Monday, December 22, 2008

Murky week!

Its been a week I haven't posted because I was held up of buying gifts and even thinking my wishes out for the naughty and nice event. Well thanks to DeSanggria for revealing one of the mysterious back costume now I'm enticed to have one.
(This is the White Cristatus, the Grindstone is still a mystery to me)

This week was dull for me because of the usual things to do inside our faction, you know keeping up the phase and sometimes am not enjoying it anymore. Am not telling that I don't like the faction I am included but I hope there are more quests in this game. I guess I've finished much and still looking for more.

I have the urge to power-level most of my characters in my barracks but again by the beard of Sir Lyndon! Combat manuals are so rare (FYI, 15 days and 30 days individual manuals cannot be sold separately so you are forced to buy packages with some not-so-useful stuff with it) and I mean rare! And currently, conversion of E-Points and G-Point ain't stable for now so am completely no move at all.

Oh by the way Giovanni the new PK server is out later this afternoon, too bad we cannot transfer our accounts there. But there are perks included when you made some accomplishments, so check it out here for more information.

So again, I'll keep you posted pioneers of the new found world!

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