Friday, December 26, 2008

Naughty and Nice 2008: Final Day

Today there are many winners and it was nice to see familiar names across the notice. Well if you missed the notices this is the list of winners for the final day.

Alfender, Zaanhart, Revolucion, Visquante, fizz, Jezardi, VaqueroZ, Segnir, Souken, Ziendemonium, Drakezion, Nivnal, Superiority, Claimore, Philistia, Atkasha, Casafuego, Thallmann, Icarus, Milycius, DeSanggria, PepperILU, DraclouZ, Nieve, Arconis, Niji, Sephies

Congratulations to all the winners of this Christmas event. On claiming the items, Santa mentioned that MBB codes will be send through emails, the in-game items through Leonardo Expresso, and 70k G-Points will be put on your accounts by monday. Too bad I am not included again to the cut but its ok, if am still around til next year. Again merry christmas pioneers and I'll keep you posted.

*above results are from Rembrandt Server*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Naughty and Nice 2008: Day 1 of 2

Today Santa visits the new found world and the pioneers cheered when he came. Around 16:23 Santa bids his hello to the pioneers and started to give cheers to them by announcing the winners of the said event. Their wishes can be found at the official forums in form of poem, song, and even images. And here are the winners of the first day visit of Santa.

OversizedMeat, Aluria, TheInts, Mullenkamp, Jaggerjaque, Slurp, MizunoSan, dedzki, ArtisticSouls, deParusa, Geovani, Elieson, ofHearts, kropekt, Xei, SoulLinker, Beuolves, Novalight, BotKilla, Milkcarton, AngelColony, exebolt, ZeroKiriyuu, Senor

The following names where announced through GM notice and some names are identified through forum username and entries with family name. The common problem during the event was Santa called them through their forum name so it takes time for Santa to confirm identities of the winning entries. But in the end, the event runs smoothly and it was nice to see Santa talking with the pioneers. Tomorrow I'll post again the 2nd day winners of the Naughty and Nice event. I'll keep you posted again pioneers!

*above results are from Rembrandt Server*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishes and Greetings!

I can't believe it's Christmas again and hey reality check am still playing the game. Talking about in-game, most of our faction members from Singapore have their Christmas party and most of us here in the Philippines we've decided to have a post-Christmas party here at my LAN shop on the 28th. Well I hope our plan of a post-Christmas party will work.

(My entry to Naughty and Nice in-game event)

In terms of wishes, I do have my own and I made a simple Christmas card with some images in-game of my characters and real life GE gatherings as my entry for naughty and nice. So whats with the idea? Well simple, many of the pioneers of the new found world focus in-game and was never proud to show the community that they exist through real life gatherings. My wishes White Cristatus, 70k G-Points, and Item of the month ~ I hope they will be granted this year.

I hope everyone in the new found world will have a merry Christmas with their families and do enjoy this special day. Til' again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Murky week!

Its been a week I haven't posted because I was held up of buying gifts and even thinking my wishes out for the naughty and nice event. Well thanks to DeSanggria for revealing one of the mysterious back costume now I'm enticed to have one.
(This is the White Cristatus, the Grindstone is still a mystery to me)

This week was dull for me because of the usual things to do inside our faction, you know keeping up the phase and sometimes am not enjoying it anymore. Am not telling that I don't like the faction I am included but I hope there are more quests in this game. I guess I've finished much and still looking for more.

I have the urge to power-level most of my characters in my barracks but again by the beard of Sir Lyndon! Combat manuals are so rare (FYI, 15 days and 30 days individual manuals cannot be sold separately so you are forced to buy packages with some not-so-useful stuff with it) and I mean rare! And currently, conversion of E-Points and G-Point ain't stable for now so am completely no move at all.

Oh by the way Giovanni the new PK server is out later this afternoon, too bad we cannot transfer our accounts there. But there are perks included when you made some accomplishments, so check it out here for more information.

So again, I'll keep you posted pioneers of the new found world!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Colony War? Duh think again!

Am not posting just to report yesterday's colony wars but instead am here to rant about this slime tactic. And besides am seething with annoyance with this dirty use of spinelles on the so called colony wars!

