Saturday, August 16, 2008

Novia vs Fiksdotter


After a while of doing the long quests just to acquire Gavin for my family, at last I got him. So this is how I do it.

Family Used: Vet Fighter, Vet Wizard, Vet Elementalist

Equipments used:


Level 84 +4 Elite Plate Male +3DR
Level 92 +4 Elite Dragon Tooth +70% Human
Level 92 +4 Elite Castor Shield
Level 40 10% aspd Idge's Gauntlet
Level 40 5 eva 5% Hp up Idge's Boots


Level 84 +5 Elite Staff of Simurgh
Level 100 +4 Claro Mago


Level 100 +4 Bracelet of Ziz
Level 92 +5 Elite Skullic Bracelet +3AR
Level 84 +4 Elite Robe of Uranus +3DR
Wise Man's Necklace *Quest Item +3AR/DR*
1 pc Chain Lightning Ring
1 pc Lightning Ring

Misc Consumables
1 Offensive Fillers
1 Triumph Fillers
1 Defensive Fillers
1 Mystic Ampule

Here is the process on how Novia was pawned in my case. Fighter moves some steps forward till +5AR/DR buff (Will of the Veteran) activates at the same time let my Wizard and Elementalist move as far as they can before the mission starts. After the conversation, Fighter buffed with +5AR/DR will provoke the three guards along Montoro. Then move to a safe place that Novia can't damage you with her AOE (Area of Effect) and attention span will not trigger against your team. If so, activate Misc Consumables as quickly as possible, in this scenario electric charge buff and magic barrier was cast and then I do the damage on the provoked with lightning skill. Repeat the process of casting lightning to the provoked until they die and Novia was the one left. Remember when facing Novia, make sure you are on foot at 5AR/DR buff or else she might smite you effortlessly. Do the same thing, provoke Novia and cast lightning. Remember maintain buff, provoke, lightning skill, and spam heal type potion. And a piece of advice, among the five only Monotoro can detect invisible units so use invisible potion only when situation asks for it.

Well if you think that it is impossible for you to finish this quest. The safest way to do this is when you reach the expert level to avoid misuse of premium consumables.


Today am happy because this is yet another accomplishment for my family and at least I am one of the people who can prove Veteran Families can finish this quest. Special thanks to AlphaOmega of Destiny Faction for the quest run through, Sovincine of Destiny Faction for free Katovic Soup, Reclusion of Destiny Faction, Yogen of All Stars Faction, and Xei of Takhisis Faction.

Reference: keegwen of sGE official forums

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