Saturday, October 27, 2007

GE Bloggers: the Gathering

Oh no!

I woke up around half-past 12 at noon and our meeting is 13:00! This is why I really hate drinking! I was really rushing through train stations and it really freaks me out because this is the first GE bloggers meeting and I'm late.

Anyway, this is the first time am going to meet some of them in person like Mena, Darrick, and Nate (Reclusion brothers). But there are familiar faces to me here like Ninemoons, DeSanggria, and Welling who was there to tease me of being late.


(From left; Me, Ninemoons, Mena, brothers Nate then Darrick, DeSanggria, and Welling)


We talk about interesting facts like current situation in servers we play on, opinions about colony wars, upcoming patch "Witches of Bahamar/Balanar", baron RNPC, boosting up our blog sites, server rumors amongst players, and most of all more of highly infecting joke about Grandice's widely spread oiled body costume.

I was really happy talking with them but too sad for me I was late for an hour hence everything was great. Not to mention the tips I've heard from them especially confirmation about technical damages and raid bosses were urban legend spread about certain noted equipment and tactics.


Hope to have another GE bloggers meeting and best of all I look forward of increase on the attendee. And lastly I was really honored that most of them were blog-spotted which we are humbled because the Granado Espada community supported our blog sites.


And thank you PHGE Marketing Manager Ms. Feria and PHCM Veya for the wonderful goodie bags.

And more power to all Granado Espada blog fansites!

Granado Espada at San Miguel Octoberfest!


October is here again and for most Filipinos this month is much awaited because San Miguel Corporation has this yearly event called the San Miguel Beer Octoberfest throughout the country. But we know this is event was strictly for adults only, thus it doesn't mean that gaming is not included on the list. Granado Espada was visible and we say they are! Upon registration you can avail stubs that are worth 100 Php. But because there are GE players who want to join this event, you can buy the stub for only 50 Php if you can show them scratched or unscratched game cards.




Then that's not it, you can also play your favorite Granado Espada game at Gamefrog i-Café absolutely for free!



(Ninemoons, Me, CM Veya, Welling, DeSanggria, and Contessa)


(Guess who is from Brotherhood faction and VietnamElite faction!)

I have personally met some players including the members of VietnamElite faction of Vivaldi server, BROTHERHOOD faction of Carracci, and even other Granado Espada players. And by the way, thanks guys for the tip and game styles in Granado Espada.


After the hours of talk and free gaming we head onto the other side of Metrowalk for the main event were we could listen through popular bands, more talk, and beer.


The event was really nice and personally I also enjoyed it because am not just there for the game but meeting other players as well.


And for me this is my doom it's late already I have GE bloggers meeting tomorrow!


See yah!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rant and Rave: 1 in-a-million

I was really happy because my Claude finally wore his very own divine angel wings. Apparently it improves his attack speed not like the previous week his strikes using his pole-arm wasn't that fast enough.


wings wings!

Everything was really fine along the way and while playing my mind is imagining scenes for my featured comic for the Halloween season.

I was pulling the level of Claude at Rion Dungeon when suddenly damages popping at my area like 1000+ of damage. Then I turned my camera in different angle and there a Jack character was constructing turrets. And this is the flow of our short conversation.


Thanks to Waltsz for trying to help me out knock this spot stealer. But after the high-leveled spinelle knocked Jack, he respawns back with his veteran characters. Then I take my leave.

It was really frustrating that there is such player who behaves that way. I tried to send a whisper to it's faction leader IceBlended but it didn't reply about my complain.

Lesson learned. Patience is really needed in this kind of situation. And good thing for me as a faction leader if this incident also happen under my members I'd take action on it impromptu.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Holloween's Eve: Get ready!

Its only 13 days from now and there are tons of surprises for the Granado Espada community. From fan blogs to the game itself, are you ready for it?

Here's a teaser from one of the blogger Reclusion of Carracci. Now grab some front seat tickets and experience the real Halloween thrill in the world of Granado Espada.


Want more? Then stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fiksdotter: You have been blogspotted!

Another lazy afternoon here in the Philippines and I just went from our campus to secure my new schedule for the next semester. I was really exhausted because the weather here is way too nuts because it's cloudy but hot. Now maybe someone casts infernal flame from somewhere I think that Elementalist needs to cool.

