Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bot Report that Dominates

It was stated many times in the official seaGE forums that some players complains this so called "bot report bugged". At first I don't really believe it that much because there are occasions that I was reported but still I can type in the answer for bot report applet. And sometimes my brother plays joke on me by reporting me while AFK but there is no bot report appears.


Yesterday, after doing some part of Gavin's Quest I also continue training my Elementalist to expert, someone reported me as bot. It was alright if they will report me as bot because of suspicion but if the bot system checker fails you ~surely it will put you to rage!


In this image, a bot reporting applet appears, I was reported exactly 15:00 and the weird thing was though I tried to exchange whats on the applet still the image continues to show Korean characters which I couldn't understand. And voila a success report to me was done and 1st time in my 1 year of playing the game. I've send a ticket regarding this one and I hope they do something about this.


Lady 'K said...

That does hurt! T_T"

Hey someone do something about that korean characters!

Fiksdotter said...

Unfortunately number of players in-game pm me about the same situation. I think its getting out of hand. The problem is most maps are now infested with REAL BOTS. Thanks to the one who reports me, now he is telling me am an idiot but he just made a big mistake.