Saturday, November 29, 2008

GM Event: Nov 29th

Yesterday's event was somehow expected due to same set up though am expecting development inside the GM's Lair. RCM Hrin and GM Heaven appeared at the City of Auch channel 1 around 15:30 with a notice to give hint that they will be having an event today.

(RCM Hrin with GM Heaven gathering the pioneers through notice)

(The gathering of pioneers at City of Auch channel 1)

After 10-15 mins, they summon the event gate, but before hand the pioneers were told that if there are known bugs, feedback are entertained for the improvement of the said event zone.

(Red error boxes, void room, and the talking sheep)

The red error boxes are still there along with the huge void room but as usual the method of killing bosses like Lava leaf, Novia, etc. are still the same. Then after killing some event boss, wisps will appear so the pioneers will get loot from it.

(The event ticket, your key for rewards after events)

(The legendary huge treasure box that can give prizes after events)

At the end of the event GM Heaven informed the pioneers that in their miscellaneous tab there is an event ticket wherein you could exchange for rewards. And by having one you are permitted to click huge treasure chest and get your reward. Base on what I got along with others, three pieces of level 100 enhancement chip was given to each ticket surrendered to the huge treasure chest. Unfortunately there are some pioneers who abuse it. How? My friend told me you just reconnect back to Auch then enter the Event Zone portal. So if you could do it many times, you can be rewarded more than the reward of three level 100 chips.

Personally GM Heaven was nice this time because he bothers to say good-bye before he left the event. Thanks also to RCM Hrin by showing up at the event. But I hope next time, GM's should chat ban those irresponsible and arrogant pioneers who insults and use profanity inside the event.

I know the pioneers are looking forward of seeing improve events in the future. So pioneers again I'll keep you posted.

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