Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winners: Route a la Domination

Here are the official winners of yesterday's Philippine Route a la Domination. The PVP (player vs player) event was held at City of Auch channel 1 supervised by CM Aethrin himself. The fight was intense in this tournament and everything was great because of the sportsmanship our fellow filipino showed.

Bach (PK Server) Winners
Team: Anything
Family: Swish and Chandi
Character Line-up: Wizard, Rio Vicente, Scout/Wizard, Elementalist, Fighter
Team Motto: Anything!!

Rembrandt (Non-PK Server) Winners
Team: Destiny
Family: ExOutLaw & Ashtaraoth
Character Line-up: Fighter, Scout, Elementalist/Fighter, Scout, Elementalist
Team Motto: Wla lng..

The winners of this PvP tournament will recieve 1 Item of the Month and 10x10 ABS as stated in the official news article of Granado Espada.

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