Sunday, August 10, 2008

Confusion on Bahamas Quest

Currently I was on the progress of working on Bahamas Quest and there are some area that might get confusing. So somehow I will share some things that may give you some interest and maybe you might encounter.


The first one that hinders my quest was finding the tombstones all over Bahamas. It was easy for me to hunt down the tombstones because of Giliam's quest archives in the sGE official forums. Funny thing was, the tombstone in coordinates F5 Swamp of Eternity doesn't have any trigger. I don't know maybe its a bug or something, let the Admins check on this one.

The second one was Mystery Medicine quest which is part of Bahamas quest. After getting the Mysterious Water from an Elite Amber Bee at Swamp of Eternity. A trigger quest updates then into "You need 100 each of these: Pure Etretanium, Quartz, and Aidanium". Most of the players mistook the part "Quartz and Aidanium" they always think its Pure Quartz and Pure Aidanium. To pioneers please be noted that this refers to "Quartz" and "Aidanium" only which can be obtain in lower level maps.

I'll keep you guys posted on things around Granado Espada that most of the pioneers encounter. Again, have a pleasant day pioneer!

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