Thursday, December 25, 2008

Naughty and Nice 2008: Day 1 of 2

Today Santa visits the new found world and the pioneers cheered when he came. Around 16:23 Santa bids his hello to the pioneers and started to give cheers to them by announcing the winners of the said event. Their wishes can be found at the official forums in form of poem, song, and even images. And here are the winners of the first day visit of Santa.

OversizedMeat, Aluria, TheInts, Mullenkamp, Jaggerjaque, Slurp, MizunoSan, dedzki, ArtisticSouls, deParusa, Geovani, Elieson, ofHearts, kropekt, Xei, SoulLinker, Beuolves, Novalight, BotKilla, Milkcarton, AngelColony, exebolt, ZeroKiriyuu, Senor

The following names where announced through GM notice and some names are identified through forum username and entries with family name. The common problem during the event was Santa called them through their forum name so it takes time for Santa to confirm identities of the winning entries. But in the end, the event runs smoothly and it was nice to see Santa talking with the pioneers. Tomorrow I'll post again the 2nd day winners of the Naughty and Nice event. I'll keep you posted again pioneers!

*above results are from Rembrandt Server*


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Fiksdotter said...

I know your problem Divinicus, I saw that via notice and broads. Did they grant your wish when you identify yourself?