(Hell to the yeah at Bona Vista River, eight legged freaks)

This is the first 15 mins before the war at Bona Vista river and Pradera Ceniza, the opposing faction already stormed the respective colonies with numerous spinelles. Actually, the alliance where my faction stood aim for spin-less colony wars but what would you expect the opposing alliance is use to find ways of dirty tactic. I don't know, if this opposing alliance is really used to be the bad guys in Rembrandt and there is no new to that. So in the end we let them eat their own spinelle tactic, but unfortunately the opposing alliance bagged many colonies because we are caught unaware.

I don't care of what they might say because this entry of mine is a rant! I really do hope IAH or IMC might consider 1:1 summon of spinelles or might consider removing it completely to avoid abuse.

I'll keep you posted pioneers and as I say if ever spinelles are still available in weeks to come, you might change your mind not to go colony wars.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

GE Christmas tidbits

December is one of the much awaited month to most pioneers of the new found world. And this month there are things to be noted and I hope you participate on it.


Now you can have this two Christmas items from Leonardo Expresso himself; the Santa hat and Rudolph hat that can be wear by stock characters. Thanks from team GE for sharing this wonderful Christmas hats!

The next one was the forum event called "Show your Love" wherein you can send your wishes through a form of poem, song, blog entry, video, or anyway you like it special. And not only that, the top winner will have a chance to extend the warmth of Christmas through World Vision by choosing a child to be adopted by GE team and support the child by sponsorship. For more information about this, you can visit here.

Well pioneers hope you will enjoy the month of December, so again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Article Source: Granado Espada Official Website

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Update: Faction Wars Final Week


After an exhausting month of playing Colony Wars and being overrun by numerous spinelles, the final week has come to an end and determine the colony holders for the final week. And here are the final result.

Bach - Colony Holders
X Faction (8)
Anything Faction (8)
Sophistique Faction (2)
House of the Cross Faction (1)
Bizrock Faction (1)
RaidTubbies Faction (1)
Frozen Faction (1)
Baron Faction (1)

Bach - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Anything Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - X Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - X Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Anything Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Anything Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - X Faction

Rembrandt - Colony Holders
Templars Faction (4)
All Star Faction (3)
Destiny Faction (3)
Osiris Faction (3)
Eminence Faction (3)
Le Conquistador Faction (3)
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction (2)
Empyreus Faction (1)
Resonance Faction (1)

Rembrandt - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Templars Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Osiris Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Destiny Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Osiris Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Eminence Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - Destiny Faction

War of the Faction: Dec. 8th Prizes
Lago Celeste Colony - Grand Valkyrie Crusher x100
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Fire Insignia x100, Ice Insignia x100, Lightning Insignia x100, Dark Insignia x100
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Key of Bellem x1,000
Via Fluvial Colony - White Gold Bar x2,000
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Red Ore x100, Blue Ore x300, Green Ore x300, and Yellow Ore x300
Tetra Hill Colony - Snail Skin x400

(Memoirs of the miserable idea of Colony Wars)

Well all in all the war of the factions is a total mess, the essence of defending and attacking colonies are insignificant in this event. It's more of I break the colony, then I will spam a horde of spinelles and lets see if you can withstand the lag and abrupt disconnection. This is considered abuse and I hope again they will reconsider removing this spinelle on those bellem boxes sold at the item NPCs. Eitherway, congratulations to all colony holders and I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Manny Pacquiao and Jean Pierre Gascon

(Oscar de la Hoya with Manny Pacquiao)

After Manny Pacquiao's victory against Oscar de la Hoya, I felt glad because he emerge champion after this dream fight. Well my imagination flies when even in Granado Espada, a distinguished RNPC Jean Pierre Gascon reminds me of his relevant stance as a professional boxer. You might say I imagining too hard but as you can see most of the martial artists in Granado Espada are almost relevant to the fighting styles of a real sport. Now tell me pioneers of the new found world, does any on-line game that can match the complexity of this game? For now try to find out if any.

(Jean Pierre Gascon on his Book of Earth Stance)

I simply post this to hail the victory of the Philippine's Champ, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! And again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: Yahoo Sports Gallery

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spoiler: version 3.0


As the story continues the pioneers of the new found world will be stumbled upon the Aztec inspired region called Errac. Well Errac was named in kGE so there are chances that sGE will change it's name. For the mean time there are confirmation already spread through many forums, websites, and blogs about how to acquire equipment made of constellation signs.

