Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Kid in Town

Due to product of boredom, today I've just finished my Viki quest and got him. It was lucky of me that I've finished it for four hours only. Well if you are going to ask me, the mamund part only took me 3 kills of Violent Gehcos to complete the quest. And especially I've already gathered all strange items for this quest.



Well luckily its a great day for me, though I hear discouraging comments about the accomplishment of this Viki quest.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Arena of the Ancients

Yesterday our faction proceed to Arena of the Ancients also named as "El Antiguo Patrimonio" to explore and observe on how things go. And because it is my first time to explore this instance, I will share to you guys my experience.

First, because we are aligned to the republicans, we moved to the republican faction member located at Thueringen Lakeside in coordinates D6. Then a portal will be open once the notice announced that the portal is opened.

Then when we went inside the huge arena. After some minutes we encountered the Ancient Gerelo which gives the raiders some time to take down. After defeating Ancient Gerelo, a portal was opened to the middle, and our next adversary was summoned - Ancient Diablo! This time he does more punishment and he not an ordinary Diablo because his AOE (Area of Effect) has more range than the regular. After the raiders took down Ancient Diablo, decent number of level 100 chips was scattered on the floor. Luckily one of our faction mate got his share.

After the raiders defeated Ancient Diablo, another portal was opened that took us to two platforms. Unfortunately we seem to be stuck and the next anticipated boss does not show up. I don't if its a bug that Ancient Hell Breaker didn't shown up but this arena is really unique.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gate of Fire: My Exploration

There are unusual places in Granado Espada thus pioneers don't have any idea whats in store for them. So I will share some thing about my experience in the Gate of Fire.


The gate of fire is located in the dry lands of Topolo Durga which is situated beside Tetra Hill. The monsters within the pool of fire has high resistance from fire damage thus they have less resistance from ice damage so it is advisable that squads must bring Elementalists with them or any other characters that may decrease elemental damage from the pool. There are necessary strategy on how to manage the mobs and it depends on the strategist of a faction. Proper equipment is also required to engage in this raid instance and make sure you reach at least 57 DR (defense rate) and above to absorb punishment.


Now the faction must have at least more than a squad to summon Lava Leaf by activating pillars. And then do your best to slay the summoned boss. A good strategy is the key to finish this quest and you might get rewarded by an array of Fire Series suitable for the next instance mission - the Gate of Lightning.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiksdotter's Blog Moved

It was of huge delay for me that I couldn't blog that well in my former blog host due to a bug. So I've decided to move my previous posts here so that I can continue my blog life for Granado Espada.

So I really wanted to extend my appreciation to those who visited my blog reading through my articles. Though I was bit annoyed because my former blog host already reached 21,691 hits.

Thank you guys and more power to the community of Granado Espada sGE.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Expert Smited Exp Rate

Hello Granado Espada Community of sGE! It was really a long time since my last post. I couldn't manage to update my blog due to some updates in my personal life. But now am back I have something to share with you all.

Lately, when I got back in the game, there are things I've observed about the latest patch 2.6.4 Requiem. Less expecting much of the updates thus there is one thing that caught my attention and that is the flow of experience rate from Veteran status to Expert Status. I consider myself as a resident of the Bahamas Marsh and Swamp of Darkness because there are chances that you might get .0002-.0003 experience points in most kills. But presently there is only .0001 experience point in regardless of monster level. I don't know, is the experience rate nerfed or something? Well I guess IAH and the developers might give as an answer about this. But for now, I advise the players to move at maps that they can easily kill mobs such as Albertal, Skullic Dungeon, and Via Fluvial. This is for the purpose of less costs in pots and other consumables but acquiring same experience points from higher level maps. For now lets wait what will happen. Good day again pioneers!