.9 has various instanced missions and raids. Instanced missions and raids mean that you will be able to participate in missions and raids that are exclusively to you and your party members, without the interference of external parties – this ensures that having additional families in the New World will not affect the outcome.

*In addition, 3 additional Super Fight maps (3 timings for each map), 3 Cooperative Missions, Secret Tower Raids, Reboldoeux Culverts Raids and new additional PvP maps like Royalist VS Republican Faction Fights which give additional EXP buffs as rewards will be coming out in V2.9 launch which is tentatively scheduled on 16 October 2008, Thursday.

4. What additional benefits are there for World Migration?

a) Improved World (Server) Monitoring
With fewer worlds (servers) to manage, this would free up more time and resources for Game Masters to physically log in and out to check on the different servers. They will also be able to work more closely with players who have provided them with information to perform periodically checks on parties using 3rd party software.

b) ~50% Shorter Maintenance Time

With fewer worlds (servers) to manage, maintenance time is estimated to be shorter by around 50% bar any major patches or ad-hoc events. We believe that this exercise would enable us to have a quicker response to feedback and a more efficient and focused service to our valued gamers.

c) Community Bonding

An online game revolves around its community. The larger the community, the more vibrant and diversified it becomes. This is our aim when we set off to conduct this world migration. We believe that it will do the community good in the long run.

d) Longer Duration & More Frequent In-Game Events

With more resources, we can conduct more fun-filled events and be assured of better attendance. In the past, we often have to conduct in-game events world-by-world. This often means that some worlds would have to wait for their turn. With fewer worlds, we can now hold events that are of longer durations and at a more extensive manner."
Original Source: Official Thread Announcement

Now lets tackle the frequently asked question because at the end of the day the Admins should comfort us with their answers. Though I have some opinions and another question behind those statements.

1. About the server lag issues, I might totally agree on her statement because if your PC specs and ISP provider is an epic fail well I wish a very good luck to you. But I was imagining pioneers pass by you every other minute with Catherine the summoner, do you think you won't lag?

2. Now in the issue of game play for Colony Wars, this one is going to be pretty stiff. Because I understand the gaming gap between old servers and young servers. But still I consider meeting new alliances rather to oppose them. Because Granado Espada is politically motivated as I look into it.

3. In the issue of shortage of monsters and raids well I can see whats going to happend. Okay, they say the number of monsters spawn adjusts depending on the number of families in current map. But can't you see the afk families will be like every other coordinates! As you know guys grinding to expert status is no joke and I could say so! Now about the raids, don't tell me that there will be Raid Boss that adjusts to the number of families. Guys now we are talking of developing your family's equipment. Imagine you are already equipping 3 members of your family, or even more than, then you will have to wait like 12-24 hours for some major raids then get 1 good armor and a bunch of elite 84's! How exciting! Guys, the current situation in my server is worst. Imagine just to snag KOG an alliance should work to outwit a faction, then after the kill ~ no dragon heart (so uber rare find only people who say "no money no talk" gets it)! Now imagine 3 or more big factions merge into one server aiming the head of a simple Hellbreaker (timed raid boss more than 500mins only at channel 1 just to wait), all I can say is tata Hellbreaker you'll die in less than 10 seconds. Please admins more channels and implement worth instance raids.

4. I might agree on the benefits in terms of weekly server maintenance, community bonding, and longer duration of in-game events. Though for a year of playing the game, for crying out loud can't you see the broad of this 3rd Party sites! In addition check out Ustiur Zona Uno "the land of botters" too bad we can't even report them as botters.

In the brighter side of all this, I will just look after the server merge maybe we just prejudice the effect of this turn. But am thinking of the worst scenarios also because if we have individual servers of five but still we encounter problems, what more if we are sinked into two? I hope IAH will ease the pioneers and I hope they listen to them and think about a solution from what the pioneers post in the forums.

So for now pioneers lets think positive about this and plan of what you are going to do once server merge is executed.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There is something about Cathie

Okay I was mixed up if I'm going to get Idge the Battlesmith or Catherine STR build. The point is both of this RNPC can wield shield and placing them to advantage. Now here is my dilemma, Idge the Battlesmith has quite a good stat and looks cool though Catherine STR build has a decent STR that usually pawns and doesn't require G-Points. But in short I like them both because they are melee in class!

Well because I saw a cheap Cath's Pelvis at the market manager, I've decided to create my Catherine STR. By the way thanks to Reclusion who handed over his decoy account now I was able to create her *evil grin*.


And so at the end of the day I finally made her and named her as Orpah. Pretty neat huh? I don't know I'm starting to like this Catherine STR build from out of senseless reason. I hope she could reach expert too. So pioneers when picking RNPC's, make sure you are happy when creating and putting them into your barracks.

Once again, I'll keep you posted 'til next time pioneers!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Granado Espada Black Party

Pinoy pioneers of Granado Espada, it is confirmed and officially posted in the official website that the 1st anniversary will be on the 27th of this month at the SMX Mall of Asia. For more details of the said event please click HERE.

See you there Pinoy pioneers!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Network Blitz


Yesterday and early this morning was one of the horrible day the pioneers got from Granado Espada because there are intermittent connection from the server itself. But alas to the IAH team and the tech team they manage to redeemed themselves from this horrible day and now servers are stable.

And in addittion, the admins are giving away 1 Ancient Territory Pass and 1 Forgotten Territory pass a sign of good will due to this server disconnection. For more info about the new you can VISIT THIS LINK.

And next update, it is confirmed that on the 27th of this month Granado Espada Philippines will be having this 1st year celebration at SM Mall of Asia, SMX convention center in partner with Globe Telecommunications. So pinoy players of Granado Espada please do come and support the event. Without your support, it'll be put down to waste.

So pioneers have a blissful day and I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy 1st year Anniversary GE PH!

Its been a year when I remember the days that we grind levels without combat manuals, ancient territories, or whatever premium items to augment power leveling. Now the days of premium has come, more accessible items, and new maps came in the pioneer's way. And in addition I am happy to see players who played the game so long and have been dedicated playing Granado Espada.


We thank the players who joined us in our small way of celebrating the 1st year of Granado Espada in the Philippines through fire works at City of Auch channel 1. Thanks again and more power to the Pinoy gamers of Granado Espada.

For now, the Philippine community is waiting for a real life gathering to celebrate its first year. We'll keep you posted pioneers if there are upcoming events.