Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year, blog ends!

This is the time of the year when most of the families around the world gather to celebrate the new year. And for a year that ends a new path should be tread for us to take and sometimes do necessary steps for some things to change.

For many months I was blogging for the game and I really enjoyed doing it without getting anything in return. But it came to my senses that I should do something aside from doing blog posts for Granado Espada. I have my own life that I should work on and somehow the last few months before the year ends made me realize things. Its more like a wake up call after getting some new things along the few months. Honestly I cannot completely devote my time to write my new experiences in-game. And sometimes there was this feeling of losing my motivation of creating new blog posts because in-game it was like its the same routine. And the worst thing, most of my friends in-game which I missed so much~ they were all quitting. Well miserably I end up like playing alone and no one talks with me. The community I was used to was gone. Or if some of them exists, they already have their new clicks and I'm completely off the crowd. Indeed I could claim I'm alone in-game.

I will take this opportunity to greet anyone who still pays visit on this blog a Happy New Year. To those few friends of mine in-game thanks for making my day even though you guys don't frequently log in anymore. To the readers thank you so much for support and I really appreciate it. To those critics of mine thanks for giving attention to this lonely soul in-game. To all players who made contributions to my posts, (permission to take shots of their characters, pictures in real life during real life events, anonymous opinions, etc) I appreciate the support for making my posts more realistic and idea oriented blog rather than getting advance updates which looks like a copy paste blog~ Thank you so much! To members of IAH games thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet Hrin and the gang! I don't how would I extend my gratitude but again~ Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

I officially put my hands down and waves goodbye for blogging Granado Espada but I will still exist in-game. Til again~ farewell pioneers!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feature: Cyril Takayama - More than a Trick!

Relatively most of the MMORPG do have spell casters to choose from as your avatar. And one of the good things about it was the spells being cast which completely puts your eyes to astonishment. The MMORPG Granado Espada which I'm currently playing features one of this avatar and we called it as the Wizard. But in real life we do have our modern wizards and one of them is Cyril Takayama!

(Female wizard class)

The first time I've seen his videos at youtube, I was really curious on how different he was amongst the other modern illusionist. And from the videos I've seen, I might say that his personality is cool and impressive on how he does his trick. Why would I say that? Watch this!

(Cyril Takayama - Metal Gear Solid 4 Magic!)

Cool right? This is my personal favorite because Cyril managed to perform magic within a game and I found it awesome! Personally seeing Cyril perform such trick changed my perspective about magic. Usually the magic or tricks I've witnessed is more of cards, disappearing acts, and other fast hand tricks. But he made it different because Cyril do tricks using the usual techniques and even including gadgets; mobile phone, virtual games, and a like.

Cyril: Simply Magic will be shown at AXN soon but for sure I don't want to think of what his going to perform. I just bare in mind that Cyril will always surprise me along with the audiences who are anticipating his show. I look forward that Cyril will never be tired of sharing his amazing talent and brings out those young hearts within all of us. So Cyril good luck on your show and more power to AXN for bringing out a person with such amazing talent!

Youtube - Cyril Takayama
AXN Asia - Blogs

Monday, October 26, 2009

Colony War 3.5: How was it?

After a long time that I've witnessed how the Colony Wars go and now a new system was introduced in this current patch and the mechanics was far more different than the conventional one. The first Colony Wars was like go to the map that has a colony and then break til it's HP reach to zero and accompanied by you can warp between occupied colonies through colony manager. The second change for Colony Wars was they remove the warp between occupied colonies which members of a faction should maximize the usage of save warps.




So what's new in this Colony War? Granado Espada version 3.5 features the new colony war system by putting up a special arena to occupy a colony. Well its far different from the old one but all I can say is it was really time consuming. But in the brighter side, that tedious time occupying a colony gives other faction a chance to occupy another territory. Unfortunately in my case, I was with a faction versus the server so occupying a colony was rough for us.

Well to sum up all of this, its more of head to head battle inside a colony arena. But if you have numerous declarations over your faction slate, those factions who declared your faction can enter the colony arena. And to occupy a colony, you have to break at least 3 colonies inside the Colony War Arena. They say the new system is boring because you run and break but I don't agree with it because alliances still creates horrendous effects on Colony Wars. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

When the wasps starts biting

After a month of being inactive and resolving issues about in-game now I've returned to update this blog and continue what I have started.

