Monday, July 20, 2009

When Adelina loses her touch

I guess it was the 14th of July the Hron's Treasure Trove has been introduce to our fellow pioneers through this Official News Article. Upon reading this article, I really find it awkward and I'm sure there is something wrong with this one.

Then I read the forums and I found this interesting thread but first it was the usual thread. You know IAH announces then give a discussion link related to the news. But it turns out to be a negative feedback from most of the players who read the article.

In this cut, it turns out to be that Adelina's Booty Search will eventually die or will be re-invented for the reason that it was "in-effective" as quoted from our IAH team. But I guess it is more heavier for player to waste some points just to throw their luck on this items that has no outmost definition of "at least enjoying the game content".

For now its a head to head combat for Adelina's Booty Search and Hron's Treasure Trove. But I do hope Adelina's Booty Search will still emerge victorious so even though most of the players cannot be the best in their game at least they will enjoy the patch content. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

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