1. Sign of Aries - Chimera
2. Sign of Taurus - Treasure Golem
3. Sign of Gemini - Dr. Fran Morthein
4. Sign of Cancer - Necromancer's Heart (?)
5. Sign of Leo - Elmorc
6. Sign of Virgo - Muerto's Chief
7. Sign of Libra - Dream Blade
8. Sign of Scorpio - Swamp Fish Angler
9. Sign of Sagittarius - (?)
10. Sign of Capricorn - Merman Eater
11. Sign of Aquarius - Gerero
12. Sign of Pisces - Dilos Latemn


New RNPC are expected in this expansion, well we are talking about Selva and Nar who are anticipated in the new civilization. There are more teasers that I will share to you guys. For now all we have are visible evidences of latest updates but changes may vary due to localization. I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image and Article source: SOTNW official forums

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Real Life Event: GE PH outing

Yesterday I was sluggish but it turns out to be good and I admit it was a surprise for me. The outing yesterday was suppose to be a Bloggers meeting but RCM Hrin suggests that to put it in the official web site and declare it as a GE PH community outing. And in the other hand CM Aethrin supported us by sending out goodies for the pioneers who will attend.

(Gathering inside Red Box, where brainstorming took place)

We've talked about a lot of things like organizing GE Cosplayers, concerns about in-game, suggestion to strengthen the community, the much awaited version 3.0, and many more. Each conversation was meaningful because this is the first time that from two worlds, Bach and Rembrandt, these guys shares everything under the sun specially the laughs behind their respective servers.

(The pioneers from Bach server)

(The pioneers from Rembrandt server)

(The girl gamers of the new found world)

(Obviously the boys of the new found world hahaha!)

(The dinner that ends our great day)

We ended the day with a dinner and some walk around the mall. Everything was great and I can't ask for anything more. Well we are expecting more gatherings like this and I hope it will continue.

In behalf of the Philippine Community we would like to thank; RCM Hrin, CM Aethrin, IAH games, and E-Games by showing support and importance to this community. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image Source: Ninemoons

Monday, December 1, 2008

Update: Faction Wars 3rd week


The colony wars yesterday was abit predictable in terms of defense and usual tactics. But it was great to check on the results because there are movements in terms of colony occupation. And here are the results.

Bach - Colony Holders
Anything Faction (7)
X Faction (12)
Baron Faction (2)
House of the Cross Faction (1)
Aggressor Faction (1)

Bach - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Anything Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - X Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - X Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - Anything Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Anything Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - X Faction

Rembrandt - Colony Holders
All Star Faction (7)
Eminence Faction (5)
Osiris Faction (3)
Le Conquistador Faction (2)
ºÆõ²•×þØ€ Faction (2)
Destiny Faction (1)
Empyreus Faction (1)
Templars Faction (1)
Resonance Faction (1)

Rembrandt - Prized Colony Holders
Lago Celeste Colony - Eminence Faction
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Osiris Faction
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Le Conquistador Faction
Via Fluvial Colony - All Star Faction
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - Destiny Faction
Tetra Hill Colony - All Star Faction

War of the Faction: Nov. 30th Prizes
Lago Celeste Colony - Symbol of Garim x100
Bahama Swamp of Peril Colony - Golden Apple x20,000 and Cabbage x20,000
Ustiur Zona Uno Colony - Hell Valley Key x3,000
Via Fluvial Colony - Strange Mineral x10,000
Pradera de Ceniza Colony - White Gold Bar x2,000
Tetra Hill Colony - Silver Hammer x100

As you can see some of the factions in Bach managed to secure some colonies for them and at least fighting the big factions in two hours are worth their glory. In terms of Rembrandt, the colony wars was normal in terms of no specific target colony. And again the colony wars in my opinion for the past weeks is not nice at all. The colony wars is now like, we occupy the colony, face the wrath of the mini boss spinelle which wear off the essence of colony wars. I hope the people concern about programming should be aware that this spinelles are not of any help anymore. So again I'll keep you posted pioneers!