First and foremost I will take this opportunity to defend myself along with the people who stood for me. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but a breather was needed in my case and I should list down things further on.


1. Players prejudiced me because I stopped updating my blog because I don't get something in return.

ans. I start blogging this wonderful game without expecting of getting anything. Popularity is not what I ask for, I expect readers and new players to be educated in my own special way by sharing my experiences whether it is in-game or community real life gatherings. As simple as that. Whats the use of titles given to me if ever- thus I cannot perform well.

2. Former Takhisis members accuses me with the issue of stealing the faction vault etc. then because of this I move to a known faction in my server.

ans. Before this people accused me of stealing, the core members has initiated the idea of gathering necessary items to fortify its core as suggested. It was approved and accompanied by YOU HAVE TO WORK ON IT so that you can get items from the faction. The accusation arise when hacking cases starts to smother Takhisis Faction, some players tag it as a hacking faction. It hurts me a lot because of such accusation but I ignored it due to the fact that these players has no evidence in the first place. But in a personal note - items are earned through hard work and not making gossips just to justify your qualification as legitimate owner of such items. Currently, the items are with the remaining Takhisis members and they are all managing it without my supervision.

3. They say I've become inactive due to conflicts within the community of gamers.

ans. I deny the statement that I become inactive due to conflict. If there is any, it should deal personally and not in-game. One of the most difficult thing about this part is when people tend to hear things and never bother asking me - just in case you are civilized enough to ask me. During a month of being inactive, I took the advantage of dealing with my personal life and I know everybody does if they have the opportunity. So to break your curiosity I've done several volunteer works for an institution and teaching kids for theatrical plays which kept me busy. And I have to admit I love this part of my life. That is why the state in number 3 is simply false.

For those players who doesn't believe me its all up to you. But I really thanked those players who still believed in me and sending messages in my YM handler because it kept me well spirited as ever. For now my aim is to continue what I have started in regardless of the issues thrown to me. But I don't take it personally because at the end of the day I'm just your ordinary blogger and its just a game.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lolita Justice was brought!

After 10 frustrating months of hunting down 2 pieces of unknown ore for my Claire quest, finally she joined my family.


So how did I finished this quest? Because the current patch influences the drop rate of a certain item by current character level I took advantage of it and used two characters who are currently at level 68 and 69. But of course I brought an expert scout as my support to other lowbie characters who is doing the quest for me. Well base on my speculation, it is more easier to do the quest with the condition of using same level cap characters. And at least Claire is with me now. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Scammer's Stench

After more than a week of not playing the game, a news came to my knowledge and it was really unpleasant in such a way my name was involved in scamming.

It was explained by my faction mates that a fake Fikdotter family roams around and scams other members of the Takhisis Faction and to top that the impostor asks for their user names and password. Personally I was in raged and helpless with such uncivilized behavior of individuals doing this scamming.

(In the family name, the "i" word was replace with small letter "L")

What you see is true, this screenshot was taken by my brother during the days I was away. Two of my members was attempted to be scammed but was failed. Unfortunately my faction member and friend in real life Santoss fall to this trick to the extent of asking his username and password. Santoss explained to me that this Fiksdotter impostor convinces him that he needs his account for AFK purposes etc. Then for what I couldn't understand is why he easily gave out his username and password to this fake Fiksdotter. Well I couldn't blame my friend because he knew me personally but the biggest mistake he did was he never checked the family profile.

To all the players of Granado Espada be cautious about trading and giving out personal information about your account. Please check the family profile, double check items before trading, and don't easily accept item transfers because these will all lead to your in-game nightmare.

Well in regards to these issues I will share some forum links that will help you. For Scam and Hack Detection Guide by Kusabireika click this LINK. And for Scammers Exposed by Miyu on instances how such scamming behavior has been done just click this LINK. For now that is how can I inform the community so til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, July 20, 2009

When Adelina loses her touch

I guess it was the 14th of July the Hron's Treasure Trove has been introduce to our fellow pioneers through this Official News Article. Upon reading this article, I really find it awkward and I'm sure there is something wrong with this one.

