Monday, November 3, 2008

Claire Quest: Prepare for Lolita Justice!


This is the information gathered and confirmed about Claire's Quest and am already half-way to finish it.

How to trigger the Quest:
Meet the NPC Claire at the City of Auch with Claude Baudez as your leader in squad. Do take note that there is no specific level of what Claude Baudez you bring.

Quest Proper:
* After talking with Claire for the quest trigger, remove Claude Baudez in your team.
* Claire will give you a letter to be send for Claude, look for him at Cite Reboldoeux.
* Claude will give back a letter addressed to Claire, look for her again.
* The quest will describe Claude's test for Claire, so you will now move to Jose Cortazar at the Port of Coimbra.
* When you found Jose Cortazar, he will ask for some avocado sandwich which are sold at Lisa also at the Port of Coimbra.
* After you hand over the avocado sandwich, Jose will ask for 50,000 vis and 50 family reputation.
* Jose will now send you to an instance mission of eliminating 3 Escudo Pecher.
*After accomplishing this mission, you will now buy an Elemental Jewel that costs 10,000,000 vis that can be bought at item dealers in different towns.
* When you hand over to Claire the jewel and the quest item from Jose Cortazar, you are about to meet; Reboldoeux Investigating Team (H7 Cite Reboldoeux), Coimbra Emilia (J7 Port of Coimbra), and Enhancement Merchant Rio (H6 City of Auch). They will respectively give you; large age watch, headband, and rucksack quest items.
* Meet Claire again, and this time the quest will ask for a hunt.
* The quest will require 2 Unknown ores that can be found at Bona Vista River. You must kill some or more Elite Storm Cockatrice to get the quest drop Unknown ores.
* After acquiring 2 Unkown ores, move to Claude Baudez and this time he let Claire to join with you.
* Congratulations you have Claire on your family.

On my personal note, the quest was easy on lurking around the cities looking for NPC's. But the major problem was hunting the Elite Storm Cockatrice. Be reminded that if you could put your family to "Keep Mode" at Bona Vista River, use Musketeer type for fast kill and go to sleep if the Unknown ore is not lucky to slip on your quest counter. The quest above are now modified for sGE and previous changes was made from original kGE quests. Enjoy and more patience to you pioneers!

Reference: Epicsoft Forum

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