Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Granado Espada: Losing the one-sided battle


Here in the Philippines, computer shop, computer café, computer centers, internet café, and alike were the places Filipino players spent most of their time playing online games. A Filipino player pays USD 0.35 or Php 15 per hour and sometimes they play more than that. Like me for example, I play for 12 hours so roughly I would pay for USD 4.20. But most of the rental shops here have a special discount cutting it to USD 3.50 so you are just paying for 10 hours instead of the full 12 hours of the rent.

Next is for the online game companies. One of their strategies of advertising is giving these computer rental owners some game poster and free installation of a certain game to be introduced. Or if the company is generous enough, they could offer a free to play test on that specific shop so that players that visits the shop will have the opportunity to test the new game for themselves.

What is a healthy competition? Based on most books, healthy competition is defined as a certain business in the economic environment is flourishing in manner which competing companies play the game by rules. But it becomes unhealthy when the company puts pressure against the other by using tactics that are off the economic rule.

Now by looking at some images below, use the FAQ above mentioned and inspect through it carefully. And it's for you to decide and start organizing your ideas by yourself.




· There are rumors that somewhere in the Philippines the propaganda was to remove Granado Espada related posters.
· Another rumor is there are rental shops that were encouraged to remove the Granado Espada program from their PC stations so that the game will not be further introduced.
· Next rumor is there are group of people who promised merchandise in return of their favor to wipe out Granado Espada at their shops.

Personally, looking through these pictures and listening to the statements from the Granado Espada players on that region disappoints me a lot. If this is so true, hope that a solution must be made to this unhealthy act. I am not against the game that was introduced by the images thus the people behind this act. But thanks to those loyal players of Granado Espada, who bravely reveal this terrible truth to the community. And I write this article for the love of the game, the new world of Granado Espada.

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