Then I read the forums and I found this interesting thread but first it was the usual thread. You know IAH announces then give a discussion link related to the news. But it turns out to be a negative feedback from most of the players who read the article.

In this cut, it turns out to be that Adelina's Booty Search will eventually die or will be re-invented for the reason that it was "in-effective" as quoted from our IAH team. But I guess it is more heavier for player to waste some points just to throw their luck on this items that has no outmost definition of "at least enjoying the game content".

For now its a head to head combat for Adelina's Booty Search and Hron's Treasure Trove. But I do hope Adelina's Booty Search will still emerge victorious so even though most of the players cannot be the best in their game at least they will enjoy the patch content. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Reach for the Star

Yesterday was considerably one of the highlights of my gaming life. And I want to share this little accomplishment of mine. After collecting the 12 symbols of the constellation, with the aid of my faction mates, I have succesfully crafted one of the constellation series and in this case I choose "Hamal's Leadership" a constellation polearm. So why did I wrote this down, for the simple reason of breaking some myth about crafting this weapon series.


After giving the 12 symbols to Queen Hamaan of Zeia, she will give you options of what recipe you want to get from her. But it never stops there, she will ask you for the second time so if you are having doubts about your selection you may undo it. For what I saw and comprehend, the constellation recipe is tradeable.


Now lets see how to get the following ingredients needed to craft this weapon. The recipe requires 3 pcs of Veteran chips which can be acquired thru instanced missions (drop table update applies per regional server) and if you managed to break an Ancient weapon crafted from Damaged Ancient Glaziums. We have Melee weapon crystal - Grade 30, in my case I used level 100 sword breaker for this. The Ancient runes 50 pcs Te and 50 pcs An, well you can farm this in the outskirts of Zeia though in my case I bought them. And the last ingredient, 10 pcs Ambrosia, which you can buy in the premium item shop but if you got enough vis you can buy this from other players.


So which character is used to craft this weapon? For what I know you must use an Expert character to craft the recipe because the series is exclusive for experts. In my case I used my expert Claude to accomplish this.


And there you go, your very own constellation weapon. There are various constellation weapon under the sleeves of the Queen but unfortunately for you to get another one you have to get all the 12 symbols again. In addition, the process of enhancing and enchanting were the same though in terms of impervium you should use the expert imperviums to enhance beyond +5. I hope this little information will help pioneers if they plan to craft this series. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dig It!

After some busy week of going back and forth to some real life appointments, I relieved myself by buying some neat costume for my male Elementalist. Well to my personal opinion most of the costumes designed for male Elementalist has no love added to it. Peace out developer of Granado Espada but I guess you redeemed yourself for giving this out to players like me who loves male Elementalist.


I was really glad to have this one and am proud to post it here on my blog. The Dignite costume Elementalist. This premium costume is tradeable along with the Dignite that can be crafted through Andre's Quest. So if you want to get hang and feel the spirit of the Masquerade, go and get one. At least now I love my male Elementalist more! Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sol of my Life

I've been busy in my real life lately and at least I have my personal to update my blog. For my post I just want to appreciate some things in-game and it was worth to satisfy my eyes.


First, I was really happy to receive my permanent back costume Rojo Puesta de Sol which make my characters brighter along with my Faction Leader ring. I should say this back costumes were head turners and I love it. Thanks IAH for these wonderful back costumes.


And as I mentioned in my previous blog entry, I want to satisfy myself by crafting any Trump Series weapon so I choose El Sol the lord of elemental bracelet and its enough for me. Too bad I sold my other colored tickets for vis purposes. For now I am about to look after some in-game events spearheaded by our Game Masters in-game. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Masquerade! Lights! Camera! Action!

After the server was up, I was held up in-game because of exploring some new features of the game. And part of that was getting familiar with instanced raids and of course getting my own Hellena and Ania for my family.

(Welcome Hellena and Ania to Fiksdotter Family!)

I find the quest easy to access though in mission its kinda off because the stats of the lords inside Chateau Raid was insanely tough. Adverse to it, the lords in the Hellena quest was different because they have 59 AR/DR so it is more easier to take down. Fortunately I surpass the quest with ease. Thanks to Hrin potion, Triumph Fillers, Soul Crystals and Lucifer Wings I made it thru. That only thing that will satisfy my taste on this patch is when I manage to get my own Trump weapon and I guess its enough for me.

