Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Hugs and Kiss

I had to admit any involvement on continuous raids and power leveling made me felt my GE life is getting boring. Thanks to random people they made me laugh. In the City of Auch, I was having some trades with other player when someone hugs at my Catherine the Summoner.



Well I thought it was once but another player at the way point plays kisses with my family. I know its pretty odd but it was worth playing around to brighten up your day.

This maybe too late but I after some research about previous colony results, now the time is right for me to say "Congratulations Eminence Faction" for being the first faction to occupy all the colonies in Carracci Server.

And wait there is a new update and I hope those who love soldier rnpc will like this;

28 August 2008: "Soldier's Week"

Reboldoeux Soldier Costume Reboldoeux Soldier Exclusive Costume
Coimbra Trooper Costume Coimbra Trooper's Exclusive Costume
Auch Infantry Costume Auch Infantry's Exclusive Costume
RNPC Stat Upgrade Quest 1 - Reboldoeux Solider Quest for Reboldoeux Soldier's stat upgrade

Thats all for now pioneers, I'll keep you posted.

Patch Update Source: RCM Hrin

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