Monday, August 11, 2008

Another RNPC for 3rd Civilization!


It seems that lately there are many surprises from GE Hanbiton website which keep our pioneers amazed and wanting for more. I was browsing on our official sGE forums and I found this image of a new RNPC!


Well by the looks of it, its more of an Aztec type RNPC with blunt weapon on its grasp which really portrays the 3rd Civilization concept. It was somehow detailed in hanbiton that this RNPC has four stances including bare knuckle, back guard, and two unique stances. Well this tough guy reminds of a job class in a PC game - which is a barbarian class. And voila I think he is a barbarian in its concept.

GE has too much in store for us so keep playing and enjoy the game.

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