Thursday, May 14, 2009

Seeing things around GE 5

Okay this afternoon pretty nice because the ABS (Adelina Booty Search) was updated again. Actually I don't have any idea that ABS was updated because I am busy training my Catherine of Strength and my Nar. But my attention was caught when a PanPan pet passed by me at the first floor of skullic dungeon. And all I can say was "Erm, ABS is already updated!? What the hell!". Then I started to browse the official web site of Granado Espada and there I found this news article called [ABS] White, Black, and Rainbow!

So because we are already familiar with the Le Blanc, Metallic Suit, La Ventisca and Le Scarce costumes which is exactly look like the Cinderalla armors. I will try to look around for new stuff which are; Rainbow Shield, PanPan, Cronian Thanatos costume, Cronian Nephthes and Naginata.

(Cronian Nephthes costume for female scout)

(Evintos' Cronian Thanatos costume male scout)

(Blackbuddafly's Phoenix wing with stat and Naginata)

In addition, the back costumes Phoenix wings and Baphomet horn has a version which they have innate stats that lasts for 365 days. I know you want to get these items over the ABS but unfortunately I cannot help financially to get them all. Til again I'll keep you posted pionners!

For more info: Granado Espada Official News

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