Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Woot~ Buy G-Points using E-Points

Check out the list below for the corresponding G-Point equivalent per EP card denomination:

20 EP = 230 GP + 1 ABS

50 EP = 750 GP + 3 ABS

100 EP = 1800 GP + 5 ABS

200 EP = 3600 GP + 8 ABS

300 EP = 5800 GP + 10 ABS

1000 EP = 23800 GP + 35 ABS

Sounds good right? Well I hope it'll be sooner because G-Points here in the Philippines are really hard to find. You may consider it rare! But I hope that we have the 70k GP card because its really good to have one. Most of our Filipino pioneers buy 70k GP through their friends from Singapore using money transfer. So I guess the availability of 70k GP in our domain will ease the pain of our fellow Filipino pioneers. I'll keep you posted pioneer!

Original Source: Granado Espada News Article

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