Sunday, October 7, 2007

Great Hill Giant: Random Acts of Kindness


I log in around 7 O'clock in the evening and excited at the same time because we are planning to proceed with the faction quest defeating the Great Hill Giant.

But before this day, we already send messages to other able faction members in Takhisis and most of them responded. I also chatted with some friends on my list but none of them responded.


We have a several family in our squad and I was thinking asking for help won't hurt at all. So I've decided to send a broad message asking for help to knock down the Great Hill Giant. And just a few minutes there are also response on the floating texts and personal messages begins to pop out of the screen. And all them says only one thing, they wanted to help without asking for anything in return.

All of us meet at City of Auch channel 3 near the PvP officer. Then we invite the families who want to participate in the squad to have a good communication during the quest.

We move to the region of Vegas Javier, this is where I will summon the Great Hill Giant at coordinates E5.


Then we reached the area and we gathered around in the huge rock at coordinates E5. The squad says we pose for a while because we have to buff our team then after I move around the huge boulder and a notice appears the Great Hill Giant appears.


It took us almost 20 minutes to take down the Great Hill Giant. After the defeat I thought it was it. But Stiles Family says "Fiks where are you?" then I replied then he trade something. Then I realize it was the Great Hill Giant's evidence of destroying him. They still wanted to proceed to the next quest but I told them that we'd do it some other time.


All in all, it was a happy experience for my faction along the people who help us out on this one. Each of them sets aside their differences only for the aim of helping our faction. Thanks and see you around.

Personal thanks from Takhisis Faction:

1. ChaosMaster Family

2. Kincaid Family

3. Stiles Family

4. deEspania Family

5. Clausher Family

6. Lunatics Family

7. Southernsky Family

Takhisis Participants:

1. Haagendaz Family

2. Artaxerxes Family

3. Puritan Family

4. VarganII Family

5. XxXLiveWireXxX Family

6. Fiksdotter Family (me)

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