Oh by the way Ferrucio Espada was rumored to be alived! Want to know more about the story line? Finish the Arsene and Ania Recruitment quest to know this juicy information. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Marching to Masquerade: Day 4


In the eve of the new patch "the Masquerade", the ABS (Adelina Booty Search) loot table was updated with new line of costumes and some weapons. It was one of the major changes today though we are going to expect long hours of server maintenance tomorrow. But we could not prejudice it because there are chances that the server maintenance will be shortened so just hold your excitement for the mean time.

For the pioneers out there start sending your sms answer for our web site event to avail free permanent wing. So pioneers have a breather while you wait for the new expansion and til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Source: SEA Granado Esapad News Archive

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marching to Masquerade: Day 3

I can't wait to see the new expansion because the Masquerade theme was pretty appealing to me. And the official website of SEA Granado Espada release another breaking news, and it was a somewhat help feature for the pioneers who is in dire need of hunting Frog Fish and Amber Bee!

It was called the Hunter's Association. What I understood with this feature was you are going to talk with some NPC's settled in Bahama Base Camp then they will give you the opportunity to have a Frog Fish and Amber Bee with a price of course. And in return to this favor, it will be easier to our pioneers to finish this part of the quest line. Pretty nifty right? At least its easier for pioneers to continue the quest and made it to Zeia Quest line more faster. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For more information visit SEA Granado Espada Official News Archive!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marching to Masquerade: Day 2

(Thanks for the Cake)

Before anything else I want to thank all the players and friends who greeted me in my birthday today. And of course am not going to tell how old I am now because its a secret. Haha! Anyway the march to Masquerade continues as another news sprung up from the official news article of the official site.


Ania the warrior from Zeia will be available also in the Masquerade patch. So it means we have the advantage of getting two new RNPCs after the server maintenance. By the way if you already figured out the answer for Hellena's Tarot Cards web event save your answer and sms it on June 18, 2009. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: sGE Gallery
News Source: Official SEA Granado Espada News Archive

Monday, June 15, 2009

Marching to Masquerade: Day 1

Currently the official SEA Granado Espada website made a formal welcome to the incoming patch "The Masquerade". And the stage was open to all pioneers to be a part of this great act by checking the website in 4 days starting June 15. Wherein you will play by deciphering the word that will be revealed til the final day.

(Introduction to Hellena's Tarot Cards event)

(Guess where is the card of the day)

(Card of the day and find the alphabets within the card)

After deciphering, you can send your answer thru sms which will be further explained in the official web site. Hope you guys get the correct answer, and earn your very own Rojo Puesta de Sol back costume. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For more information visit the Official GE site

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Toy Invasion!

When I was younger, which am not going to tell when was that, I used to have action figures. And these action figures are rewards that my Mom bought for me every time I won awards at my school. Well it was a great joy for me every time I get one and it is rewarding.


(May the force be with me?)

Last June 13 2009, I and some of my faction mates went to this wonderful event and was called Toy Convention that was held for 8 years now. The event showcases a variety collection from action figures and other hobbies. And because Granado Espada is technically a hobby, they also join this event along with other E-Games MMORPG.

(Expensive models)

(Life size models)

(Comic alley)

(Cosplayers at large)

I enjoyed my stay there and it fed my eyes well because of the wonderful display of different toys and Cosplayers. It was one of my overwhelming experiences and though the scare of H1N1 flu is out there - the avid fans is there to support this event. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vend and move?

Today I just confirmed that my character is bug or something? It was the fifth time that a player told me that my shop is open while walking! Okay that sounds insane but to make this situation visible one of my faction mate took a screen shot in-game to prove this weird bug.


In this image you can see that my Musketeer is on the move while the vend window is still open. Weird huh? And yes what you see is true. I don't know if this is an isolated case but I hope this bug will be removed. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Le Cirque!

I guess most of the pioneers are now anticipating this new expansion and they can't wait to see it. Lately there was an announcement written at RCM Hrin Blog that the release was tentatively on June 18 of this year. So in accordance to this release of the new expansion, the patch needed can be download through HERE. But do take note that you should not install it til the day the expansion will be updated in the server to avoid errors on your client. For now seat back and relax and be prepared for "The Masquerade"! Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Source: Granado Espada Official News Update

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shiny red!

