Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feature: Cyril Takayama - More than a Trick!

Relatively most of the MMORPG do have spell casters to choose from as your avatar. And one of the good things about it was the spells being cast which completely puts your eyes to astonishment. The MMORPG Granado Espada which I'm currently playing features one of this avatar and we called it as the Wizard. But in real life we do have our modern wizards and one of them is Cyril Takayama!

(Female wizard class)

The first time I've seen his videos at youtube, I was really curious on how different he was amongst the other modern illusionist. And from the videos I've seen, I might say that his personality is cool and impressive on how he does his trick. Why would I say that? Watch this!

(Cyril Takayama - Metal Gear Solid 4 Magic!)

Cool right? This is my personal favorite because Cyril managed to perform magic within a game and I found it awesome! Personally seeing Cyril perform such trick changed my perspective about magic. Usually the magic or tricks I've witnessed is more of cards, disappearing acts, and other fast hand tricks. But he made it different because Cyril do tricks using the usual techniques and even including gadgets; mobile phone, virtual games, and a like.

Cyril: Simply Magic will be shown at AXN soon but for sure I don't want to think of what his going to perform. I just bare in mind that Cyril will always surprise me along with the audiences who are anticipating his show. I look forward that Cyril will never be tired of sharing his amazing talent and brings out those young hearts within all of us. So Cyril good luck on your show and more power to AXN for bringing out a person with such amazing talent!

Youtube - Cyril Takayama
AXN Asia - Blogs

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