Friday, August 29, 2008

Fish in the Desert?

Well this was the first time I've seen this though the pioneering memorial of Deprimida Valley has a mission about it.


And yes, you are not blind, a fish in the outskirts of Deprimida Valley and looks like the other one at Bahama Marshland. And to tell you pioneer this one is hard to crack. Imagine this map boss walks fast and cast a huge AOE of curse that will surely slow you down and it is annoying. Not to mention Dream Blade Antelope has they same tactic.

If you see this guy around make sure you have a handful of people so your damage is progressive because his regeneration rate was quite fast.

So again pioneers, I'll keep you posted. Tata~

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Hugs and Kiss

I had to admit any involvement on continuous raids and power leveling made me felt my GE life is getting boring. Thanks to random people they made me laugh. In the City of Auch, I was having some trades with other player when someone hugs at my Catherine the Summoner.



Well I thought it was once but another player at the way point plays kisses with my family. I know its pretty odd but it was worth playing around to brighten up your day.

This maybe too late but I after some research about previous colony results, now the time is right for me to say "Congratulations Eminence Faction" for being the first faction to occupy all the colonies in Carracci Server.

And wait there is a new update and I hope those who love soldier rnpc will like this;

28 August 2008: "Soldier's Week"

Reboldoeux Soldier Costume Reboldoeux Soldier Exclusive Costume
Coimbra Trooper Costume Coimbra Trooper's Exclusive Costume
Auch Infantry Costume Auch Infantry's Exclusive Costume
RNPC Stat Upgrade Quest 1 - Reboldoeux Solider Quest for Reboldoeux Soldier's stat upgrade

Thats all for now pioneers, I'll keep you posted.

Patch Update Source: RCM Hrin

Friday, August 22, 2008

Le Tribut a Veya


Hannah Montana - Life's What You Make It

[verse 1]

Don't let no small frustration,
Ever bring you down (no, no, no),
Just take a situation,
And turn it all around,


With a new attitude everything can change,
Make it how you want it to be,
Staying mad, why do that, give yourself a break,
Laugh about it and you'll see!


Life's what you make it,
So let's make it right,
Life's what you make it,
So come on, come on, (everybody now)!

[verse 2]

Why be so broken-hearted,
There's so much to do (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Life's is hard, or it's party,
The choice is up to you!


With a new attitude everything can change,
Make it how you want it to be,
Staying sad, why do that, give yourself a break,
I know you wanna party with me!


Life's what you make it,
So let's make it right,
Life's what you make it,
So come on, come on, (everybody now)!

Let's celebrate it,
Join in everyone,
You decide,
Cause life's,
What you make it


Things are looking up,

Anytime you want,
All you gotta do is realize that,
It's under your control,
So let the good times rock and roll!

D-d-d-do it now!

Yeah! yeah! yeah!
Yeah! yeah!


Life's what you make it,
So let's make it right,
Life's what you make it,
So come on, come on, (everybody now)!
Let's celebrate it,
Join in everyone,
You decide,
Cause life's,
What you make it

Life is what you make it!

It doesn't mean that goodbyes are meant to be sad or end. Thus we know that there is a new path for you. We appreciate the efforts that you made though you know it was really hard. And we thank you for that. Hope to see you around Miss Veya. In behalf of the Pinoy Community at sGE Granado Espada, we thank you so much!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marshland Resident

For those who are fond of staying at the Bahama Marshland I think you should know whose the resident in this joint. Well if ever you are at AFK mode he might punish your family badly.


I introduce to you Swamp Merman Eater, actually the first time I had an encounter with him he reminds me of a fish that we call in the Philippines "Tilapia" or "St. Peter's Fish" which is my favorite fish to eat. But I don't like the feel of seeing him because he has Dino-leg and scaled long neck gives me the creeps of not eating my favorite fish. If you check on his stats he is quite a monster to take down with 57AR/DR. So if you are not an expert or not in a squad to take this down he'll make you cry.

Oh reminders pioneers we have this after maintenance:

21 August 2008: "Battlesmith Week"
Release of Veteran Stances:
Mighty Cruz [Combat Stance] Polearm
Low-Guard [Combat Stance] Sabre
Raid Assault [Combat Stance] Two handed dagger
Idge the Battlesmith' Idge the Battlesmith RNPC Card

For all the pioneers have a pleasant day and I hope you will like whats in store for you today. I think its time for me to play console games when Granado Espada is not up yet.

