Friday, December 26, 2008

Naughty and Nice 2008: Final Day

Today there are many winners and it was nice to see familiar names across the notice. Well if you missed the notices this is the list of winners for the final day.

Alfender, Zaanhart, Revolucion, Visquante, fizz, Jezardi, VaqueroZ, Segnir, Souken, Ziendemonium, Drakezion, Nivnal, Superiority, Claimore, Philistia, Atkasha, Casafuego, Thallmann, Icarus, Milycius, DeSanggria, PepperILU, DraclouZ, Nieve, Arconis, Niji, Sephies

Congratulations to all the winners of this Christmas event. On claiming the items, Santa mentioned that MBB codes will be send through emails, the in-game items through Leonardo Expresso, and 70k G-Points will be put on your accounts by monday. Too bad I am not included again to the cut but its ok, if am still around til next year. Again merry christmas pioneers and I'll keep you posted.

*above results are from Rembrandt Server*

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