In spite of this dry afternoon my friend informed the good news to me and was I really thankful about it.


I want to thank Miss Hrin for choosing my blog entry "Fiksdotter's love for Claude" for the weekly blog spotting contest. And most especially the players who still read on it.

I bid speed for Granado Espada.



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Granado Espada: Losing the one-sided battle


Here in the Philippines, computer shop, computer café, computer centers, internet café, and alike were the places Filipino players spent most of their time playing online games. A Filipino player pays USD 0.35 or Php 15 per hour and sometimes they play more than that. Like me for example, I play for 12 hours so roughly I would pay for USD 4.20. But most of the rental shops here have a special discount cutting it to USD 3.50 so you are just paying for 10 hours instead of the full 12 hours of the rent.

Next is for the online game companies. One of their strategies of advertising is giving these computer rental owners some game poster and free installation of a certain game to be introduced. Or if the company is generous enough, they could offer a free to play test on that specific shop so that players that visits the shop will have the opportunity to test the new game for themselves.

What is a healthy competition? Based on most books, healthy competition is defined as a certain business in the economic environment is flourishing in manner which competing companies play the game by rules. But it becomes unhealthy when the company puts pressure against the other by using tactics that are off the economic rule.

Now by looking at some images below, use the FAQ above mentioned and inspect through it carefully. And it's for you to decide and start organizing your ideas by yourself.




· There are rumors that somewhere in the Philippines the propaganda was to remove Granado Espada related posters.
· Another rumor is there are rental shops that were encouraged to remove the Granado Espada program from their PC stations so that the game will not be further introduced.
· Next rumor is there are group of people who promised merchandise in return of their favor to wipe out Granado Espada at their shops.

Personally, looking through these pictures and listening to the statements from the Granado Espada players on that region disappoints me a lot. If this is so true, hope that a solution must be made to this unhealthy act. I am not against the game that was introduced by the images thus the people behind this act. But thanks to those loyal players of Granado Espada, who bravely reveal this terrible truth to the community. And I write this article for the love of the game, the new world of Granado Espada.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sentiments of a Scout?

It's been an issue lately about scouts having poor healing power at higher levels. They also have a slim array of stances limited to five stances.
In this screen shot comics you will know how does it feel when a scout was being discriminated. Remember read between the lines. And do enjoy.





Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great Hill Giant: Random Acts of Kindness


I log in around 7 O'clock in the evening and excited at the same time because we are planning to proceed with the faction quest defeating the Great Hill Giant.

But before this day, we already send messages to other able faction members in Takhisis and most of them responded. I also chatted with some friends on my list but none of them responded.


We have a several family in our squad and I was thinking asking for help won't hurt at all. So I've decided to send a broad message asking for help to knock down the Great Hill Giant. And just a few minutes there are also response on the floating texts and personal messages begins to pop out of the screen. And all them says only one thing, they wanted to help without asking for anything in return.

All of us meet at City of Auch channel 3 near the PvP officer. Then we invite the families who want to participate in the squad to have a good communication during the quest.

We move to the region of Vegas Javier, this is where I will summon the Great Hill Giant at coordinates E5.


Then we reached the area and we gathered around in the huge rock at coordinates E5. The squad says we pose for a while because we have to buff our team then after I move around the huge boulder and a notice appears the Great Hill Giant appears.


It took us almost 20 minutes to take down the Great Hill Giant. After the defeat I thought it was it. But Stiles Family says "Fiks where are you?" then I replied then he trade something. Then I realize it was the Great Hill Giant's evidence of destroying him. They still wanted to proceed to the next quest but I told them that we'd do it some other time.


All in all, it was a happy experience for my faction along the people who help us out on this one. Each of them sets aside their differences only for the aim of helping our faction. Thanks and see you around.

Personal thanks from Takhisis Faction:

1. ChaosMaster Family

2. Kincaid Family

3. Stiles Family

4. deEspania Family

5. Clausher Family

6. Lunatics Family

7. Southernsky Family

Takhisis Participants:

1. Haagendaz Family

2. Artaxerxes Family

3. Puritan Family

4. VarganII Family

5. XxXLiveWireXxX Family

6. Fiksdotter Family (me)