Friday, November 7, 2008

Adelina's Booty new loots!


Yup you are looking at one of the Elite 92 armors of the new found world. And you have the chance to grab their recipes and craft it. The new update was stated at the official Granado Espada forums and the news was announced at the Granado Espada site. So this are the official loot table for the improved Adelina's Booty Search.

Rare Items
Growth Stone
Moon Stone
Sun Stone
Liquefied Gas
Old Chess Piece
Snail Skin
Seeds of Rafflesia
Siren's Scale
Archangel's Heart
Recipe - Elite Bone Frame Armor
Recipe - Elite Rescue Suit
Recipe - Elite Metallic Suit
Recipe - Elite Dragon Coat
Recipe - Elite Pendera Jacket
Recipe - Elite La Ventisca

Common Items
Ring Box
Yellow Ore
Red Ore
Blue Ore
Green Ore
Amethyst Piece

Well I do hope that the crap elite 52 armors, weapons, watermelon skins, etc will be removed on the list because it is pure annoyance while doing searches. And in addition this a good move for IAH/IMC because it can further decrease hording players within servers and giving progressive solution to the inflating market of Granado Espada SEA. Enjoy searching pioneers!

Original Source: Granado Espada News Article

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