Today I just break my curiosity on this weapon series and at least I obtained one. This weapon is from the family of Werewolf series wherein you can farm the required seals at the Culverts.


This head turner weapon becomes catchy maybe because of the natural glow of red. The other set of series which is Ogre series has a green glow on it. Well currently I don't have one yet. These set of weapons can be chipped using level 100 enhancement chip so don't worry about some rumors that veteran chips are needed to improve it's stats. I guess this info might help our pioneers. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hacking spree!

Last night I was suppose to attend the 23:00 Team Arena session. But when my brother checked the faction window he saw his account Artaxerxes logged in. We suddenly tried to log in the account because we are wondering who is using it. Then when we logged in, it seems that the one using my brother's account is currently under negotiation with EldeonRose who is our friend in real life. Then I suddenly sent a message at EldeonRose's Yahoo Messenger and asked him who is the person controlling the Artaxerxes account. He told me a forum name nasher is selling the characters in the official forums of Granado Espada and claims in their in-game chat that the account was sold.

Personally I show my anger thru post in his thread and there is no way of getting back what is lost. Because the nasher in the forums already sold Selva, Expert Elementalist, and Expert Musketeer from the Artaxerxes account. For now my brother is not thinking of reporting this because the account is considered lost because the hacker can access the forums and he can send a ticket also if he wants to. Just like the previous case of Shadowstein account that I myself saw the reply of IAH that the hacker is now accusing me of black mail? Really this is a serious matter and IAH should take action on this. And for the record the people who just lost their account under their control are close to me and I knew them personally!

Right now we are doing some measures to prevent further abuse of this hacker. My brother indeed quit the game and one of our characteristic is not to sell what we have played. So this nasher who claims that the account was sold~ it is not true. My suggestion to IAH is to track down all its transaction because such acts is way too insane. Then I hope they expose the main account responsible for this. So does it mean that everyone is not safe anymore?

Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Viscount rank!

Okay if you guys remember the previous event called "Noble's Court" well it never stops there. After 21st of May the nobles court grants another new back costume with premium items which can only be given to those who made it to family level 25 to 30 and labeled as Viscount!

(Vicount Flag is different from the Knights Flag so get one!)

Yeah you're eyes are not blinding you! So if ever you made it to the tier of family level 25 to 30. Visit the Nobles Court Officer in key cities and earn your rewards. So til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Taste some Doom!

Apparently there are some not so amusing stuff around Granado Espada and the guys of IAH is trying to solve most of the problems that was reported to them as "ticket". I was freaking messed up last week because we do Gate of Fire raids and suddenly mass disconnection on the same map occur. I don't what was really happening but one of the things I hate most is after the server maintenance which ends my Granado Espada life temporarily.


Yup the undisputed X-Trap of doom that can shake your head up to 100% and injects confusion. Well this one is hard to crack and I am not the only one who have this problem. In my case I tried to uninstall it and re-install it. Well unfortunately I am stuck up with this and now looking at the option of formatting my hard drive. Which I don't want to do because it is a waste of time and specially my files were too many.

For now there is no interesting answer at the forums with this problem because again "in my case" it did not work. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh my Pet!?


Okay the pioneers of the new found world was crazy about getting their own pets. But there is a simple question that sum all the fears of amongst the pioneers. And you know what was the big fear of the new owners and those who are planning to get a pet? The question goes like "What will happen to my pet if he got 0% on its activity level?" I hope from this screen shot the question will be answered.


And yes what you saw is clear! So if by any means that your pet suddenly stopped, don't be afraid, your pet won't say bye bye on you because it felt being neglected. Your pet will still stay but it will simply stop from doing its activity for the game. So I guess this information will ease your worries. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seeing things around GE 5

Okay this afternoon pretty nice because the ABS (Adelina Booty Search) was updated again. Actually I don't have any idea that ABS was updated because I am busy training my Catherine of Strength and my Nar. But my attention was caught when a PanPan pet passed by me at the first floor of skullic dungeon. And all I can say was "Erm, ABS is already updated!? What the hell!". Then I started to browse the official web site of Granado Espada and there I found this news article called [ABS] White, Black, and Rainbow!

