Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shiny red!

Today I just break my curiosity on this weapon series and at least I obtained one. This weapon is from the family of Werewolf series wherein you can farm the required seals at the Culverts.


This head turner weapon becomes catchy maybe because of the natural glow of red. The other set of series which is Ogre series has a green glow on it. Well currently I don't have one yet. These set of weapons can be chipped using level 100 enhancement chip so don't worry about some rumors that veteran chips are needed to improve it's stats. I guess this info might help our pioneers. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hacking spree!

Last night I was suppose to attend the 23:00 Team Arena session. But when my brother checked the faction window he saw his account Artaxerxes logged in. We suddenly tried to log in the account because we are wondering who is using it. Then when we logged in, it seems that the one using my brother's account is currently under negotiation with EldeonRose who is our friend in real life. Then I suddenly sent a message at EldeonRose's Yahoo Messenger and asked him who is the person controlling the Artaxerxes account. He told me a forum name nasher is selling the characters in the official forums of Granado Espada and claims in their in-game chat that the account was sold.

Personally I show my anger thru post in his thread and there is no way of getting back what is lost. Because the nasher in the forums already sold Selva, Expert Elementalist, and Expert Musketeer from the Artaxerxes account. For now my brother is not thinking of reporting this because the account is considered lost because the hacker can access the forums and he can send a ticket also if he wants to. Just like the previous case of Shadowstein account that I myself saw the reply of IAH that the hacker is now accusing me of black mail? Really this is a serious matter and IAH should take action on this. And for the record the people who just lost their account under their control are close to me and I knew them personally!

Right now we are doing some measures to prevent further abuse of this hacker. My brother indeed quit the game and one of our characteristic is not to sell what we have played. So this nasher who claims that the account was sold~ it is not true. My suggestion to IAH is to track down all its transaction because such acts is way too insane. Then I hope they expose the main account responsible for this. So does it mean that everyone is not safe anymore?

Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Viscount rank!

Okay if you guys remember the previous event called "Noble's Court" well it never stops there. After 21st of May the nobles court grants another new back costume with premium items which can only be given to those who made it to family level 25 to 30 and labeled as Viscount!

(Vicount Flag is different from the Knights Flag so get one!)

Yeah you're eyes are not blinding you! So if ever you made it to the tier of family level 25 to 30. Visit the Nobles Court Officer in key cities and earn your rewards. So til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Taste some Doom!

Apparently there are some not so amusing stuff around Granado Espada and the guys of IAH is trying to solve most of the problems that was reported to them as "ticket". I was freaking messed up last week because we do Gate of Fire raids and suddenly mass disconnection on the same map occur. I don't what was really happening but one of the things I hate most is after the server maintenance which ends my Granado Espada life temporarily.


Yup the undisputed X-Trap of doom that can shake your head up to 100% and injects confusion. Well this one is hard to crack and I am not the only one who have this problem. In my case I tried to uninstall it and re-install it. Well unfortunately I am stuck up with this and now looking at the option of formatting my hard drive. Which I don't want to do because it is a waste of time and specially my files were too many.

For now there is no interesting answer at the forums with this problem because again "in my case" it did not work. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh my Pet!?


Okay the pioneers of the new found world was crazy about getting their own pets. But there is a simple question that sum all the fears of amongst the pioneers. And you know what was the big fear of the new owners and those who are planning to get a pet? The question goes like "What will happen to my pet if he got 0% on its activity level?" I hope from this screen shot the question will be answered.


And yes what you saw is clear! So if by any means that your pet suddenly stopped, don't be afraid, your pet won't say bye bye on you because it felt being neglected. Your pet will still stay but it will simply stop from doing its activity for the game. So I guess this information will ease your worries. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seeing things around GE 5

Okay this afternoon pretty nice because the ABS (Adelina Booty Search) was updated again. Actually I don't have any idea that ABS was updated because I am busy training my Catherine of Strength and my Nar. But my attention was caught when a PanPan pet passed by me at the first floor of skullic dungeon. And all I can say was "Erm, ABS is already updated!? What the hell!". Then I started to browse the official web site of Granado Espada and there I found this news article called [ABS] White, Black, and Rainbow!

