Saturday, October 27, 2007

GE Bloggers: the Gathering

Oh no!

I woke up around half-past 12 at noon and our meeting is 13:00! This is why I really hate drinking! I was really rushing through train stations and it really freaks me out because this is the first GE bloggers meeting and I'm late.

Anyway, this is the first time am going to meet some of them in person like Mena, Darrick, and Nate (Reclusion brothers). But there are familiar faces to me here like Ninemoons, DeSanggria, and Welling who was there to tease me of being late.


(From left; Me, Ninemoons, Mena, brothers Nate then Darrick, DeSanggria, and Welling)


We talk about interesting facts like current situation in servers we play on, opinions about colony wars, upcoming patch "Witches of Bahamar/Balanar", baron RNPC, boosting up our blog sites, server rumors amongst players, and most of all more of highly infecting joke about Grandice's widely spread oiled body costume.

I was really happy talking with them but too sad for me I was late for an hour hence everything was great. Not to mention the tips I've heard from them especially confirmation about technical damages and raid bosses were urban legend spread about certain noted equipment and tactics.


Hope to have another GE bloggers meeting and best of all I look forward of increase on the attendee. And lastly I was really honored that most of them were blog-spotted which we are humbled because the Granado Espada community supported our blog sites.


And thank you PHGE Marketing Manager Ms. Feria and PHCM Veya for the wonderful goodie bags.

And more power to all Granado Espada blog fansites!

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