Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spoiler: version 3.0


As the story continues the pioneers of the new found world will be stumbled upon the Aztec inspired region called Errac. Well Errac was named in kGE so there are chances that sGE will change it's name. For the mean time there are confirmation already spread through many forums, websites, and blogs about how to acquire equipment made of constellation signs.

1. Sign of Aries - Chimera
2. Sign of Taurus - Treasure Golem
3. Sign of Gemini - Dr. Fran Morthein
4. Sign of Cancer - Necromancer's Heart (?)
5. Sign of Leo - Elmorc
6. Sign of Virgo - Muerto's Chief
7. Sign of Libra - Dream Blade
8. Sign of Scorpio - Swamp Fish Angler
9. Sign of Sagittarius - (?)
10. Sign of Capricorn - Merman Eater
11. Sign of Aquarius - Gerero
12. Sign of Pisces - Dilos Latemn


New RNPC are expected in this expansion, well we are talking about Selva and Nar who are anticipated in the new civilization. There are more teasers that I will share to you guys. For now all we have are visible evidences of latest updates but changes may vary due to localization. I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Image and Article source: SOTNW official forums

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