Patch Update Source: RCM Hrin

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Novia vs Fiksdotter


After a while of doing the long quests just to acquire Gavin for my family, at last I got him. So this is how I do it.

Family Used: Vet Fighter, Vet Wizard, Vet Elementalist

Equipments used:


Level 84 +4 Elite Plate Male +3DR
Level 92 +4 Elite Dragon Tooth +70% Human
Level 92 +4 Elite Castor Shield
Level 40 10% aspd Idge's Gauntlet
Level 40 5 eva 5% Hp up Idge's Boots


Level 84 +5 Elite Staff of Simurgh
Level 100 +4 Claro Mago


Level 100 +4 Bracelet of Ziz
Level 92 +5 Elite Skullic Bracelet +3AR
Level 84 +4 Elite Robe of Uranus +3DR
Wise Man's Necklace *Quest Item +3AR/DR*
1 pc Chain Lightning Ring
1 pc Lightning Ring

Misc Consumables
1 Offensive Fillers
1 Triumph Fillers
1 Defensive Fillers
1 Mystic Ampule

Here is the process on how Novia was pawned in my case. Fighter moves some steps forward till +5AR/DR buff (Will of the Veteran) activates at the same time let my Wizard and Elementalist move as far as they can before the mission starts. After the conversation, Fighter buffed with +5AR/DR will provoke the three guards along Montoro. Then move to a safe place that Novia can't damage you with her AOE (Area of Effect) and attention span will not trigger against your team. If so, activate Misc Consumables as quickly as possible, in this scenario electric charge buff and magic barrier was cast and then I do the damage on the provoked with lightning skill. Repeat the process of casting lightning to the provoked until they die and Novia was the one left. Remember when facing Novia, make sure you are on foot at 5AR/DR buff or else she might smite you effortlessly. Do the same thing, provoke Novia and cast lightning. Remember maintain buff, provoke, lightning skill, and spam heal type potion. And a piece of advice, among the five only Monotoro can detect invisible units so use invisible potion only when situation asks for it.

Well if you think that it is impossible for you to finish this quest. The safest way to do this is when you reach the expert level to avoid misuse of premium consumables.


Today am happy because this is yet another accomplishment for my family and at least I am one of the people who can prove Veteran Families can finish this quest. Special thanks to AlphaOmega of Destiny Faction for the quest run through, Sovincine of Destiny Faction for free Katovic Soup, Reclusion of Destiny Faction, Yogen of All Stars Faction, and Xei of Takhisis Faction.

Reference: keegwen of sGE official forums

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bot Report that Dominates

It was stated many times in the official seaGE forums that some players complains this so called "bot report bugged". At first I don't really believe it that much because there are occasions that I was reported but still I can type in the answer for bot report applet. And sometimes my brother plays joke on me by reporting me while AFK but there is no bot report appears.


Yesterday, after doing some part of Gavin's Quest I also continue training my Elementalist to expert, someone reported me as bot. It was alright if they will report me as bot because of suspicion but if the bot system checker fails you ~surely it will put you to rage!


In this image, a bot reporting applet appears, I was reported exactly 15:00 and the weird thing was though I tried to exchange whats on the applet still the image continues to show Korean characters which I couldn't understand. And voila a success report to me was done and 1st time in my 1 year of playing the game. I've send a ticket regarding this one and I hope they do something about this.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another RNPC for 3rd Civilization!


It seems that lately there are many surprises from GE Hanbiton website which keep our pioneers amazed and wanting for more. I was browsing on our official sGE forums and I found this image of a new RNPC!


Well by the looks of it, its more of an Aztec type RNPC with blunt weapon on its grasp which really portrays the 3rd Civilization concept. It was somehow detailed in hanbiton that this RNPC has four stances including bare knuckle, back guard, and two unique stances. Well this tough guy reminds of a job class in a PC game - which is a barbarian class. And voila I think he is a barbarian in its concept.

GE has too much in store for us so keep playing and enjoy the game.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Confusion on Bahamas Quest

Currently I was on the progress of working on Bahamas Quest and there are some area that might get confusing. So somehow I will share some things that may give you some interest and maybe you might encounter.


