Friday, July 17, 2009

Reach for the Star

Yesterday was considerably one of the highlights of my gaming life. And I want to share this little accomplishment of mine. After collecting the 12 symbols of the constellation, with the aid of my faction mates, I have succesfully crafted one of the constellation series and in this case I choose "Hamal's Leadership" a constellation polearm. So why did I wrote this down, for the simple reason of breaking some myth about crafting this weapon series.


After giving the 12 symbols to Queen Hamaan of Zeia, she will give you options of what recipe you want to get from her. But it never stops there, she will ask you for the second time so if you are having doubts about your selection you may undo it. For what I saw and comprehend, the constellation recipe is tradeable.


Now lets see how to get the following ingredients needed to craft this weapon. The recipe requires 3 pcs of Veteran chips which can be acquired thru instanced missions (drop table update applies per regional server) and if you managed to break an Ancient weapon crafted from Damaged Ancient Glaziums. We have Melee weapon crystal - Grade 30, in my case I used level 100 sword breaker for this. The Ancient runes 50 pcs Te and 50 pcs An, well you can farm this in the outskirts of Zeia though in my case I bought them. And the last ingredient, 10 pcs Ambrosia, which you can buy in the premium item shop but if you got enough vis you can buy this from other players.


So which character is used to craft this weapon? For what I know you must use an Expert character to craft the recipe because the series is exclusive for experts. In my case I used my expert Claude to accomplish this.


And there you go, your very own constellation weapon. There are various constellation weapon under the sleeves of the Queen but unfortunately for you to get another one you have to get all the 12 symbols again. In addition, the process of enhancing and enchanting were the same though in terms of impervium you should use the expert imperviums to enhance beyond +5. I hope this little information will help pioneers if they plan to craft this series. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

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