Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rant and Rave: 1 in-a-million

I was really happy because my Claude finally wore his very own divine angel wings. Apparently it improves his attack speed not like the previous week his strikes using his pole-arm wasn't that fast enough.


wings wings!

Everything was really fine along the way and while playing my mind is imagining scenes for my featured comic for the Halloween season.

I was pulling the level of Claude at Rion Dungeon when suddenly damages popping at my area like 1000+ of damage. Then I turned my camera in different angle and there a Jack character was constructing turrets. And this is the flow of our short conversation.


Thanks to Waltsz for trying to help me out knock this spot stealer. But after the high-leveled spinelle knocked Jack, he respawns back with his veteran characters. Then I take my leave.

It was really frustrating that there is such player who behaves that way. I tried to send a whisper to it's faction leader IceBlended but it didn't reply about my complain.

Lesson learned. Patience is really needed in this kind of situation. And good thing for me as a faction leader if this incident also happen under my members I'd take action on it impromptu.

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