So because we are already familiar with the Le Blanc, Metallic Suit, La Ventisca and Le Scarce costumes which is exactly look like the Cinderalla armors. I will try to look around for new stuff which are; Rainbow Shield, PanPan, Cronian Thanatos costume, Cronian Nephthes and Naginata.

(Cronian Nephthes costume for female scout)

(Evintos' Cronian Thanatos costume male scout)

(Blackbuddafly's Phoenix wing with stat and Naginata)

In addition, the back costumes Phoenix wings and Baphomet horn has a version which they have innate stats that lasts for 365 days. I know you want to get these items over the ABS but unfortunately I cannot help financially to get them all. Til again I'll keep you posted pionners!

For more info: Granado Espada Official News

Friday, May 8, 2009

System Breached?

On every MMORPG the word hack or being hacked is widely used and It sinks to this idea when a certain account was used by someone and the in-game items are lost then speculation arise the transfer said items to another account. Most common incidents are; when a Key Logger was installed in a PC, Spyware are installed, a person peeked on a player while entering their user name and password, and so on with the same manner. Worst case scenarios like deletion of character may result after the hack was successfully executed. And for the victim, he/she will become more frustrated because of the time and money spent.

Recently some member of our faction logged her decoy account because the santossuarez account suddenly has a different password after several minutes. So it leads to logging her decoy account and informed me about the situation but during that time we don't think it that way.

Next was the Shadowstein account. Two weeks ago during the morning around 10:00 AM, his account suddenly logged out then they thought it was just a simple server disconnection. But I sent a message in his YM that why he disconnected in the middle of farming. Then he logged back, there he found a different set of characters. He started to pick the main characters which are two Musketeers and a Bernelli. Then he found out the equipments were all missing. So he decided to return the loaned items to us and changed his account password because of the suspected hack in his account. We all thought it was over but still we are worried about this. In the afternoon around 2:00 PM his account logged out again, his younger brother didn't notice it and after several minutes when he came back he tried to log it in again and the password already changed along with its GE passport in the official site. The fellow faction members was also surprised because they told me the Shadowstein account left the faction. In the end, the owner of the account sent a ticket to IAH but til now there is no progress about the incident. For now he is worried about the retrieval of the account because it might cost him some money which he cannot afford.

After the Shadowstein incident his brother with in-game name †Royals† suffer the same fate but this time the hacker only chooses the costumes and some elites that the faction spared to him. Then the brothers consulted me about the incident through the messenger but I've told them to write IAH for report ticket so they could do action to this matter.

Then a day after the †Royals† hack incident, their dummy account AlexanDerson suffer the same fate though it is far grim because the hacker left a message through his barracks and it read from left to right barracks under the level 1 fighter characters "YOU joatic BEEN QUITGENOW HACKED AGAIN".



Okay it may sound really tough for the four accounts mentioned above but here are the points I want to stress before this incidents happened which directly came from their testimonials. [1] These players play only in their own houses. [2] The common amongst the players are they received an empty e-mail regarding Granado Espada.

In this article, its a clear that the hacker track all the necessary information to the extent of changing the password and all in the GE passport site. Then the interesting part about this hacker is that he knows what to pick on player's account. In my personal opinion the victims for now are not much of a player in game and I see that the hacker is doing some experiments so if he/she performs it to hard core player accounts things will be more easier.

To all the pioneers and IAH people who might read this. You might have different opinions about the series of incident mentioned above the paragraph. But there is one sure thing about this - the matter is serious! They all sent a ticket to IAH but still there is no progress about the incident. We also suggest them to do some reformatting on their PC to clean up nasty program if there such exist. Personally I hope that they could resolve this matter but the victims are worried because it means $$$ for retrieving if we heard it right. And these guys don't have the $$$ to get it back just in case a tiny light will lit for their account's hope. For now my fellow Filipino player inside the faction speculates the empty email, with enclosed Granado Espada as title, sent to these players somehow used as portal to hack their PC at home were they respectively play. May this article serve as warning to our fellow pioneers who plays the game to be more extra careful! I got high hopes that IAH will help the four accounts mentioned above and others cases that is not written here. Til again I'll keep you posted pioneers!