So because we are already familiar with the Le Blanc, Metallic Suit, La Ventisca and Le Scarce costumes which is exactly look like the Cinderalla armors. I will try to look around for new stuff which are; Rainbow Shield, PanPan, Cronian Thanatos costume, Cronian Nephthes and Naginata.

(Cronian Nephthes costume for female scout)

(Evintos' Cronian Thanatos costume male scout)

(Blackbuddafly's Phoenix wing with stat and Naginata)

In addition, the back costumes Phoenix wings and Baphomet horn has a version which they have innate stats that lasts for 365 days. I know you want to get these items over the ABS but unfortunately I cannot help financially to get them all. Til again I'll keep you posted pionners!

For more info: Granado Espada Official News

Friday, May 8, 2009

System Breached?

On every MMORPG the word hack or being hacked is widely used and It sinks to this idea when a certain account was used by someone and the in-game items are lost then speculation arise the transfer said items to another account. Most common incidents are; when a Key Logger was installed in a PC, Spyware are installed, a person peeked on a player while entering their user name and password, and so on with the same manner. Worst case scenarios like deletion of character may result after the hack was successfully executed. And for the victim, he/she will become more frustrated because of the time and money spent.

Recently some member of our faction logged her decoy account because the santossuarez account suddenly has a different password after several minutes. So it leads to logging her decoy account and informed me about the situation but during that time we don't think it that way.

Next was the Shadowstein account. Two weeks ago during the morning around 10:00 AM, his account suddenly logged out then they thought it was just a simple server disconnection. But I sent a message in his YM that why he disconnected in the middle of farming. Then he logged back, there he found a different set of characters. He started to pick the main characters which are two Musketeers and a Bernelli. Then he found out the equipments were all missing. So he decided to return the loaned items to us and changed his account password because of the suspected hack in his account. We all thought it was over but still we are worried about this. In the afternoon around 2:00 PM his account logged out again, his younger brother didn't notice it and after several minutes when he came back he tried to log it in again and the password already changed along with its GE passport in the official site. The fellow faction members was also surprised because they told me the Shadowstein account left the faction. In the end, the owner of the account sent a ticket to IAH but til now there is no progress about the incident. For now he is worried about the retrieval of the account because it might cost him some money which he cannot afford.

After the Shadowstein incident his brother with in-game name †Royals† suffer the same fate but this time the hacker only chooses the costumes and some elites that the faction spared to him. Then the brothers consulted me about the incident through the messenger but I've told them to write IAH for report ticket so they could do action to this matter.

Then a day after the †Royals† hack incident, their dummy account AlexanDerson suffer the same fate though it is far grim because the hacker left a message through his barracks and it read from left to right barracks under the level 1 fighter characters "YOU joatic BEEN QUITGENOW HACKED AGAIN".



Okay it may sound really tough for the four accounts mentioned above but here are the points I want to stress before this incidents happened which directly came from their testimonials. [1] These players play only in their own houses. [2] The common amongst the players are they received an empty e-mail regarding Granado Espada.

In this article, its a clear that the hacker track all the necessary information to the extent of changing the password and all in the GE passport site. Then the interesting part about this hacker is that he knows what to pick on player's account. In my personal opinion the victims for now are not much of a player in game and I see that the hacker is doing some experiments so if he/she performs it to hard core player accounts things will be more easier.

To all the pioneers and IAH people who might read this. You might have different opinions about the series of incident mentioned above the paragraph. But there is one sure thing about this - the matter is serious! They all sent a ticket to IAH but still there is no progress about the incident. We also suggest them to do some reformatting on their PC to clean up nasty program if there such exist. Personally I hope that they could resolve this matter but the victims are worried because it means $$$ for retrieving if we heard it right. And these guys don't have the $$$ to get it back just in case a tiny light will lit for their account's hope. For now my fellow Filipino player inside the faction speculates the empty email, with enclosed Granado Espada as title, sent to these players somehow used as portal to hack their PC at home were they respectively play. May this article serve as warning to our fellow pioneers who plays the game to be more extra careful! I got high hopes that IAH will help the four accounts mentioned above and others cases that is not written here. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Suggestion: Costume over items

I've been reading the official forums of SEA Granado Espada and there are some topics that really caught my attention and I think it makes sense. Granado Espada has vibrant back costumes lately though it has no special stats unlike the well used premium back wings Lucifer and Devil that gives you additional stats. Here are their suggestions from the official forums of SEA Granado Espada.

