Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year, blog ends!

This is the time of the year when most of the families around the world gather to celebrate the new year. And for a year that ends a new path should be tread for us to take and sometimes do necessary steps for some things to change.

For many months I was blogging for the game and I really enjoyed doing it without getting anything in return. But it came to my senses that I should do something aside from doing blog posts for Granado Espada. I have my own life that I should work on and somehow the last few months before the year ends made me realize things. Its more like a wake up call after getting some new things along the few months. Honestly I cannot completely devote my time to write my new experiences in-game. And sometimes there was this feeling of losing my motivation of creating new blog posts because in-game it was like its the same routine. And the worst thing, most of my friends in-game which I missed so much~ they were all quitting. Well miserably I end up like playing alone and no one talks with me. The community I was used to was gone. Or if some of them exists, they already have their new clicks and I'm completely off the crowd. Indeed I could claim I'm alone in-game.

I will take this opportunity to greet anyone who still pays visit on this blog a Happy New Year. To those few friends of mine in-game thanks for making my day even though you guys don't frequently log in anymore. To the readers thank you so much for support and I really appreciate it. To those critics of mine thanks for giving attention to this lonely soul in-game. To all players who made contributions to my posts, (permission to take shots of their characters, pictures in real life during real life events, anonymous opinions, etc) I appreciate the support for making my posts more realistic and idea oriented blog rather than getting advance updates which looks like a copy paste blog~ Thank you so much! To members of IAH games thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to meet Hrin and the gang! I don't how would I extend my gratitude but again~ Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

I officially put my hands down and waves goodbye for blogging Granado Espada but I will still exist in-game. Til again~ farewell pioneers!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feature: Cyril Takayama - More than a Trick!

Relatively most of the MMORPG do have spell casters to choose from as your avatar. And one of the good things about it was the spells being cast which completely puts your eyes to astonishment. The MMORPG Granado Espada which I'm currently playing features one of this avatar and we called it as the Wizard. But in real life we do have our modern wizards and one of them is Cyril Takayama!

(Female wizard class)

The first time I've seen his videos at youtube, I was really curious on how different he was amongst the other modern illusionist. And from the videos I've seen, I might say that his personality is cool and impressive on how he does his trick. Why would I say that? Watch this!

(Cyril Takayama - Metal Gear Solid 4 Magic!)

Cool right? This is my personal favorite because Cyril managed to perform magic within a game and I found it awesome! Personally seeing Cyril perform such trick changed my perspective about magic. Usually the magic or tricks I've witnessed is more of cards, disappearing acts, and other fast hand tricks. But he made it different because Cyril do tricks using the usual techniques and even including gadgets; mobile phone, virtual games, and a like.

Cyril: Simply Magic will be shown at AXN soon but for sure I don't want to think of what his going to perform. I just bare in mind that Cyril will always surprise me along with the audiences who are anticipating his show. I look forward that Cyril will never be tired of sharing his amazing talent and brings out those young hearts within all of us. So Cyril good luck on your show and more power to AXN for bringing out a person with such amazing talent!

Youtube - Cyril Takayama
AXN Asia - Blogs

Monday, October 26, 2009

Colony War 3.5: How was it?

After a long time that I've witnessed how the Colony Wars go and now a new system was introduced in this current patch and the mechanics was far more different than the conventional one. The first Colony Wars was like go to the map that has a colony and then break til it's HP reach to zero and accompanied by you can warp between occupied colonies through colony manager. The second change for Colony Wars was they remove the warp between occupied colonies which members of a faction should maximize the usage of save warps.




So what's new in this Colony War? Granado Espada version 3.5 features the new colony war system by putting up a special arena to occupy a colony. Well its far different from the old one but all I can say is it was really time consuming. But in the brighter side, that tedious time occupying a colony gives other faction a chance to occupy another territory. Unfortunately in my case, I was with a faction versus the server so occupying a colony was rough for us.

Well to sum up all of this, its more of head to head battle inside a colony arena. But if you have numerous declarations over your faction slate, those factions who declared your faction can enter the colony arena. And to occupy a colony, you have to break at least 3 colonies inside the Colony War Arena. They say the new system is boring because you run and break but I don't agree with it because alliances still creates horrendous effects on Colony Wars. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

When the wasps starts biting

After a month of being inactive and resolving issues about in-game now I've returned to update this blog and continue what I have started.

First and foremost I will take this opportunity to defend myself along with the people who stood for me. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but a breather was needed in my case and I should list down things further on.


