Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Guardian to Tierra Putrefacta

"Warning! This record is from the 3rd Ferruccio Expedition Team
Exploring the New Continent.
A passage leading to an explored area was discovered,
so some of us decided to investigate.
They never made it back.

There was a huge earthquake that caused their deaths.
It's not going to be easy to transverse it.
If anybody reads this, please seek out experienced pioneers
and continue the exploration in our memory."

- Leader of 3rd Ferruccion Expedition Team


Today, two of my fellow faction members ventures to Bahama Grotto and I was with them to check whats inside the infamous Grotto. So how to get there? Try to move at Underground Cave Level 1 and move to coordinates C8 only available at Channel one.


It was said that to enable access to Tierra Putrefacta, a group of pioneers should defeat the guardian named Giant Keeper. Well he is not an ordinary giant like in quests for attaining level 51 faction and Viki's summon though he is a real pain to most pioneers.

It was rumored that when it was defeated it will permanently disappear and the current server will gain access to the map of Tierra Putrefacta. Now it came to my senses why the Requiem expansion has a quote "As Darkness Falls, True Heroes Emerge". So do you think a server wide raid can defeat Giant Keeper at this early point? Well it depends on you pioneer.

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