"Is it possible to have weapon costume?..." by Grid

"Would it be possible to have permanent costume slot..." by ringofchaos

For now I am with the idea of putting additional equipment slot for back costume. But if I think about the IAH's side, they might say not most of the players are not using the premium back item Lucifer and Devil wings so there is no point of putting another slot for costume over an item. Well if this suggestion work it'll be nice to see pioneers enjoying their back costumes along with their premium wings. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Original Source: GE Forum: Weapon Costume Topic and Slot for Permanent Back Costume Topic

Operation "N"


After some week of intriguing advertisement at the official web site of SEA Granado Espada, the quoted Operation "N" has been revealed and it seems that most of the pioneers loved it.


Operation "N" gives reward to those pioneers who made it to the tier of level 20 and 25 on their family level. The reward enclosed for level 20 family are; 1 Hrin Liquor, 10 Triumph Filler, 10 Mystic Ampule, 10 Soul Crystals, 50 Progressive Health-Fillers, 50 Progressive Soul-Fillers, 1 Ancient Shelter Pass, 1 Field Survival Manual Master(1 day), 1 Combat Manual Expert (1 day), 1 Tactics Manual Expert (1 day), 3 Noble's Court - Knight (permanent back costume), and you are granted a rank of Knight. Then if your family attained 25 family level you can get 3 Noble's Court - Righteous Knight (flag that increases DEF rating by 1 in 30 days) and granted a rank of Righteous Knight.

In my case my family level is at 25 with 3 additional family level due to faction. So first I claim the Knight rank rewards which is level 20 family reward. And lastly I claim the Righteous Knight rewards through the noble officers located in each key cities. So it means if you met the family level 20 and beyond you get the rewards for this Operation "N" event. And its confirmed for example if your family level is 17 then you have additional 3 levels from your faction that will give you a total of level 20 family level, you are entitled to get the family level 20 reward. So pioneers race your family level and earn the rewards as Knights. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Server maintenance, boring? I guess not!

Today is another server maintenance and I know most of the pioneers are so stoned every time such day occur. To lighten things up IAH Team has something for the pioneers that might get their attention while the servers are down.

(The image that will give you ABS if you spot the difference!)

Yup it is a spot a difference which they called in the official news as "[Website Event] GE Screenies Hunt". If you have the idea of playing the game I think you know how this one works. For those who are new about this, simply glance the original and from the changed image draw a red circle to identify the changes. Simple right? Hope the pioneers will get busy on this one and find the changes fast because the IAH team will only grant ABS searches to the first 100 pioneers who can make it to the tier. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers and enjoy!

In-depth news about the event: Granado Espada News

Friday, April 17, 2009

Seeing things around GE 4

Okay am sick today and not really feeling well after yesterday's activity. And I hope something would cheer me up after all this ill feeling. But today something sheer my sad dry afternoon because of this!

(My Zephyranthes Costume with Gilded Shaggy wig)

(My very own Frozen Marlin Javelin)

Yup are freaking right! ABS (Adelina Booty Search) just updated their loot table with new items to offer our pioneers. This time it is better with less crap items unlike before. So to tease you more, I just made a roam around the new found world and take pictures of new costumes and items that was acquired through ABS. Ready?

(Nostradamus' Golden School Look Wizard Costume with his Pigling)

(Golden School Look Fighter)

(Clivia Sprite Costume)

(Spirit Cleanthes Costume)

(Magguire's Golden Look Scout, SMITHandWESSON's Golden Look Elementalist and Musketeer)

(Kurokaze's Black Fallen Angel Wing on his Selva)

The ABS loot table was really amazing and I should say a thumbs up to IAH because they eliminated the crap loot that most of the pioneer despised a lot. I hope that the pioneers of the new found world will be hyped to this new change. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

For in-depth info visit the Official SEA Granado Espada site!