1. Players prejudiced me because I stopped updating my blog because I don't get something in return.

ans. I start blogging this wonderful game without expecting of getting anything. Popularity is not what I ask for, I expect readers and new players to be educated in my own special way by sharing my experiences whether it is in-game or community real life gatherings. As simple as that. Whats the use of titles given to me if ever- thus I cannot perform well.

2. Former Takhisis members accuses me with the issue of stealing the faction vault etc. then because of this I move to a known faction in my server.

ans. Before this people accused me of stealing, the core members has initiated the idea of gathering necessary items to fortify its core as suggested. It was approved and accompanied by YOU HAVE TO WORK ON IT so that you can get items from the faction. The accusation arise when hacking cases starts to smother Takhisis Faction, some players tag it as a hacking faction. It hurts me a lot because of such accusation but I ignored it due to the fact that these players has no evidence in the first place. But in a personal note - items are earned through hard work and not making gossips just to justify your qualification as legitimate owner of such items. Currently, the items are with the remaining Takhisis members and they are all managing it without my supervision.

3. They say I've become inactive due to conflicts within the community of gamers.

ans. I deny the statement that I become inactive due to conflict. If there is any, it should deal personally and not in-game. One of the most difficult thing about this part is when people tend to hear things and never bother asking me - just in case you are civilized enough to ask me. During a month of being inactive, I took the advantage of dealing with my personal life and I know everybody does if they have the opportunity. So to break your curiosity I've done several volunteer works for an institution and teaching kids for theatrical plays which kept me busy. And I have to admit I love this part of my life. That is why the state in number 3 is simply false.

For those players who doesn't believe me its all up to you. But I really thanked those players who still believed in me and sending messages in my YM handler because it kept me well spirited as ever. For now my aim is to continue what I have started in regardless of the issues thrown to me. But I don't take it personally because at the end of the day I'm just your ordinary blogger and its just a game.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lolita Justice was brought!

After 10 frustrating months of hunting down 2 pieces of unknown ore for my Claire quest, finally she joined my family.


So how did I finished this quest? Because the current patch influences the drop rate of a certain item by current character level I took advantage of it and used two characters who are currently at level 68 and 69. But of course I brought an expert scout as my support to other lowbie characters who is doing the quest for me. Well base on my speculation, it is more easier to do the quest with the condition of using same level cap characters. And at least Claire is with me now. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Scammer's Stench

After more than a week of not playing the game, a news came to my knowledge and it was really unpleasant in such a way my name was involved in scamming.

It was explained by my faction mates that a fake Fikdotter family roams around and scams other members of the Takhisis Faction and to top that the impostor asks for their user names and password. Personally I was in raged and helpless with such uncivilized behavior of individuals doing this scamming.

(In the family name, the "i" word was replace with small letter "L")

What you see is true, this screenshot was taken by my brother during the days I was away. Two of my members was attempted to be scammed but was failed. Unfortunately my faction member and friend in real life Santoss fall to this trick to the extent of asking his username and password. Santoss explained to me that this Fiksdotter impostor convinces him that he needs his account for AFK purposes etc. Then for what I couldn't understand is why he easily gave out his username and password to this fake Fiksdotter. Well I couldn't blame my friend because he knew me personally but the biggest mistake he did was he never checked the family profile.

To all the players of Granado Espada be cautious about trading and giving out personal information about your account. Please check the family profile, double check items before trading, and don't easily accept item transfers because these will all lead to your in-game nightmare.

Well in regards to these issues I will share some forum links that will help you. For Scam and Hack Detection Guide by Kusabireika click this LINK. And for Scammers Exposed by Miyu on instances how such scamming behavior has been done just click this LINK. For now that is how can I inform the community so til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, July 20, 2009

When Adelina loses her touch

I guess it was the 14th of July the Hron's Treasure Trove has been introduce to our fellow pioneers through this Official News Article. Upon reading this article, I really find it awkward and I'm sure there is something wrong with this one.

Then I read the forums and I found this interesting thread but first it was the usual thread. You know IAH announces then give a discussion link related to the news. But it turns out to be a negative feedback from most of the players who read the article.

In this cut, it turns out to be that Adelina's Booty Search will eventually die or will be re-invented for the reason that it was "in-effective" as quoted from our IAH team. But I guess it is more heavier for player to waste some points just to throw their luck on this items that has no outmost definition of "at least enjoying the game content".

For now its a head to head combat for Adelina's Booty Search and Hron's Treasure Trove. But I do hope Adelina's Booty Search will still emerge victorious so even though most of the players cannot be the best in their game at least they will enjoy the patch content. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.