The first one that hinders my quest was finding the tombstones all over Bahamas. It was easy for me to hunt down the tombstones because of Giliam's quest archives in the sGE official forums. Funny thing was, the tombstone in coordinates F5 Swamp of Eternity doesn't have any trigger. I don't know maybe its a bug or something, let the Admins check on this one.

The second one was Mystery Medicine quest which is part of Bahamas quest. After getting the Mysterious Water from an Elite Amber Bee at Swamp of Eternity. A trigger quest updates then into "You need 100 each of these: Pure Etretanium, Quartz, and Aidanium". Most of the players mistook the part "Quartz and Aidanium" they always think its Pure Quartz and Pure Aidanium. To pioneers please be noted that this refers to "Quartz" and "Aidanium" only which can be obtain in lower level maps.

I'll keep you guys posted on things around Granado Espada that most of the pioneers encounter. Again, have a pleasant day pioneer!

Friday, August 8, 2008

GMs at Carracci


Around afternoon PCM Veya calls the attention of Carracci server's citizens that the GMs are in town, specifically in Auch City. Then most pioneers move to Auch channel 1 to see the GMs and starts to ask questions. The GM's tried their best to entertain all of the inquiry the players ask to them and I guess somehow the players were satisfied.


Then before the GMs left the server, they held an event called "Bring Me" and pioneers who are able to bring items the GM wants will be rewarded with 10 Adelina Booty searches.

Well I hope that GMs will do this every month or every other month so that the players feel that they are not alone.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Entry: Diego’s Art Nouveau: Loading Screen Contest!

Because another server maintenance is on its way, I've decided to send an entry at the official forums. This is for the Diego's Art Nouveau: Loading Screen Contest!



Well I hope that my screen shots might win the contest because it'll be a great opportunity for me as a player of Granado Espada.

If you want to join this contest you may visit this article for more details! Try your luck and maybe they will choose your screen shot for Granado Espada.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Granado Espada Ph Site!

Early morning before I open our LAN shop, part of my morning rituals was reading blogs while on breakfast. And one of the PH bloggers DeSanggria informed that Granado Espada PH site is now up. And I guess helping out to spread the news is my contribution.


To visit the site just type in!

Enjoy the new Philippine Site pioneers!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

King of Greed

Ever wonder yourself under the murky caves of Bahamas? Maybe you should try claiming the head of the one who is greedy ~hiding under Bahamas.


Early this morning, one of our faction mate rally us to the caves of Bahamas to meet the King of Greed also quoted as "KOG" by most raiders. So how to meet him up? Go to the underground cave of Bahamas 1st Floor then move to coordinates located between C5 and D5 and meet your exclusive date with him in the cave.


A good number of families that can dish continuous damage can do the trick. Well because you might expect other raiders to pawn King of Greed's head. Then after defeating him the underground cave level 2 will open. So enjoy seeing him pioneers.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Guardian to Tierra Putrefacta

"Warning! This record is from the 3rd Ferruccio Expedition Team
Exploring the New Continent.
A passage leading to an explored area was discovered,
so some of us decided to investigate.
They never made it back.

There was a huge earthquake that caused their deaths.
It's not going to be easy to transverse it.
If anybody reads this, please seek out experienced pioneers
and continue the exploration in our memory."

- Leader of 3rd Ferruccion Expedition Team


Today, two of my fellow faction members ventures to Bahama Grotto and I was with them to check whats inside the infamous Grotto. So how to get there? Try to move at Underground Cave Level 1 and move to coordinates C8 only available at Channel one.


It was said that to enable access to Tierra Putrefacta, a group of pioneers should defeat the guardian named Giant Keeper. Well he is not an ordinary giant like in quests for attaining level 51 faction and Viki's summon though he is a real pain to most pioneers.

It was rumored that when it was defeated it will permanently disappear and the current server will gain access to the map of Tierra Putrefacta. Now it came to my senses why the Requiem expansion has a quote "As Darkness Falls, True Heroes Emerge". So do you think a server wide raid can defeat Giant Keeper at this early point? Well it depends on you pioneer.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Unusual Day


Too bad for today, our ISP provider made my gaming experience miserable. Anyway, I will try to venture the rumored "Tierra Putrefacta" once my connection become stable. Then I will give you guys some information and current state if this map can be explored by pioneers or rumors of taking down the guardian with joined server effort.